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Special Project NEW!
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Change Perspective

Finalist in Creative use of Technology

Entered in Financial Services, Social Good Campaign

About this entry

In the past several years, mobile video has exposed a decades old problem of police violence against African Americans. Visa Rushcard, with a brand promise to always be there for its community, became the first marketer to address this tragic issue.

As VISA Rushcard's agency of record, our objective was to develop creative advertising that would broaden people's perspectives, foster tolerance and inspire change in Rushcard's communities.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

First, we started with the insight that bias and prejudice can be addressed by a change in perspective.

Then, we looked at mobile consumption behavior and recognized the typical user experience of turning a phone to get a better perspective.

This inspired the development of a mobile video platform that could dynamically edit 2 videos simultaneously and, the creation of the first interactive film triggered by device orientation.

We then scaled the technology to work across all mobile devices, cellular networks, and wifi strengths, reaching a national optimization level. The entire UX was intuitive and invisible - no buttons, no app download, just a simple turn of the phone.

Finally, we combined our technology with creative grounded in the authenticity of spoken word, and redefined storytelling as a mobile experience.

Depending on which way you're holding your phone the perception of the problem changes.


By creating a new way to consume mobile video, our results moved beyond view counts, which are often misleading due to opt outs, and instead achieved a record breaking view-through rate of 88%. Also, positive sentiment went from 17.3% to 21.6% (an increase of 24.86%) on Rushcard's Facebook channel. Most importantly, we inspired understanding in the Rushcard community, the press, social media, and a new way to address the issue of bias.


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Narrative_, VISA Rushcard

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