Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Branded Content

This award honors those most effective and creative incorporation of branded content by a brand, agency or organization.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Can't Judge a Book
Mastercard has been a sponsor of the GRAMMYs for years, tying our passion for music with music's biggest night and celebration. But, we noticed a disturbing trend. While the biggest night in music tended to focus only on the biggest celebrities and musicians, everyone was starting to look the same.And we weren't alone. The New York Times said, "Mu…
Can't Judge a Book
Mastercard has been a sponsor of the GRAMMYs for years, tying our passion for music with music's biggest night and celebration. But, we noticed a disturbing trend. While the biggest night in music tended to focus only on the biggest celebrities and musicians, everyone was starting to look the same.And we weren't alone. The New York Times said, "Mu…
L.L.Bean Be an Outsider at Work
After more than 106 years in business, L.L.Bean was widely known as a fall and winter brand, represented in consumers' minds by the boots and flannel on the pages of its iconic catalogues.The brand set out to become known as a champion of time spent experiencing the shared joy of the outdoors year-around. As summer approached, L.L.Bean needed a wa…
Love Has No Labels, Rising
The original short film Rising is a powerful extension of the award-winning Love Has No Labels campaign.The goal of the campaign broadly is to promote messages of unbiased love to promote acceptance across race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and age. The campaign floods culture with diverse images of love to promote inclusion and erode impl…
Now That's A Cardiac
In the fall of 2018, Cadillac was looking for a big idea that would generate buzz and coverage around the XT4, an all-new crossover launched in October. The goal was to capture attention and enthusiasm from mass audiences, as the new vehicle is situated at the entrance of the luxury market, representing a new space and customer target for the bran…


"Foley Artist" - Bumblebee
For the last 12 years, fan favorite Bumblebee has given heart to the robot filled, action-packed Transformers universe. But with the release of the new movie Bumblebee, Viacom Velocity found a way to inject funny into the franchise as well. How do we get our savvy, humor first Comedy Central audience excited for an effects heavy, flashy, highly visual block…
"The Daily Show Presents Butt Chugging" - Blockers
What happens when a studio partner and their NSFW red band trailer come to you to drive awareness? Butt chugging 101 with John Cena and a "professional" medic happen! Our team was challenged to showcase Universal's hilarious (and highly explicit) content from their comedy title, Blockers, as the film studio had limited distribution opportunity for their ris…
#Romanovs100: 4,000 photos. 4 social networks. 1 family.
The Romanovs were pioneers of photography — in the early 20th century they owned the world's first portable Kodak cameras and captured almost every meaningful event in their lives.On July 17, 1918, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire, Nicholas Romanov, was executed with his wife and five children by the Bolsheviks. To pay tribute to the family, we merged a …
12 Days of HoneyBaked Christmas
After six decades of serving The World's Best Ham, The Honey Baked Ham Company was ready to enter into a new era. We aimed to craft a fun and contemporary new look that still pays tribute to our brand's cherished history.In 2018, we announced a total brand refresh, which included an updated brand identity and new menu innovation that speaks to younger consu…
All American Family Portrait
As the world and specifically photography has gone digital, American families are no longer printing their family pictures, leading HP to see a heavy decline in sales for photo printers. At the same time, the company has taken a stance for Diversity and inclusion in all of their marketing efforts. For this campaign, HP sought to create a purpose-driven camp…
All I Really Want for Christmas
Kool-Aid Man has been crashing through walls since the 1970s. While there is widespread awareness and a lot of latent love, Kool-Aid Man was losing his relevancy. To cement his place in culture, the brand needed to expand beyond the traditional walls of TV and make a big "krash" to reignite the love and introduce him to a new generation.
Best Fiends Animated Shorts
Seriously, a mobile-first entertainment company, is "doing Hollywood backwards" by building an entertainment brand that starts with a mobile game -- Best Fiends -- and grows into animated shorts, consumer products and more. Similar to a big-budget studio, Seriously has its mobile game IP at its core with loveable characters and a convincing story that has b…
Cal-Organic Farms: Passion That Grows
Through utilizing assets from a video mini-series partnership between Cal-Organic Farms and Tastemade, AMP was tasked with developing a mini-campaign to showcase the brand's story and communications to both its core and prospective consumers with the goals of raising awareness, driving engagement, and generating conversation.
Canvas designed by Citi Branded Content
When it comes to testing communities, Citi, might not spring to mind. You might think a tech startup, or an industry disruptor, but a big bank? Not a likely candidate. And even if a bank did launch a testing community, you might assume they would struggle do it in a way that was effective, honest, and collaborative.Talk about the challenge we had in our han…
Charlie's Perfect Pitch
Spoiler alert: Mastercard is in the credit card industry and the JetBlue Mastercard is a travel card that earns cardholders miles, which can be used towards airfare discounts. Because most credit cards are more or less the same, it's extremely difficult for the company to drive favorability of it's brand and products. One of the ways Mastercard manages to s…
Cheez Doodles Creates a Cheesy Cult Life Coach
After more than 20 years of media silence, Cheez Doodles fell off of consumers' radars with the exception of the Boomer loyalists. Snack brands like Cheetos, Doritos, Skittles, M&Ms, and Snickers are leading the youth snacking market with serious distribution and spending upwards of $30MM+ each in media, annually (Kantar Media, 04/17).Cheez Doodles is not o…
Culture of Proximity: Visual Communication and Fame
Viacom has always occupied a unique role in our cultural ecosystem, able to shape and dictate culture while also creating it. With The Culture of Proximity (CoP), our documentary study based on proprietary research, Viacom Velocity wanted to provide marketers with a new foundation on which to build their relationships with consumers. We used strategic stor…
Days Inn + Fatherly Making Travel Baseball Brighter
At Days Inn, we're all about making our time together brighter. We're your cheer captain that encourages families to travel, bond and make great memories. As a family-first brand, we want to make sure we all make the most of our time together, especially when it means spending time with your kids and showing them the importance of letting them follow their …
Dream In Black
AT&T wanted to create a long-term communications platform geared towards the African American community, positioning the brand as the go-to premium service for wireless, internet, and entertainment that speaks to the culture.
Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Facilities
As a marketing team, our objective in building our brand is to tell the stories of our people and the great work that they do for our clients every day. Being a young brand (about three years old) we initially found that capturing stories about our people—the backbone of our organization—was something we should speak about and put into our external marketin…
Fine Art Everyday
The Samsung Frame TV is designed to be more than just another TV. It's a television when it's on, and art when it's off. The Frame transforms any space by showcasing over 750 unique pieces of professionally curated art.But for many people, fine art can seem unattainable—something that doesn't belong in your own home. To dispel that myth, we partnered with t…
JW MARRIOTT. The world’s first luxury hotel Instagram magazine
Create connection and engagement while showcasing the essence of JW Marriott Hotels by breaking down our properties through a storytelling approach, highlighting our main differentiators, service quality, gastronomy, and architecture.
LIT! Above The Noise
Viacom Velocity and Beats by Dr. Dre collaborated to extend the impact of their Beats' 'Above the Noise' campaign with featured celebrity talent and N.E.R.D. dancer, Mette Towley. Dance culture has flourished in the era of social media. Through social video, dancers are showing off their tutorials, inventive choreography, and taking viewers along the journe…
Malibu Games — the championship of summer fun
Malibu is a coconut rum with a budget as trivial as the cocktail umbrella. Not the typical choice of beverage, it treads in a declining category dominated by the richer, regular rums, and vodka.Amidst problems galore, Malibu faced an ultimatum: own summer or go home. But spraying messages across summer on tiny budgets wasn't the answer for distinctiveness i…
Netflix Queer Eye 'Yass, Australia’
Our brief was to launch Season Two of Netflix's Queer Eye in Australia with a local twist. Netflix asked us for a social idea that both drew in a new audience and provided something for existing fans who were familiar with the show.We needed to make an American show resonate with Australians, and create a campaign that promoted the show in a way that hadn't…
ROADM8 – The Ultimate Road Trip Companion
A great vacation starts with a super road trip. And you can't have a super road trip without super road mates. We should know…because that's what we've been, it's what we are, and it's why we'll always be a super ROADM8.Highlighting more than $100 million in renovations at its hotels across North America, Super 8 by Wyndham®—the world's largest economy hote…
Reach For Better
Franklin Templeton Investments (India), one of the leading fund houses in the country, in partnership with The Better India, Asia's largest impact-media platform, launched a six-part video series titled "Reach for Better" where through 6 films we showcased 6 values that one should imbibe to Reach For Better in their lives as well as with their investments -…
Reef First Beach
SITUATIONReef wanted to re-launch its brand around a singular purpose:To unite the world as one beach.
Spread the Happy Season 2
In partnership with Ferrero's Nutella, Brand Programming Studios created the Spread The Happy Series, an episodic, multi-season digital series created to influence the act of sharing joy and love. Each episode features a different character study of someone who embodies "spreading the happy," whether it be through their own remarkable talents, their joyful …
Steak-umm's "Woke" Twitter Rant
The objective of the rant on Twitter was to spark attention, start conversations, and continue to break down the fourth wall separating the people behind our brand and the people following it with our "Steak-umm bless" messaging.
The Away Game
Tim Hortons is Canada's largest QSR, with over 4,000 locations. It was founded by NHL legend Tim Hortons. We were tasked with creating a campaign that demonstrated that Tim Hortons love for ice hockey was as passionate as the most ardent hockey fan, reinforcing Tims' credentials as a champion of hockey in Canada. We were given a terrifying target: generate …
The Chicago Bulls and BMO Harris Bank present, “The Bullchelor,” starring Robin Lopez
Longtime Bulls partner BMO Harris Bank comes to the table each season looking to breakthrough the sea of sameness among competitors with unique, innovative content ideas that will reach the Bulls fanbase and beyond. BMO Harris looks to their Bulls partnership to increase the likeability and relevance of the bank in the local market and reach a demographic t…
The Hook for Currys PC World
In June 2018, Blue 449 tasked social publisher The Hook with a perception altering brief for British electrical retailer 'Currys PC World' (CPCW), who were looking to connect with 18-35's during the summer months and tackle any notions that they might be seen as outdated or uncool. The campaign marked CPCW's first ever social content partnership and centred…
The ItAll Social Experiment
We've seen a profound shift today in the way people eat and shop. The diet era born out of the 1980s is gone. Women want brands to give them more than a functional benefit –to surround them with community, tools and support they need on their journey to their best selves, and something few food brands have done. While Lean Cuisine's nearly 40-year past is d…
The Raisin Bran Bran Bod
Kellogg's Raisin Bran® has been an American pantry staple for decades. However, media today often focus on the brand's sugar content (despite most of its sugar being natural vs. added) instead of its health benefits related to fiber. In turn, consumers under 45 often overlook Raisin Bran when seeking healthy breakfast options. Our goal was to leverage infl…
The Spruce X Lowe's "Clever Kitchen Hacks"
Lowe's, one of the leading destinations for home improvement, sought Dotdash out for its unique expertise with intent-based targeting and advertising. Lowe's sought to elevate itself as the leading destination for home improvement through creation and ownership of branded content with a strategic distribution plan. Dotdash achieved that goal by connecting w…
MTV accepted the challenge to establish Universal Parks and Resorts as a world-class vacation destination and entice the new generation consumer to begin plans for their next thrilling vacation at Universal Orlando.Our idea was to complement the thrill, high-energy, and action-packed experience that comes with every visit to Universal Orlando and marry it w…
Welcome to Atlanta
The objective for the integrated campaign "Welcome to Atlanta" was to connect the attitude of the team with the personality of the city. A city built on swagger, and when you peel back the layers, you will realize we are more than just peaches and sweet tea. We are beats and blockbusters. The goals of this campaign were to generate excitement around the …
Wendy's 50 Cent Frosty
Wendy's partnered with Comedy Central to promote the return of their 50-Cent Frosty deal. We were tasked to convey the incredible value of the limited time 50 Cent Frosty at Wendy's in a campaign that felt native to Comedy Central. Our goal was to create a custom content piece to engage fans and promote Wendy's 50-Cent Frosty in a fun and eye-catching way. …
WestJet Christmas Miracle: Uniting Through Traditions
For the past twenty-two years, WestJet has been known as a low-cost domestic carrier. However, with the 2019 launch of their new 787 Dreamliners, WestJet will be recognized as a true global carrier. In addition to this exciting fleet expansion, WestJet is rebranding with their new positioning 'Love Where You're Going'. With seven successful WestJet Christma…
WestJet Thanks: Giving hope
Hope Air is the only charity in Canada that provides free flights to low-income Canadians of all ages and all illnesses who require travel to access critical medical care.Over 20% of Canada's population live in small and rural communities where specialized medical care is often not available. Hope Air flights are often the only way patients reach treatment.…