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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Facilities

Entered in Branded Content

About this entry

As a marketing team, our objective in building our brand is to tell the stories of our people and the great work that they do for our clients every day. Being a young brand (about three years old) we initially found that capturing stories about our people—the backbone of our organization—was something we should speak about and put into our external marketing and social efforts. While the stories about our people did have a positive impact on our brand, we wanted to kick up our goals and brand awareness by using more technical and educational content to increase form-fill statistics on our website. To do this, we needed to create and implement more robust content that still included the stories about our people, but also offered the educational aspect about how we benefit our clients and the innovation we are pioneering within the facilities industry.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In 2018, we offered content about how we're using new, innovative cleaning technology and IoT to industry-leading magazines. From office buildings to airports; the content touched on numerous issues facing the facilities services industry, and was of interest to a wide audience.

Our main objective was to increase the number of form-fills; resulting in more leads for our sales team. We also wanted to increase awareness about our content and company, and scheduled the content to be released at key times throughout the year.

Content was shown on sponsored platforms, landing pages, our company LinkedIn page, and featured on our company blog. The benefit of showcasing content across several channels was to again reach audiences that would be interested in seeing content more technical in nature and focused on innovation.


With our new brand, our goal was to offer more robust educational content to build brand awareness and to position ourselves as a thought leader within the facilities industry. In terms of metrics, we wanted to see an increase in traffic to our website and as a result, more form-fills to download our content. In 2018 we saw a 454% increase in form fills from the previous year. As a small (four-person) brand team serving a 14,000 person organization, this was a big victory. We found that offering content that was more technical in nature was more appealing to our audience, and would demonstrate how we could help them implement best practices and strategies. One of our most successful pieces of content, which had a 18% CTR, was a time-lapse video showing efficiencies and innovation in cleaning. The combination of showing this content in video form, and the efficiency of quick and easy changes that resulted in increased efficiency, was something that really resonated with our audience. This content was promoted on Youtube, our LinkedIn channel, in various sponsored placements, and on our website.


Video for Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Facilities

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C&W Services