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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Canvas designed by Citi Branded Content

Entered in Branded Content

About this entry

When it comes to testing communities, Citi, might not spring to mind. You might think a tech startup, or an industry disruptor, but a big bank? Not a likely candidate. And even if a bank did launch a testing community, you might assume they would struggle do it in a way that was effective, honest, and collaborative.

Talk about the challenge we had in our hands.

Because of that, it was important to fight the skepticism. To get people to see Canvas, and Citi, in a different light. Join our testing community. Fight the good fight. For the future of banking and the financial empowerment of our customers all over the world.

So our goal was to not only acquire new testers, but also to increase Citi's brand preference through Canvas.

All of this led us to continue to extend the conversation with our existing You Powered strategic platform, which brought users to the forefront, allowing their voices to have power to change banking and the world for the better. And, to do so by reaching them in the places they were already connecting. Cue our branded content partnership with Mashable and in our engagement at SXSW.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We had an existing strategic platform and campaign handle that put the power back in users' hands: You Powered. Giving people's ideas, voices, and contributions the power to drive the future of banking and the world forward. An idea especially important in today's cultural context where people's voices are making change happen.

With this strategy in place we continued to push that dialogue and relationship forward, between us and our consumers, by talking to our target exactly where they're already connecting on the latest tech and innovation news. That's why we chose to partner with Mashable and to share our story at SXSW.

Through the partnership with Mashable we were able to deliver engaging and immersive articles pre and post SXSW, with Facebook amplification, so as to continue to drive awareness of our Canvas community, gain new community members and, increase Citi's brand preference.

Our goal was to not only engage and drive new or existing members to our Canvas community, but to also enhance the perception of Citi through Canvas.


We proved that there was a lot of value to joining our You-Powered community. You could change the future of banking. And the numbers proved it. We increased our Brand Perception by 29% and drove an 11% lift in awareness of the Canvas testing community designed by Citi. Consumers were also raising their hands with over 2,300 new members driven from our campaign. That's a 747% increase in year over year membership. In addition, people exposed to our campaign were 20% more likely to consider Citi the next time they are choosing a brand for financial services.


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PublicisOneTeam, Citi


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