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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Cal-Organic Farms: Passion That Grows

Entered in Branded Content

About this entry

Through utilizing assets from a video mini-series partnership between Cal-Organic Farms and Tastemade, AMP was tasked with developing a mini-campaign to showcase the brand's story and communications to both its core and prospective consumers with the goals of raising awareness, driving engagement, and generating conversation.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our passion for organic runs through our veins. It's what drives us each and every day. It's more work to farm organically, but our farmers are passionate about growing organic produce that doesn't just meet standards, but exceeds them #PassionThatGrows.

We wanted to bring our organic process to life for our audiences by sharing little known facts about organics and the behind-the-scenes aspects that many don't get to see. We wanted to focus on the farm-to-table experience and show consumers how their food is grown. We spotlighted our veggies by focusing on how they're grown, how they taste and their health benefits. We also highlighted lesser known veggies to raise awareness or change the perception of an unpopular veggie. We did this all while elevating family and farmer messaging by humanizing the brand through our workers, our farmers and their families. Cal-O is a family farm which is part of what makes us different and unique.

We implemented this strategy through:

1) Sharing short-form videos, GIFs, and looping videos that would resonate with our consumers while educating, informing, entertaining, and engaging them with interactive content.

2) Creating This or That and CTA posts that allowed consumers who love sharing their opinions the chance to do so via polls and questions, playing into the inquisitive side of their online personalities.

3) Running small-scale giveaways with free coupons to swag and apparel for devoted fans of the brand.


During our 35-day campaign, we nearly doubled our paid video view benchmark of 150K and exceeded our paid impression goal of 1.25M. Our 1.43M total impressions during the campaign was almost 3x more than we received across FB, IG & PIN combined since September 2017.

1.35M Paid Impressions, +14% more than campaign's benchmark

279K Paid Video Views, +92% more than campaign's benchmark

1.43M Total Impressions, +180% more than previous 12-month's total combined

• Subscribership: 48.2K Total Subscribers, +348 IG Subscribers +21 FB Subscribers

• Awareness 1.44M Total Impressions, 1.05M Total IG Impressions, 371K Total FB Impressions

• Engagements: 16.2K Total Engagements, 11K Total IG Engagements (1.2% ER), 5K Total FB Engagements (1.7% ER) 1.3% Total Engagement Rate

• Video Views: 287K Total Views, 195K Total IG Views (11% VCR), 92K Total FB Views (13% VCR), 11% Total VCR

• IG Stories (x7): 1.9K Total Views, 73% Completion Percentage, 150 Actions/Votes, 70 Swipe-Up's

• Cost Per 1K Impressions (CPM):

Instagram: $3.29

Facebook: $3.94

TOTAL: $3.62

Cost Per Video View:

Instagram: $0.02

Facebook: $0.02

TOTAL: $0.02

• Ad Recall (Est. Amount Of People Who Would Remember Ad Within 2 Days)

Instagram: 58.8K

Facebook: 41.8K

TOTAL: 100.6K


Video for Cal-Organic Farms: Passion That Grows

Entrant Company / Organization Name

AMP Agency, Cal-Organic Farms


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