Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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Best Integrated Campaign

This award honors the best campaign that most effectively and creatively integrates across social and traditional media channels. Campaign objectives may include enhancing and modifying content for each platform and creating a unifying message.

For campaigns spanning multiple digital and social platforms, see Best Multi-Platform Campaign.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Pop-Tarts: We Fixed The Pretzel
Pop-Tarts are known for their iconic sweet flavors like frosted strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon. So when Pop-Tarts created their first savory flavor, pretzel, they needed to convince consumers to give it a try. In particular, we needed to convince teens, who research said, would be most skeptical. Our target audience is teens, specifically …
All People Are Tax People
The Super Bowl is a key moment in time for Intuit TurboTax, as it takes place during a critical moment in tax season. In 2020, Intuit TurboTax executed a cross-channel campaign to drive massive reach and awareness, while building consideration by giving consumers as many ways to engage with the brand as possible, before, during and after the Big G…
Koalas of NYC
The objectives of the campaign were to raise awareness around the devastating impact of the Australian bushfires, particularly the Australian wildlife affected, and raise money for WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) - the largest wildlife rescue & rehabilitation charity in Australia.
Toyota and MTV Celebrate the Universal Language of Music
Coming off the heels of a highly successful and splashy 2019 partnership, Velocity and Toyota were eager to make even bigger waves in 2020. But as the Coronavirus and national outcry over racial inequality swept the country, it became evident that a new strategic approach would be needed to break through to Toyota’s Millennial and Gen-Z target. Ho…
Santa Sneaker Drop
As the largest player in the resale market, eBay has been a destination for the sneaker community to buy and sell coveted shoes for over 25 years. Recently a new crop of competitors such as StockX and GOAT has popped up, borrowing eBay’s same model but with slicker more user-friendly websites and none of the baggage that comes with being eBay. The…
The Match
As the official sponsors of The Match - the first live sporting event after COVID-19 began - we wanted to bring fans together with a unique, interactive experience to celebrate the return to sports.  


#FeelItAll QuietComfort Earbuds Campaign
Music has the special ability to take whatever you’re feeling and amplify it. The highs can become higher, the lows lower. That’s the joy of music. With Bose’s award-winning noise cancellation and world-class sound, music lovers could now feel their music like never before with Bose’s highly anticipated Noise Cancelling QuietComfort Earbuds. The brand looke…
#VOMO: Vote or Miss Out
The 2020 election season was unprecedented and it was more important than ever to ensure that the American people had the necessary information and incentive to vote. In 2016, the election was decided by 100,000 votes (less than the total number of people who attended Coachella). If citizens don't exercise their right to vote, then they miss out on the best…
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Marketing of One Harley Quinn
Birds of Prey is a shotgun blast of self-discovery, sisterhood and female empowerment ignited by an action-packed glitter explosion of fearless fun - and we wanted to create a campaign that delivered that in spades, no matter the platform.
Bottomless Brunch at Colman's
The goal for this campaign was to drive maximum brand affinity for Diageo and their portfolio of alcohol brands. AMCN Content Room knew this was the perfect opportunity for Diageo because of our host and Fear The Walking Dead star, Colman Domingo’s passion for mixology and storytelling. We worked closely with Colman to bring their brands, such as Bulleit, K…
Busch Apple
Our objective was to expand our product line by introducing our first flavored beer. We wanted to recruit price-conscious 21+ consumers that do not like the taste of beer to the beer category.
Canadian Tire Christmas Trail
In 2020, Canadian Tire (CT) was forced to reconsider how it would engage with consumers during the holiday season. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how Canadians navigate their daily lives and led to the cancellation of most holiday events. Despite this, the desire to continue celebrating life’s seasonal moments still exists. CT, “Canada’s Christmas Store,…
Cash Pop
Cash Pop, a new game from the Georgia Lottery, was created to drive retail and online sales for the Georgia Lottery. But we also wanted to reach a newer, younger player who typically doesn’t play lottery games.   
Choose Your Alternate F’reality (#FrealAF)
Our challenge was to increase brand awareness, highlight a new packaging refresh and new, healthier options (smoothies and protein shakes) to the market, by attracting new consumers and converting current consumers into super fans. We looked to c-stores to fuel growth in by developing a campaign that was as unique as its target audience— Gen Z. 
Control the Contagion
In the early days of the pandemic in the U.S, there was a great deal of misinformation being circulated to citizens. As the “fake virus” in the film Contagion—which following the outbreak saw a spike in digital sales, ranking #1,316 in 2019 to #1 in 2020—continued to be compared to the very real Coronavirus, the team behind the film, including director Stev…
Create No Matter What
When the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, the creative community was not spared. Jobs were lost. Freelance work dried up. And creatives, oft-inspired by the outdoors, community get-togethers, and new experiences, ran out of energy and motivation. Instead, they followed orders, stayed home, and grasped at straws for creative stimulation. …
Dockers x Work Forward
During a constant barrage of “we’re in this together” and “our new normal” advertisements, Dockers  wanted to empower and help steady millennials in what was truly shaping up to be an unprecedented year.  While not product specific, this campaign did coincide with Dockers 10 year anniversary of the Water<Less® line. The goal of Dockers Work Forward digit…
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious
Few pop culture brands have stood the test of time like Doctor Who (DW). With more than 57 years of history, Doctor Who is the only sci-fi adventure series that literally regenerates for every generation. However, like every television show, Doctor Who fans and partners need something to engage with between series, which became even more crucial during the …
Everything's Gonna Be Okay Campaign
How do you promote a comedy that starts with a death in the premiere episode? Critics darling Josh Thomas stars as Nicholas, a  neurotic 25-year-old raising his two teenage half-sisters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, after their dad passes away suddenly. We positioned watching the show as a reason to laugh and connect with funny, well-intentioned c…
FIGS Celebrates New Icons
FIGS was founded with a purpose — to serve those who serve others, empower and celebrate the healthcare community. When COVID-19 hit, this mission became even more critical and it was imperative to show the world what we’ve seen all along – the excellence of our healthcare community.  The goal of the New Icons campaign was to share and celebrate the grit…
French's Mustard has been a part of summer since 1904. But in 2020, grilling season looked a little different. We needed to make sure French's stayed the flavor of the season. Our goal was to help them stand out in a flattening, commoditized category. So the next time consumers went to the mustard aisle, they picked French’s.
Famous Orders
Our Marketing Objective was to drive penetration by bringing new, younger, customers to the brand. We also wanted to drive frequency. 86% of all adults visit McDonald’s once a year, so to drive real sales growth you need to get them to come more often too. To achieve this, our Communication Objective was to drive renewed relevance among this audience tha…
Famous Orders - The Travis Scott Meal
For decades, McDonald’s has been at the forefront of culture. Yet in 2020, many young Americans had never tried a Quarter Pounder. McDonald’s wanted to reach youth and cultivate a new generation of brand fans by showing up for them in a way that was culturally relevant across channels.  The campaign started with a universal “fan truth” that served as the…
Google x The Daily Social Distancing Show
​​​​​​Boost awareness for Google’s 2020 ‘Year in Search’ campaign through the voice and lens of The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah and drive video views of Google’s brand creative cross-platform.
HGTV, Food Network & Best Buy's “The Giveback”
In 2020-2021, HGTV, Food Network, and Best Buy came together to create a strategic partnership that tapped into Best Buy’s Home Experts’ knowledge and passion for tech through a digital-first program called “The Give Back”. The main objective was to increase recognition and awareness for their Best Buy Home Expert service, a free virtual or in-person consul…
Holiday Even Brighter - H-E-B's Holiday Campaign
2020 was tough  - but the Texas spirit is tougher, and there's nothing more Texan than H-E-B, a much beloved grocery store and brand focused on making the lives of Texans better since 1905. As the holiday season of 2020 grew near, H-E-B was determined to be the light at the end of the tunnel - helping, inspiring and empowering Texans to "Holiday Even Bright…
Killing Eve Smoooth Style
Klarna partnered with AMC Networks’ pop culture phenomenon, Killing Eve to drive awareness for Klarna’s US launch.  With it’s killer fashion and European flair, Killing Eve has established itself as more than a show, but a lifestyle, making it the perfect environment for Klarna to activate.  To leverage that equity and the fans’ passion for fashion, Klarna …
Launching Restylane Kysse During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Real Chemistry planned to launch Galderma’s new hyaluronic acid (HA) lip filler Restylane® Kysse with a series of up close and personal activations that showcased why women loved it. Then COVID-19 hit. Cosmetic offices around the country were forced to close, challenging Galderma to quickly jump to action to ensure providers felt supported more than ever be…
Let’s Endo the Pain – The Alliance for Endometriosis Survey
The Alliance for Endometriosis, which was announced in the Fall of 2020, is a collective of women’s health focused organizations united by a singular goal: to improve the lives of the one in 10 women of reproductive age in the United States living with endometriosis. Alliance members include AbbVie, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists…
Monstrous Results
About This Entry: The Frightening Truth About Dogs and Noises Everyone knows that loud noises can be scary for some dogs. In fact, 2 out of 3 dogs are sent into a panic from loud, sudden sounds—shaking, hiding, barking, crying, or clinging to their owner’s side for comfort. While their overreactions can seem funny, cute, or harmless, they’re anything bu…
Motherland Campaign
Set in an alternate America where witches ended their persecution by cutting a deal with the government to fight for the country, Motherland: Fort Salem follows three young women from training to deployment, as they fight terrorist threats with supernatural tactics.  Positioning the show as epic & empowering with strong female narratives, Freeform used uniq…
Natural Light Worldwide Commencement
Given the state of the growing pandemic, universities had to cancel their on-campus graduation ceremonies, meaning graduating seniors wouldn’t get to celebrate their hard work during college. As a brand that strives to help its fans look back on college fondly, Natural Light’s first objective was to find a solution to this situation. The idea for fully virt…
Now that you see me
What’s in a name? For some transgender and non-binary people, everything. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, 68% of trans people don't have a single identity document that reflects their name. Why? Because if you’re trans or non-binary, legal name changes are difficult to say the least. Cost, court dates and discrimination are huge b…
Pedigree Puppy Bowl XVII Pupularity Play-offs
Pedigree was looking to take their partnership with the annual Puppy Bowl to new heights this year, with a deeper presence on digital and social platforms. With many sports on hiatus this year due to COVID-19, Pedigree and Animal Planet partnered to bring our audience an interactive, multi-platform experience that would engage fans leading up to the Puppy B…
Porsche X PUMA: Two Icons of Fast
For the last five decades, the Porsche 911 Turbo has been known for its iconic design, speed and uncompromising performance. Despite its exsisting, loyal fanbase, the brand wanted to expand and reach a younger audience. To make the brand relevant to this new audience, Porsche partnered with another iconic German-owned and global sports brand, PUMA. The bran…
Prime Video’s “The Pack” Packed Weekend
What if, just for one weekend, we honored the unconditional love and unmatched bond between humans and dogs with a weekend unlike any other? To celebrate the premiere of The Pack, Amazon Prime Video created the ultimate holiday for dogs and the people who love them: an extraordinary "Packed Weekend”, offering one-of-a-kind, pup-centric experiences. This …
Products with Purpose
DSM operates in the nutritional products space, an industry with dozens of competitors all selling identical products. Lost in a crowded marketplace that feels like a sea of sameness, they needed help differentiating themselves and their offerings from a host of global companies vying for business. The objective was simple: Drive brand awareness, perception…
Pure Leaf x No is Beautiful
Over the past few years, Pure Leaf has built strong equity on its quality tea credentials and mastery. Though the functional message resonated with consumers, growth hit a plateau in 2018.   To return Pure Leaf to dominance, we needed to break through category trends and create a message that connected to our audience on a deeper emotional level.   In…
RAM Trucks Integration into Yellowstone
To create an idea built upon Ram Trucks’ multi-year Yellowstone sponsorship and aligned with the intense social buzz for the series.
Rare Reflections: MPNs Unmasked
Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), a group of progressive, rare blood cancers in which the bone marrow functions abnormally, affect approximately 200,000 Americans. They can strike anyone at any age, but are more common in older adults who often face a long and frustrating journey to diagnosis because their symptoms are overlooked or associated with aging…
Smaht Park Super Bowl Integrated Campaign
We launched the all-new 2020 Sonata on Super Bowl Sunday with an eye to its advanced style and technology, particularly the new Remote Smart Parking Assist feature. That feature, when shortened to the colloquial  “Smart Park,” and delivered in the uniquely “R-challenged” local accent of Boston, Massachusetts, became the instantly memorable “Smaht Pahk.” …
So.Much.Christmas. at Gaylord Hotels
Gaylord Hotels was made for Christmas. Its special holiday events have brought magic to hundreds of thousands of guests and historically driven nearly 40% of leisure revenue between events and room sales. However, when COVID-19 rocked the country in 2020, Christmas programming looked to be in jeopardy. The hotel’s annual ICE! events were cancelled because t…
Space And Geospatial Campaign
The goal of the Space and Geospatial campaign was to raise Parsons’ profile as a space provider by generating brand awareness of our capabilities through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Our Space and Geospatial market had never leveraged digital and social media efforts for marketing purposes and through this campaign, the obje…
Start Stopping Shout Out
Quitting smoking isn’t just hard—it’s really, really hard. While nearly 65% of smokers reported trying to quit three or more times, only 28% said they still felt motivated during their last attempt, and only 18% felt confident that they could quit. For the nearly 34.4 million Americans who smoke cigarettes, the idea of quitting can feel truly daunting. A…
THE BOYS Season 2 - Quit your whining, they're back!
Create a buzzworthy campaign for the second season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video - one that carries the unique tone of The Boys through all platforms and touchpoints, leaving rabid fans chambit at the bit to devour the season.
The Chi: Season 3 Marketing Campaign
The Chi is a drama that tells the story of a vibrant and beautiful Chicago community balancing the everyday struggles of life with hope and persistence. Creator and Executive producer Lena Waithe describes the series as “a show about celebrating Black life and Black love even in the midst of tragedy.” Leading into season 3, SHOWTIME® aimed to bring back the…
Together No Matter What
Throughout 2020, Adorama encouraged its community to Create No Matter What—be it photography, design, filmmaking, or podcasting—as part of its holistic year-long campaign. But as holiday season 2020 approached, Adorama knew it could do more for its community.  You see, while the brand is known for its cameras and gear, Adorama is much more than a photogr…