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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Create No Matter What

Finalist in Hashtag

Entered in Contest or Promotion, Integrated Campaign, Multi-Platform Campaign


When the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, the creative community was not spared. Jobs were lost. Freelance work dried up. And creatives, oft-inspired by the outdoors, community get-togethers, and new experiences, ran out of energy and motivation. Instead, they followed orders, stayed home, and grasped at straws for creative stimulation.

Adorama quickly realized its community needed inspiration more than ever. Whether it was a smartphone or a camera, a microphone or a journal, the brand knew its community had the tools to create art. But, like many in the pandemic, they lacked the motivation. That’s why Adorama challenged and incentivized their community to Create No Matter What—and they successfully continued that rally cry all year.

Strategy and Execution

On the surface, Create No Matter What is a nice, catchy campaign name, but let us be clear: These are so much more than simple words that fit a headline. Adorama lived and breathed #CreateNoMatterWhat through video content, creative challenges, expert tips, and gear suggestions. Here’s how the campaign elements came together.

But, here’s the thing: Adorama knew the act of creating way trumped the need to purchase gear, which is why the brand led with inspiration, tips, tricks, and challenges, and bookended content with gear. It wanted its community to Create No Matter What—high-end camera or not—and its focus on creation over consumption shows the brand walked the walk with its Create No Matter What campaign.


As the Create No Matter What campaign’s nearly 160 million impressions show, this message is exactly what the Adorama community needed in 2020. The campaign had over 3.4 million engagements, with 50,000 posts using Adorama’s #CreateNoMatterWhat hashtag. And, to Adorama’s delight, its community wasn’t simply seeing the message or learning new creative tricks—it was using them. The Create No Matter What challenges had over 10,000 submissions. That’s roughly 1,000 submissions per contest—and enough inspiration for Adorama to continue the Create No Matter What challenges as the pandemic continues into 2021. 


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