Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Video

This category honors the most creative and effective incorporation of video content in a social media marketing campaign.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Coca-Cola: Dark Iftar "No Labels"
The old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover," is generally accepted as common knowledge. Everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover, right? But if that is in fact the case, why does prejudice exist? The answer is that our minds are conditioned to certain looks and physical forms; research shows that it takes just 7 seconds to form an opin…
Orange is the New Black ‘Twas a Night in Litchfield Holiday Video
How do you keep fans buzzing about Orange is the New Black during the holidays?
The Fight for $15 Veteran's Day Video
Nearly half of all Americans make less than $15 an hour, far too little to support a family or pay rent in cities across the nation. Even worse, a huge percentage of underpaid workers are adults supporting families. People from all walks of life - even medalled veterans who returned from the front lines to find themselves unable to make ends me…
truth is a non-profit brand that combats teen smoking. Smoking is being re-glamorized in pop culture. There's been a rise of smoking in movies and in video games, and emerging tobacco products like hookahs and little cigars are getting a lot of attention. So we needed to get people talking about smoking as an issue. Smoking is an issue. It's still…
First Haircut
October has become a month saturated with pink. In order to cut through the clutter and open eyes to what this disease really is, it was time to show the ugly side of breast cancer. With a unique opportunity to tell the story of a beauty-related insight, Ulta Beauty and Mullen Lowe revealed just how important breast cancer research really is by d…
Slurpee Tastes Like...
Leading into summer, Slurpee launches Flavour Fest in 7-Eleven across Australia: a 13-week festival of taste where a new flavour is introduced each week. We were tasked to create 'FOMO' and sustain awareness using social to help Slurpee stand-out in a market full of impersonators.However, you can't see what Slurpee tastes like. There are no visibl…
#HatchKids vs. Child Hunger for Unilever Project Sunlight
Child hunger in the United States is a pervasive problem – and a much bigger one than most people may think at first glance. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), child hunger affects 16 million – or one in five – kids living in states across the nation. The NCCP reports that poverty is the single greatest threat to a ch…
ALDI Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey
ALDI has a different style when it comes to grocery shopping. They do things that might seem a bit strange at first. But being different has made ALDI one of the fastest growing retailers in the US. Once you get to know ALDI - a small-format food market that saves you money on the groceries you buy most - you're converted for life. In Spring 2016,…
American Family Insurance: “Everyone’s Dream Needs a Champion” Signs of Support
American Family Insurance is dedicated to inspiring, protecting, and restoring the most valuable things our customers will ever own: their dreams. It's more than our point of view; it's our company mission, and we seek earnest, resonant ways to show our commitment to the dreams of consumers. As a regional company competing in a crowded marketplace…
Glad Press’n Seal Wraps Outside the Lines Around the Home
In a pilot program, the Glad Food Protection team set out to showcase the versatility of its Press'n Seal product both in and out of the kitchen in a relevant and unique way. We needed to showcase the product benefits as well as substantiate the brand equity, proving that The Glad Products Company is made with its core consumer in mind. We invited…
Grit & Grain - The Story of Bourbon County Stout
To the employees of Goose Island, Bourbon County Stout has always been more than liquid in a bottle. We've always known that, but to what extent we had no idea. A lot has changed at Goose Island since the first batch of Bourbon County Stout was brewed and barreled in 1992. As time marched on, the folklore surrounding Bourbon County Stout became as…
Love Has No Labels
The Ad Council launched the Love Has No Labels campaign with a simple message – rethink the biases you didn't even know you had. Ultimately, we sought to promote acceptance and appreciation of all communities regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age and ability by raising awareness for implicit biases. Since we were launching a brand n…
Love Has No Labels
The goal of the campaign was to make as many people as possible rethink bias, and make unconventional notions of love feel celebrated and more normalized.Even the most liberal of people have implicit bias in built through society stereotypes, even if they don't consciously act on it. But addressing this is near impossible when these same people do…
Lucy The Robot
BackgroundGlobal technology company, Double Robotics, wanted to launch into the Australian market with its Double telepresence robot. The device allows a remote user to manoeuvre the robot from the comfort of their home or office, and to interact with the world via video and audio devices.Double robotics briefed Atomic 212° to develop a strategy a…
My Tales of Whisky Yule Log
1. Drive cultural relevance to emphasize that single malt whisky is an approachable category for the younger consumer2. Recruit new, younger single malt whisky consumers by inserting the brand into social conversation 3. Drive content views and increase YouTube channel subscribers
Party Hard Moms
Hefty was launching a new crack resistant party cup and wanted to target moms, giving them permission to unleash their inner party animal. So we talked to them in a way they had NEVER been talked to before: with popular millennial slang that was totes #cray and literally on fleek.
Play the Guggenheim
If you could play the Guggenheim... What song would you play?
Saucony Seeker Campaign
In Spring 2011, Saucony launched the Find Your Strong campaign, underlining the amazing capacity of the human spirit to reach beyond what we sometimes think is impossible. The campaign continues to inspire and engage consumers to find their personal “strong" through running.The Seeker campaign, a multi-media global brand campaign that launched at …
Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Tiki Party
With a new product hitting the market, it can be difficult to gain awareness – especially when the product is related to urine. Since accidents can happen anywhere, sometimes leaving more than a stain behind, Clorox created Clorox® Urine Remover. It works on both stains and odors and is specially formulated for hard-to-clean porous and soft surfac…
Translating Tech with Avaya
The communications technology industry becomes more complicated, more cluttered and more complex every day. Increased telecommuting, heightened security demands, competitive innovation and the consumerization of IT are forcing constant evolution and keeping even category leaders on their toes.In 2015 Avaya, a telecommunications company still carry…
Undercover Budweiser
Despite high brand awareness, 44% of American 21 to 27 year-olds have never tried a Budweiser. The problem wasn't the quality of the beer (the recipe and rigorous quality control process has been the same for 140 years) but rather Budweiser's place in a newly crowded market.With this in mind, VaynerMedia wanted to present an opportunity for Budwei…


Plum Organics®: Parenting Unfiltered
The Brand Plum Organics is the nation's #1 organic baby food brand. As a leading innovator in this crowded marketplace, Plum not only provides the very best food possible to little ones, but also creates products that solve real problems for parents (…we all know organic fruits & veggies don't purée themselves!). Plum offers a complete line of premium, nut…
As the city's largest airline, JetBlue continues to invest in Boston – building its offerings from Boston's Logan International Airport and cultivating meaningful relationships within the local community.To showcase its deep roots in New England and its commitment to the city at its core (as well as its rabid sports fans), JetBlue added another professional…
All across this great land, people are diving face-first into cheesy, saucy, double bacon-y, delectably deep-fried dishes – foods so good they're worth getting a little heartburn for. And that's because everybody knows they can get rid of that heartburn in seconds with the real, fast relief of TUMS.We in the TUMS social media biz have a term for this really…
American Family Insurance: 2015 NBA Draft – Get2TheGame
American Family Insurance believes in the integrity and nobility of insurance. Insurance, after all, protects the most important things you own: your dreams. This brand position sets us apart from the competition; we're a purpose-driven brand in a profit-seeking industry. As AmFam has delved deeper into the dreams space, we have had the privilege to walk al…
American Greetings ThankList
American Greetings, a 100+ year old company rooted in meaningful connections, had overtaken Hallmark as the leader in unit sales, but overall growth was flattening and card sales were slowing. Occasion-based card sending still holds some sense of obligation yet those everyday sending moments represented the opportunity (thank you, thinking of you, etc.) But…
Behind the Scenes: Carnival Vista
Behind the Scenes: Carnival Vista chronicles the manufacturing of Carnival Cruise Line's newest vessel, the Carnival Vista, which is set to debut Spring 2016. The series examines unfiltered facets of the ship build -- from the unique propulsion system to maritime superstitions -- and offers the audience previews, insider information, and backstories of new …
Burn Trials
This summer Windowseat created its most successful parody video to date to launch a blockbuster partnership between its client Quiznos and 20th Century Fox for the new release of the popular hit franchise series, The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials and to engage users, spend time with the brand and drive them into stores.The main goals were: -Create culturally r…
Cannes Paddleboard Wellness Moment
In an effort to promote wellness amongst the delegates of the Cannes Lions and Lions Health Festivals, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness created a promotion offering free paddleboard rides in the Mediterranean off the coast of the French Riviera.
CertaPro Painters 50 Shades of Gray Paint
To capitalize on the ultimate success and newsworthiness of the 50 Shades of Grey movie release, Likeable Media, on behalf of CertaPro Painters, created a spoof video that incorporated recognizable elements from the movie trailer and integrated the brand in a natural way. The goal was to increase awareness and engagement by providing relevant (and humorous)…
Drink Up Ashanti
Drink Up is the Partnership for a Healthier America's consumer campaign to encourage people to drink more water more often. Drink Up Ashanti was designed to showcase the power of water by demonstrating its effect on an artist and song. In a first of its kind effort, we "dehydrated" Ashanti's new single ("Let's Go") by creating four versions of the song and …
Ford Go Further Stories
"We go further so you can."That's the Ford brand promise. To express this, we created an online video series that brings to life how Ford owners, dealers, and employees do indeed go further every day to make the world a better place. The series is called "Ford Everyday Heroes."The stories told include a Ford truck owner in Camden, New Jersey who started a d…
Hulu, Casual Season 1
We were presented with a slew of challenges marketing Casual on social media. The show's theme does not intrinsically have broad appeal, given its nature as a slow burn dramedy. It also was not set up to be a classically "social" show, with an older-skewing audience target, no big "social stars" in the cast, and no linear TV or live tune-in component. Despi…
Investigate Fortitude
Through the social media promotion of ancillary video produced around Participant Media's original series 'Fortitude,' Pivot endeavored to accomplish two objectives: 1)Increase awareness of climate change and its impact on our environment, economy, and wildlife and then provide users the opportunity to make impact. 2)Drive tune-in to Fortitude premiere epis…
Joan Actually Dating Advice
Zoosk, a leading online dating company, launched the Joan Actually Dating Advice video campaign in December 2014, providing real, actionable dating advice to single men and women looking for relationship guidance. The video campaign served as a way to increase brand awareness and position Zoosk as the go-to destination for online dating tips on YouTube whil…
LG V10 Launch, with Ryan Sheckler
Launch the new flagship model, the V10, while achieving a 2% increase in awareness compared to the previous major device launch.
Lucha Underground: Season One
El Rey Network's breakout hit, Lucha Underground is a hybrid TV series/wrestling promotion that combines the high quality narrative and production values of prestige television, with the visceral excitement of professional lucha libre. It has been referred to as "The Breaking Bad of wrestling," (and with its current 9.3 rating on IMDB, who are we to argu…
MADE for Social
Be it a chef's knife, a felt hat, a wooden drum, or an Technicolor fly that's been painstakingly tied for a fishing trip, each of these utilitarian items has a spellbinding story behind it. We believe that to truly appreciate an object of luxury, you need to understand how it is made.MADE is a series of short films that focus on craftspeople and their premi…
MLB Network's #WeKnowPostseason
Entering the 2015 MLB Postseason, MLB Network sought new ways to promote its Postseason coverage as the best in baseball. In addition to its nearly 200 live hours of programming, MLB Network looked to promote the unique aspects that separate its coverage from the rest of the baseball television landscape, including FOX, ESPN, TBS and FS1.Another goal of MLB…
Madden: The Movie
Staying relevant with teens year after year is no easy task, but it is essential to the survival of Madden NFL. And in order to achieve this, we must compete with popculture—everything from Justin Bieber to games like Minecraft. Our research showed us that teens today are less interested than older generations in the NFL. So it was critical that we retain r…
MasterCard Priceless Reunions
MasterCard offers an array of exclusive, priceless experiences to cardholders in select cities. In Q4 of 2015, VaynerMedia was tasked with driving visibility of the experiences available within New York City, while increasing awareness of the World MasterCard product specifically.
Meet The Beavoosear
For years, Canadian ex-pats have used Twitter as a means of begging Ruffles to bring All Dressed chips to America. And finally, in 2015, their pleas were heard: Canada's favorite Ruffles flavor was coming to the US for a limited time. But although the flavor was well known in Canada, most Americans didn't know that an All Dressed Ruffles chip is one that c…
Men's Health Social Media Video
The primary objective for Men's Health across all platforms--print, digital, and social--is to provide service. This year, we aimed to deliver high quality videos that provide men (and women!) with workouts, exercise tips, recipes, style advice, and relationships advice in short, direct videos. We published variations of our video content on our website, Fa…
Mustang Speed Dating
Female drivers are outnumbering male drivers for the first time ever—and Millennial-generation female buyers are outpacing Millennial male buyers by 53 percent. The demographics of the automotive market are shifting faster than traditional marketing can keep pace.Gender representation in American advertising still tends to be flat and relies heavily on ster…
Now We're Newtons
In 2012, after more than 120 years as a fig-centric cookie brand, Fig Newtons decided to finally recognize the new flavors – like Strawberry, Triple Berry, and Apple Cinnamon— that had gradually entered their product line and embrace a more fruit-forward future. They dropped "Fig" from the name and, essentially overnight, became simply "Newtons." Whe…
Odes From The Code
We had two very straightforward objectives for this effort: 1) Demonstrate the in-depth tax expertise that only H&R Block has 2) Get people to engage with a brand (H&R Block) and subject matter (taxes) they usually try to avoidThe two goals seem to be at odds with one another. Taxes are not a high-interest, high-involvement topic. Most people want t…
Open Letter to World Leaders
In 2015, the UN's climate conference drew world leaders in Paris to adopt a historic climate agreement. With record tempreatures and seas rising worldwide, it was time for bold action to stop climate change – and we had to let our leaders know. To seize this moment, Climate Reality's Open Letter brought citizens across the planet together to demand a s…
RITZ Relives Decades of Rich Family Moments in Facebook 360 Video
Born during the Great Depression, RITZ was originally conceived as a taste of the good life, focusing on the family moments and togetherness that make us all rich with experiences. As a time-honored brand rooted in American culture, the objective of RITZ is to once again message the value of experiences over material possessions.In 2015, VaynerMedia was tas…
Rally the World - Do it for the Drive
Volkswagen is the leading rally motorsport team, winning all major titles in recent years. However, rally has been the underdog of motorsport – yes, it has its die-hard fans, but it has lacked wider appeal.We set ourselves the task to change public perception and raise awareness of the rally sport. We set our sights on a wider target audience of young, enth…
The goal was to create shareable content to generate awareness and encouraged pet owners to spay and neuter their pets while also educating them about their individual roles in the vicious cycle of pet overpopulation.
Shangri-La: A World Of Christmas Warmth Campaign
This Christmas, we wanted Shangri-La fans to feel the festive cheer – wherever they were on earth. Simultaneously we also wanted to subtly spread the message of Shangri-La's global footprint, whilst growing their Instagram and WeChat channels and fan following.This meant crossing a myriad of markets and platforms, as well as creating images, videos and a va…
Stella Artois: 9 Steps of Artistry
Stella Artois is a beer with over 600 years of Belgian brewing expertise. And when you're built on a legacy as rich as this, you take pride not only in brewing your beer, but in how you serve it. Enter the 9 Step Pour – Stella Artois' ritual that ensures each Chalice is poured to perfection.However, when you have traditions and heritage so rooted in the pas…
Take My Money, HBO
The launch of HBO NOW was a disruptive change to the traditional pay TV landscape and meant that HBO can now reach younger, internet-only audience ala the cord-cutters. To many people, a standalone way to watch Game of Thrones was the answer to their Internet prayers. To create awareness and a positive consumer and press halo around the long-awaited, muc…
That was Epic: Danny MacAskill's Cascadia
Welcome to Cascadia, a breathtaking GoPro original production (the largest EMEA media and athlete project in the history of the brand), showcasing Scottish trial cycling legend Danny MacAskill's spectacular riding where no one has ridden before – across the rooftops of picturesque Gran Canaria in Spain. The objective was to create one of the most radical, v…
The Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com
The bread category is riddled with challenges and confusion. Consumers are fickle, have low brand loyalty and determine bread purchase based on weekly sale prices. Other consumers have removed bread from their diet, avoiding carbs or gluten, or question ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives. It's a tough industry. When Bi…
The Horn
The Born Ready campaign was built around "The Horn" video, which shared the journey of a young man growing up with Mack and the connection that continued through every stage of life. This young man shared a nostalgic recollection of his first encounter with Mack by way of Mack truck driver obliging his request to honk the horn as a child. The campaign encou…
The Martian: “Life in Space”
The objective of "Life in Space" was to gets fans excited and drive action to own Golden Globe award winning motion picture The Martian which launched on December 22nd 2015 on Digital HD and January 12th 2016 on Blu-ray and DVD. We also aimed to continue the momentum from the Digital HD release all the way to the DVD release in order to sustain sales. …
Uncharted: The Power of Dreams -- An UPROXX Original Series, In Partnership with Honda
Honda came to Woven Studios aiming to establish an emotional connection with millennial audiences while extending the reach of their successful Honda Stage music program. It aligned perfectly with UNCHARTED, an original series that finds incredible talent, and breaks them to the world.
Vloggers & Vagabonds
Circa 39 is a boutique hotel in Miami Beach's thriving mid-Beach neighborhood. The property completed a full renovation and rebranding in early 2015, and is positioned as "a happy home for explorers at heart." For the "Vloggers & Vagabonds" project, agency collaborated with property to host five travel video bloggers (vloggers) to each capture one of five n…
WGN America: Salem WitchcraftCut
The objective was to find ways to engage an audience just discovering WGNA's first dramatic original, Salem, on Netflix after its first season and build on that interest before Season 2 – all before any new marketing materials were released. Basically, we needed to leverage Season 1 content, but to reinvent it in a way that felt exciting.So our social campa…
What Perfect Feels Like
Even though the HVAC system is the most important appliance in a home, it frequently goes unnoticed. It sits on the side of the house and is forgotten about until something bad happens. Simply put, it's not as much as a priority as it deserves to be. The goal of this campaign was to maintain Lennox brand visibility, raise interest in Lennox HVAC and separat…
Who are you calling a mall walker? These seniors are up for a challenge.
Every two years, more than 10,000 athletes age 50 and up compete in the largest sporting event for their age group – the National Senior Games. Despite the spirited competition and heart-warming storylines, the event often goes unnoticed among the general public – and particularly among boomers and seniors - as the games are not broadcast. Health and well-b…
Xbox Jump Ahead Campaign
The Xbox One is the only place to play the greatest games lineup this year, like Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Forza Motorsport 6. To promote these Xbox exclusive Games, we launched the Xbox Jump Ahead campaign with two goals in mind: to rally the core of Xbox gamers, and to empower viewers through iconic heroes from this lineup. While tel…
Xbox One Innovation Guy
To drive awareness for Xbox One's newest features and most recent innovations- including backward compatibility, game streaming to Windows 10 PC and the new Xbox One Experience – Xbox released an integrated campaign with a unique brand of dry humor starring actor Martin Starr from the show Silicon Valley, as Innovation Guy.