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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

The Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com

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The bread category is riddled with challenges and confusion. Consumers are fickle, have low brand loyalty and determine bread purchase based on weekly sale prices. Other consumers have removed bread from their diet, avoiding carbs or gluten, or question ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives. It's a tough industry.

When Bimbo Bakeries USA, parent company of Arnold®, Brownberry® and Oroweat® brands, was introducing a new line of whole grain bread called Healthfull®, they knew the launch couldn't be the stale plan done countless times before by their competitors.

They needed something different.
Something innovative for the category.
Something a slice above the rest.

Coyne analyzed data that showed the brand's target audience, women and moms 45+ years old, were heavy social media users. Coyne determined the power of visual storytelling in a fun and shareable way would be most impactful to seed excitement and reach new audiences across the social space.

Coyne's recommendation was to push the brand to go against the (whole) grain. The Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com, a 30-second video of the grainy love story between a woman and her bread, became the baked-in idea.

The campaign's four objectives were:

1. Increase exposure and awareness of Healthfull® in a fresh, unique way by garnering 21 million social and digital impressions and 2.1 million video views
2. Generate social conversations and brand mentions to increase engagement rate by 25%
3. Capture new audiences and convert 10,000 new social followers
4. Encourage new product trial by consumers

Strategy and Execution

Coyne developed the strategic platform of Love, Your Bread to tap into the emotional connection consumers have with a food they once loved but from which they may have strayed. We often hear of brands and campaigns focused on why consumers should love them and the strategy behind Love, Your Bread is the opposite. Healthfull® is a love letter to consumers and the oh-so-important comma in Love, Your Bread differentiates the brand from the competition.

The key element of Love, Your Bread is the Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com – a tongue-in-cheek "bread trailer" for a romantic comedy that resonates with the target audience that tells the love story between a woman and her Heatlhfull® bread. A lovable animated character is introduced to represent Healthfull®'s commitment to being 100% whole grain bread that is 80 calories per slice with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Love, Your Bread and the Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com brings to life how Healthfull® is the bread that truly loves consumers back in a fun, engaging and unexpected way.

Coyne developed a holistic approach with owned, paid and earned components to tell the Love, Your Bread story.

A playful romantic comedy "movie trailer" with social calls-to-action increased brand exposure and generated social buzz for Healthfull®
The engaging piece of video content was leveraged on the social platforms that research and user demographics showed would best reach the target audience of women 45+ years old: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

A dedicated hashtag #LoveYourBread drove social conversations and brand mentions
#LoveYourBread was included in all communications with social calls-to-action and links. The brand monitored the hashtag conversations and engaged with fans who shared their love for the video and brand in real-time, driving additional conversation.

A targeted, multi-platform social advertising campaign leveraging the fun video content was implemented to expand reach
Each social platform's targeting capability was leveraged to expose the bread trailer to the brand's key demographic. Additionally, a Twitter follower acquisition campaign was implemented to grow the brand's fan base and network right before the bread trailer launch.

Implement targeted digital advertising, movie theater advertising and media relations campaigns to further amplify the bread trailer
A digital advertising campaign included interactive rich media on Sony's Crackle platform to prompted viewers to share the video across social media. The in-theater advertising campaign played the bread trailer before feature films in movie theaters across major key markets and encouraged theatergoers to join the social conversation using #LoveYourBread.

Coyne also brought the campaign to life with mainstream media in the form of bread bouquets that truly delivered the essence of the campaign (and product) right to their doors.


The Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com was a blockbuster hit, surpassing its objectives in six weeks.

Objective #1: Increase exposure and awareness of Healthfull®
The bread trailer achieved many firsts for the brand:

• First in the premium bread category to launch a product with a tongue-in-cheek movie trailer

• First in the premium bread category to introduce a character/mascot

• One of the first brands to leverage Twitter video advertising

In total, the trailer was viewed 6.3+ million times and achieved 32.2+ million social and digital impressions.

Objective #2: Generate social conversations and increase brand mentions

Leveraging social calls-to-action with #LoveYourBread drove conversations about the trailer, Healthfull® and increased brand mentions by 10x.

Fans gave "two thumbs up" as they positively responded to the bread trailer and more than doubled the brand's social engagement rate. Fans engaged with the video by expressing their love for the trailer, sharing their own bread puns and wanting to try Healthfull®.

Objective #3: Capture new audiences and convert to social followers
The uniqueness of the Healthfull® Nom-Nom-Rom-Com captured the attention of new audiences and exponentially grew the brand's social following 7,000 percent with a 32x lift in organic follows.

Additionally, in the months following the campaign, the brand has successfully retained the new followers and sees organic fan base growth month-over-month.

Objective #4: Encourage new product trial by consumers
The innovative and must-see Healthfull® trailer raised the brand's presence in the bread aisle. Healthfull® achieved distribution across the country in most major retailers and has seen great repeat purchase.


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