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MADE for Social

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Be it a chef's knife, a felt hat, a wooden drum, or an Technicolor fly that's been painstakingly tied for a fishing trip, each of these utilitarian items has a spellbinding story behind it. We believe that to truly appreciate an object of luxury, you need to understand how it is made.

MADE is a series of short films that focus on craftspeople and their premium wares, all made the hard way. This made-for-social video series was designed for the Bloomberg luxury section, Pursuits, to target readers who not only appreciate fine goods, but are also interested in the stories behind how they are made.

We utilized our digital and social media platforms to showcase teasers, full-length videos, GIFs and photos from this series, which told the stories of the artisans behind these everyday objects. Our goal was for viewers to understand just how difficult it is to craft things often taken for granted.

Strategy and Execution

We released a new video each week for seven weeks in November and December. Each video had its own landing page on our website, along with accompanying text and images. The full-length videos were roughly 8-10 minutes. For Facebook we created shorter teaser versions, ranging from 1-4 minutes. We created at least 3 of these shorter videos for each object in the series and posted them to multiple Bloomberg Facebook accounts. We also created GIFs and super-short looping videos for Twitter, and posted these multiple Bloomberg Twitter accounts. We also shared photos from the series on Twitter. For this campaign we focused primarily on Facebook and Twitter, where we have our largest audiences.


These videos performed above average for us on social platforms. Based on our internal measures from comScore, 51% of unique visitors to the landing pages were referred from social. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, we also saw organic traffic come from LinkedIn and Reddit.


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