Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards Best Real-Time Response

This category honors a brand, agency, news outlet or personality that orchestrated a relevant and impressive response to an event, cultural phenomenon, or other brand in real-time.

Click here to see the previous winner and nominees.


Arby’s™ Pop Culture Hat Trick
ADWEEK said it best, "Arby's Slayed the Grammys with This Tweet About Pharrell's Hat."In early 2014, the perception of the Arby's brand among younger demographics needed a boost. Concerned about losing relevance among its core audience and a lack of recognition with younger guests, Arby's sought to re-introduce and re-position itself by inserting …
Samsung Takes a Bite Out of the Competition
Samsung created the Phablet category back in 2011 when it launched its GALAXY Note phone and since then has gone on to dominate the lucrative large-screen phone category. On September 6th, 2014 that was about to change with the launch of one of the world's most anticipated phones, a direct challenge to Samsung's market position. Samsung Mobile cam…
Pharrell Wears Smokey Bear's Hat to the Grammys
Who knew one of the biggest real-time moments of 2014 was going to be Pharrell wearing a Smokey Bear hat to the GRAMMYs?! It's not typical for HelpGood to monitor entertainment awards shows for wildfire prevention messaging opportunities for Smokey, but we recognized this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially in Smokey's 70th Birthday y…
Slim Jim #Bendgate: Safe in your pocket, safe in your mouth
The Edelman ConAgra Newsroom team is tasked to insert relevant ConAgra Foods brands into trending news in order to drive awareness, build brand equity and drive buy rate for its portfolio of brands. The Slim Jim team generated earned, paid and social buzz by capitalizing on the Apple iPhone 6 Plus's #BendGate trend on Sept. 24, when news hit th…
#TechnologyAndStuff: When a Strike Out Becomes a Home Run
With the emergence of real-time marketing and the colossal impact of social media, instant brand responses to both positive and negative situations are now the expectation.We (FleishmanHillard, Chevrolet's social media agency of record) found ourselves in such a moment and turned a potential negative PR situation into a social media home run.Durin…
Aeromexico / #vivamexico
As an ongoing effort to increase digital presence for Mexico’s biggest airline, our social media team has 2 main tasks: listen and engage, 24/7. On June 29th, the World Cup match between Netherlands and Mexico took place, leaving the team out of the cup. KLM, flag carrier airline of the Netherlands made one tweet as part of their campaign t…
E3 Social War Room for Ubisoft
E3 is a unique event for brands looking to make a splash on social media. It's an event that generates a tremendous amount of online chatter like, say, the Super Bowl or the Oscars, but unlike those events, this is an occasion designed with marketing in mind. It's a celebration of video game entertainment. As the event unfolds, fans eagerly ref…
EA Sports Madden GIFERATOR: A Google Art, Copy & Code Project
Fewer people are playing Madden than they once did, despite the fact that NFL ratings are higher than ever. To launch Madden NFL 15, EA Games needed the popular franchise to regain its cultural relevance and connect with a new generation of football fans.We created Madden GIFERATOR, a real-time NFL GIF engine that let fans celebrate winning moment…
Great American Cookies & the NCAA®'s “Impermissible Icing"
In early August 2014, a story broke that the University of South Carolina self-reported an infraction involving "impermissible icing" on Cookie Cakes given to football recruits at the school. The university was fearful its decorative messages to prospective players would be seen as an NCAA® violation. Sports media jumped on the story, and reporter…
Lewis Hamilton's #TeamLHmovie
To celebrate F1 fandom around the final championship deciding race, we created a socially driven, mobile web app to crowdsource video from around the world. This dynamic approach allowed us to create real-time and reactive, daily episodes of Lewis Hamilton's global fan base experiencing the F1 World Championship weekend.Social outreach was also un…
Listerine - Power to Your Mouth
For J&J's first-ever, global, brand-led social media campaign, we told the story of the World Cup – 64 matches of cheering, chanting, nail-biting and crying – using the mouths of the fans. MRY's advanced planning and predictive content strategy allowed Listerine to be there through every suspenseful penalty and thrilling victory. We gave Listerine…
Mars Chocolate North America Snickers - Suarez Tweet
During the World Cup, Luis Suarez bit another player so we made fun of him on Twitter.
NOS Energy Drink: GSP’s Resurrection
The ObjectivePosition NOS as the energy drink brand associated with MMA, 9 times world champion Georges St-Pierre and the relentless drive to endure all challenges. The StrategyCo-create exclusive content with NOS fans with Georges St Pierre on his road to his recovery after suffering a major knee injury.The IdeaWe had just two 2 hours of an injur…
To Read, Or Not To Read - It Doesn’t Matter, Sonic’s Here To Help You
Objective: Inject real-time, 1:1 engagement into Sonic Drive-In's always-on strategy and deploy its signature social voice.Strategy: Instead of planning "real-time'' content geared towards big holidays or events, Sonic perpetually engages its community and reacts in real time to provide genuine, value and off-the-cuff entertainment. So, with back …
Wingstop Mangonero
Not all brands are agile and forward-thinking enough to base a quick turn campaign, much less an entire brand overhaul on social trends. But in May of 2014 that's exactly what Wingstop did. After being stung by the discontinuation of Mango Habanero wings, passionate Wingstop fans took in twitter in February of 2014. It was a real moveme…
World Cup 2014 Twitter Visualization
Objective of CampaignThe #armswideopen campaign wanted to capture the global nature and passion of fans around the 2014 World Cup. The aim was to unite fans in a single action, enabling people everywhere to take part across Twitter and see their impact displayed live in Brazil during a historic moment. Creative SolutionFrom 9th July - 12th July 20…
adidas #allin or nothing
adidas attacked FIFA World Cup 2014 head-on in social and lived its message to land its message: #allin or nothing. The social objective: be the most talked about brand at the World Cup.An hour-by-hour, platform-by-platform editorial calendar identified every possibility as early as December. The calendar and a Content Bible containing thousands o…
truth hijacks the MTV VMAs
In 2014, the teen smoking rate was lower than ever. But Big Tobacco wasn't giving up. To inspire a new generation of teens to get in on the fight we introduced a new mission – be the generation that ends smoking. Our rallying cry: Finish It. To kick off the movement we hijacked the biggest, loudest, and most controversial party for teens - The MTV…


AJ+ and the #FergusonDecision
The protests in Ferguson following the shooting of Mike Brown were a story AJ+ had been covering from early on. When the Grand Jury decision came in, we had producers on the ground capturing the protests and reporting the events that played out in real time on social media as the city responded.
Black Sails – Talk Like a Pirate Day Attack
The Starz program, Black Sails, is a drama that paints a realistic version of the pirates that sailed the waters of the Caribbean. The network asked TVGla to devise a campaign around Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) that would allow Black Sails to "attack" brands using improper pirate terminology like, "Arr," and "Yar." The basic strategy was to sea…
Denny's Real-Time Tweets
Real-time marketing. It's a tough gig watching a live event and being witty on command. This past year on Twitter, Denny's was able to rise above the rest. First, there was our tweet at the end of the BCS Championship Game reminding Auburn fans that all was not lost after their disappointing defeat. And when Apple purchased Beats headphones for 3 billion d…
DoubleTree by Hilton - Cookie Care Deliveries
DoubleTree by Hilton knows it's the little things mean everything. For more than 25 years, we've welcomed guests at more than 370 global hotels and have given out more than 300 million warm chocolate chip cookies at check-in. This gesture has become a powerful symbol of the little, bright moments in life. We leveraged this symbol to create many more happy m…
Ebola Town Hall
As the CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center to respond to Ebola, the fear level in the United States ticked up a notch. Protective gear and high-tech equipment didn't protect two Dallas health-care workers from Ebola, yet government officials told Americans they were safe. After noticing postings from the public on its social sites that seemed to b…
FedEx Racing: Real-Time Response Campaign
The FedEx sponsorship of Denny Hamlin's #11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota creates a unique opportunity to engage with consumers and fans of NASCAR.With the FedEx #11 team, participating in the 2014 NASCAR Chase, FedEx capitalized on the excitement to help drive awareness of FedEx One Rate® (FOR) via timely, relevant and share-able content across social. STRATEGY:…
ING Bank How to pronounce Kuyt?
ING Bank Turkey is trying to achieve communication excellence on social media. For that purpose, we had to join in the online social conversation in Turkey. During the World Cup, we decided to become a part of the conversation. We positioned our brand in line with the Netherlands national team and produced unique content. We watched all the games, and liste…
ING Bank World Savings Day
ING Bank Turkey aims to own the subject of financial savings in social conversation and invites all consumers to save money for a better financial future. This is an exceptional attitude in the industry since most of the banks try to lead their customers to spend and consume more and more.We decided to take advantage of the World Savings Day and create a ra…
Lebron James Cramping Buzz
During the first game in the 2014 NBA Finals, Lebron James was carried off the court due to suffering serious leg cramps. Social media, Twitter especially, was ablaze with users mocking the basketball hero for not being tough enough to make it through the entire game. Brands joined the conversation in a real-time news effort to capitalize on a culturally re…
Lennox NBA Finals “Put us in, coach!"
When the air conditioning went out during Game 1 of the NBA finals in San Antonio, it caused an outburst of responses on social media. It's rare when a real-time event arises that a HVAC company can respond to, so Lennox knew immediately they needed to become a part of the conversation. The objective was to create unique social posts on Facebook and Twitter…
In sports, as in life, we get knocked down, and we have to get back up. Similar to Olympic athletes and their comeback stories, at Liberty Mutual, we help our customers come back every day, whether from minor accidents or major catastrophes. From this, the "RISE" campaign was born.The overall objective of Liberty Mutual's RISE campaign was to increase brand…
Miller Lite and Matthew McConaughey's OSCARS Acceptance
In response to Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, the Miller Lite team capitalized on the opportunity to not just join the conversation but to demonstrate the brand's unique demeanor. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the Tweet ranked as a top performer among all brands.
NowThis: Social News In 2014
NowThis is the first true socially distributed media company. We live where our audience lives—on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr and more. We cover the biggest tech, political, international, entertainment and viral news of the day and share it in 6 to 90 second clips, GIFs, Vines, Instagrams, and Snaps that are also shared on our Facebook and Tw…
Papa John’s Custom NFL Team Pizzas
Objective: Showcase the partnership between Papa John's and the NFL in a unique way and launch the brand's Instagram channel during the NFL draft— a teaser to our larger NFL season long program. Strategy: In order to create shareable, engaging content as well as highlight the better ingredients used in Papa John's pizza, we gave NFL fans, their very own pie…
Peperami World Cup
SUBWAY 'Sub Love' Wins National Sandwich Day
SUBWAY is the world's largest sandwich brand, but as with any large QSR brand, it is a challenge to break through the social media clutter. Through social listening, SUBWAY discovered that unbranded sandwich conversation represents a food phenomenon surpassing all other foods – even bacon! Thus, SUBWAY set out to be the leader in conversation on Twitter aro…
Sharknado 2 was all the rage amongst millennial males. It was all they could talk about in social media. Seeing as how Miller Lite assumes the voice of the guys it serves, there was only one move…get in on the conversation. But Miller Lite doesn't just get in on a conversation, it provides a unique perspective. A little funnier, a little smarter, a little s…
Silverback Social / The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
On March 11, 2014, five-year-old Makayla completed her last session of chemotherapy. Makayla's mother shared an inspiring photo on The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Facebook page. In the photo, Makayla is holding up a sign celebrating her last day of chemo, much to the delight of her friends and family. We wanted to share that delight with countless other…
TBS Network - Social Media
Brand: TBSAgency: Relevant 24GOALS: • Develop a clear Social TBS voice and POV • Establish TBS social platforms as destinations for honest, authentic comedy • Increase Fan Growth and Improve Fan Quality • Increase Social EngagementOUTCOME: Since we launched our real-time, always-on social strategy in June 2014, TBS has achieved 6x higher enga…
The Climate Reality Project’s Real-Time Response Using Trusted Messengers
At The Climate Reality Project ("Climate Reality"), we know the messenger matters just as much as the message when it comes to reaching new audiences. Guided by this belief, we work with celebrated cultural icons to serve as trusted messengers to communities beyond traditional environmental groups.For this initiative, we sought to leverage the media profile…
UNICEF Raises Awareness on Ebola
UNICEF has been on the front lines of Ebola-affected countries from the outset. The key objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of both the work UNICEF was doing and highlight human stories from the ground. An integrated content strategy was employed to reach fans across the spectrum of owned channels:Blogs: Leveraging UNICEF's unprecedented acces…
Volkswagen Topless Ride
During the Winter Olympic Games, a Lebanese athlete was at the forefront of the news in Lebanon, as topless nude pictures from an old fashion shoot were leaked out to the public. The Ministry of Sports condemned this act, and was about to take disciplinary sanctions towards the athlete, something, that the Lebanon public at large, especially the online publ…