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ING Bank World Savings Day

Entered in Real-Time Response


ING Bank Turkey aims to own the subject of financial savings in social conversation and invites all consumers to save money for a better financial future. This is an exceptional attitude in the industry since most of the banks try to lead their customers to spend and consume more and more.

We decided to take advantage of the World Savings Day and create a random act of kindness project for our customers on 31st of October. We started to monitor social conversation about savings prior to World Savings Day and on October 31st we engaged randomly with the users who participated in the conversation with personalized tweets to encourage them to save. We asked for their contact information and sent out our adorable lion coin boxes, with some coins inside, to them in order to enable them to save for their dreams.

We engaged with over 2 thousand users and sent over a hundred coin boxes. Our project reached 93.000 unique users without any media buying. Moreover our pro-active project was featured on many blogs and news sites.

Strategy and Execution

Financial literacy of the Turkish is low and saving is a tough topic for them. Economic instability and high prices also contribute to this problem. Everybody wants to save but only a small group can achieve this goal.

Banking industry globally lead their customers to spend and consume but ING Bank Turkey believes savings can help people to achieve their personal goals for a better financial future. This unique attitude shows itself also with ING Bank's services. For example the savings account of ING Bank Turkey has more than 3 million customers.

Social media is an important platform for sharing this idea not only with customers but also with all financial population in Turkey. ING Bank Turkey's social media accounts post weekly tips for savings. This way we can reach out to our followers but this is not enough so we decided to reach more people.

31st of October World Savings Day was very important for us since we try to encourage savings on our social media platforms, every chance we get. This time we wanted to go one step further from our competitors.

We started to monitor social conversation prior to October 31st about users' saving problems. On 31st of October we engaged with the conversation participants and asked them for their contact information. After participating in the real-time conversation, we surprised them by sending our adorable lion coin boxes to their addresses.

This random act of kindness project of ours got a very positive reactions. We engaged with over 2 thousand users and reached out 93.000 unique users without any media buying. We sent out more than a hundred coin boxes. And more than a hundred people decided to have savings for one of our lion coin-boxes. During the following days our little surprise was featured on various digital platforms thus creating a digital PR value for ING Bank Turkey.

Moreover ING Bank Turkey showed that saving money is an easy and fun habit when you work with ING Bank.


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Publicis Modem Turkey / ING Bank Turkey


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