Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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Best use of Branded Content

This award honors those most effective and creative incorporation of branded content by a brand, agency or organization.

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MindFull: Find Your Calm and Focus
The arrival of COVID-19 created a heightened amount of fear, stress and anxiety for everyone. Increasingly, people are looking to their community for help and support as we continue to weather this storm together. In response, we felt it was important to create a content series about well-being and mental health to help our community get through t…
Natural Light Worldwide Commencement
Given the state of the growing pandemic, universities had to cancel their on-campus graduation ceremonies, meaning graduating seniors wouldn’t get to celebrate their hard work during college. As a brand that strives to help its fans look back on college fondly, Natural Light’s first objective was to find a solution to this situation. The idea for …
The Un-Adventurers chronicles the story of three individuals who have never left their home state. Along with their nominator, our host Selema takes them on the road for the very first time. The first episode follows Porsha, a single mom from Douglasville, GA, who works for an airline cleaning planes, but has never traveled by plane herself. In ep…
Wakeboard & water slides: a Red Bull adventure
Most Red Bull Brasil events were canceled in 2020 due to Covid-19. Since the brand relies heavily on these events for marketing, there was a need to create something amazing before the end of the year. At the same time it had to be something within the safety protocols, so no crowds, and no traditional events (of course). Also it had to rela…
Wild Turkey Guided Tasting Experience
Whiskey has always been more than a spirit: it’s an iconic American tradition. And in the last five years alone, more than 2.5 million people have visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to experience that tradition. But with travel plans on hold, Wild Turkey looked for ways to create a virtual journey to the Bluegrass State.


In spring 2020, as the U.S. first began to face the challenges of living with coronavirus, Johnson’s® identified the importance of elevating its role of serving the critical needs of new and expecting parents. Pregnancy during a pandemic presents new stressors to moms, dads, and babies— so the brand aimed to create a new COVID resource of trusted informatio…
A Taste of the Futures
Investors don’t typically use futures as an investing tool because it’s difficult to grasp. Little do they know, they have all the information that they need to understand the investment asset right under their nose.
Ancestry x VOX Media Group: All of Us
In 2020, consumers were craving connection and humanity more than ever, especially knowing we would not experience this holiday season in the traditional sense.  Despite the global pandemic that kept us apart physically, Ancestry is the unique gift that brings consumers closer to family, past and present, through shared history.  The brand needed to positio…
As Seen On CC: Horror Helmet™ (Geico)
Our goal for the video Horror Helmet™ was to make integrated, sponsored content that would leverage the successful As Seen on CC franchise. As Seen on CC is comprised of social video commercials for products that are so ridiculous, you can’t believe they didn’t already exist. The intent was to make a Halloween-related video that would function as standalone…
Audi 'The Drive'
At the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, Australians were on nation-wide lockdown, unable to physically enjoy a drive on the open road, and craving a break from the difficult news that was flooding their feeds. Audi wanted to offer some much-needed respite, reconnecting house-bound drivers with the freedom of a road trip, while keeping the brand top of mind.
Baby Bum BTeam
Over at Sun Bum, we have our “A Team” of pro surfers who rip for a living. But here on the Baby Bum side of things, everyone is awesome—no matter what they can or can’t do. So instead of the A Team, we created the B Team—The Baby Team—where groms can just be themselves. Because when it comes to teaching our little ones about the world, we want to make explo…
Bad Boys For Life - Couples Therapy
Nostalgia is everywhere these days. From reboots of classic sitcoms like The Conners and Will & Grace, to a countless number of top artist tracks, and of course big budget movies. So when Sony Pictures decided to bring back the original bad boys of cinema after 17 long years, the question was how to break through the clutter and reignite interest in this bu…
Barbie’s 5-Minute Crafts
To further engage its digital fan base and place Barbie alongside the types of shareable online content that have become increasingly appealing to brands and advertisers, Mattel looked to The Soul Publishing and the 5-Minute Crafts’ creative team to develop a concept for Barbie-branded do-it-yourself [DIY] “hack” and craft-based content. The goal was to gal…
Billboard Brings Sech to the Honda Stage
Honda came to Billboard looking to put a new twist on Honda Stage, the music platform they launched in 2014 featuring exclusive performances, to connect with their target consumer on a deeper, more emotional level. As part of the 2020 campaign, Billboard partnered with Sech to tell the story of his rise from humble beginnings in Panama to international accl…
Bottomless Brunch at Colman's
The goal for this campaign was to drive maximum brand affinity for Diageo and their portfolio of alcohol brands. AMCN Content Room knew this was the perfect opportunity for Diageo because of our host and Fear The Walking Dead star, Colman Domingo’s passion for mixology and storytelling. We worked closely with Colman to bring their brands, such as Bulleit, K…
Comfortable Super Bowl Social
In 2020, Rocket Mortgage debuted the "Comfortable" campaign at Super Bowl LIV. Featuring Jason Momoa, it demonstrated (in what some might consider a decidedly uncomfortable way) that home is where you're most at ease. Just like Jason is comfortable at home, Rocket Mortgage wants you comfortable financing one.  Through arresting visuals, a blockbuster sta…
Fox Sports tasked Mediahub with using the 2020 Super Bowl to draw viewers to their NASCAR Daytona 500 broadcast two weeks later with the specific goal of increasing the TV rating YOY.
El Entretiempo by ESPN & Scotiabank
Covid-19 has forced the world into a "halftime". Just like in soccer, this is a time to reflect and redefine strategies.   In this context, Scotiabank wanted to motivate and inspire a youth target audience during these uncertain times to raise awareness and expand the reach of Scotiabank Fútbol Club among key internal and external audiences and positi…
Fashion in Frame
Presented by SCAD, Fashion in Frame is a premier cinematic showcase of innovative designs by SCAD fashion students and alumni. Featuring user-generated content captured by in-demand models and portraits by acclaimed photographer Alexandra Arnold (B.F.A., photography, 2014), Fashion in Frame heralds the evolution of the virtual fashion scene.  Our intention …
Fighting Child Exploitation with Big Data
  We live in the third Industrial Revolution, where the most powerful force is not money, but data. Data is empowering us to do what was previously impossible and what used to be too complex. The data is there-- but how to access, manipulate, and apply it correctly is a whole other matter. That's where Palantir comes in.  Palantir's specializes in big…
Harman Kardon x Volkswagen AG - Owning My Moment
In the Summer of 2020, Volkswagen launched three new car models: Tiguan, Arteon and Golf. When configuring cars, users can choose to upgrade with premium in-built Harman Kardon sound systems. Harman Kardon wanted to initiate a campaign that highlighted the Harman Kardon product USP’s in these vehicles and drive people to the configuration pages across 5 mai…
Honda Backstage - JoJo
Since the inception of the Honda Backstage program, the objective has been to develop an emotional connection between Honda and Millennials/Gen Z consumers through the shared passion of music and discovery. The primary goal has been to maximize viewership, earned media, and positive brand sentiment (specifically recognition, favorability and brand fit among…
Klarna is Swedish for Smooother Social
Buy now, pay later apps entered 2020 growing in popularity as the field becomes increasingly crowded. Klarna, one of Europe’s leaders, planned to jump into the US market with a major integrated launch campaign. Klarna’s European customers highly rank its superior bundle of features, but Klarna was starting in the US with zero brand recognition. And Klarna f…
Let Russ Cook
Long known as one of the best players in the league, the 2020 season led to a rallying cry from Seahawks fandom across the country to “let Russ cook.” Known as a team that consistently runs the ball and counts on a good defense, fans decided it was time that the Seahawks hand over the reins to one of the most proven and successful quarterbacks in the league…
Mastercard League of Legends Esports
In 2018, Mastercard entered a groundbreaking partnership with Riot Games’ League of Legends esports. Since then, Mastercard has grown its marketing platform to reach more fans year over year.  At the onset of the partnership, Mastercard's strategy largely revolved around on-site activation during events.  In 2019, this platform evolved to the digital sphere…
Match Made In Hell
As the most iconic brand in the category, 25 year old Match has high awareness, but with fast growing competitors the challenge is always to stay top of mind for adult daters in the US (25-49). December marks a seasonal peak for the dating category, app downloads, and hosts Dating Sunday on the first Sunday of the New Year, the busiest day of dating all yea…
Mickey & Friends(giving)
In the summer of 2020, timed to International Friendship Day, Disney launched Mickey & Friends Stay True, a global franchise campaign celebrating the sentiment of staying true to your friends, staying true to your community, and staying true to yourself – just like the Sensational 6, who have been friends for 90+ years.  For the holidays, we recognized t…
Miller Lite Takes Chat from the Bar into Messaging & Venmo
As consumer’s lives moved more online during the course of the pandemic, Miller Lite looked for ways to connect with people in an authentic and relevant way that didn’t rely on in-person experiences. They turned to Holler, a company that delivers intelligently recommended visual content on digital messaging platforms, to help bring branded content to consum…
Plussed-Up Experiences
Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with more than 150 million people visiting 4700 stores every week in the United States. With COVID-19 impacting people’s shopping habits in the long-term, Walmart’s retail dominance was under threat. With life more complicated than ever, and with shoppers increasingly turning to fast, time-saving solutions,…
Porsche x Star Wars: The Designer Alliance
A short time ago, in a galaxy not too far away… PORSCHE X STAR WARS: THE DESIGNER ALLIANCE. In an advertising galaxy awash with meaningless product placements DISGUISED as authentic partnerships, only two luminaries could join forces for a first-of-its-kind collaboration: PORSCHE & STAR WARS. For six weeks, designers from both entities worked together…
Reshape Your Realities
With foldable smartphones entering the consumer technology industry, Lenovo was challenged with introducing a new category of foldable devices in a much larger form factor – the PC. And after four years of intense engineering and development, Lenovo was ready to launch the ThinkPad X1 Fold: the world’s first foldable PC for users’ diverse computing needs. R…
SPAMily Style Cooking Competition
During season 1 of our series Family Style; from Stage 13 and the creative minds of Justin Lin's production company YOMYOMF a short-form series focused on Asian food and pop culture featuring Asian talent in front and behind the camera including a rotating group of Asian American hosts or "Foodie Fam" exploring not just the cuisine but the people at table, …
Safe at Home with ADT Increases Organic Reach by 2,689%
As stay-at-home orders went into effect, it was evident in early March 2020, that the next 3 months of pre-planned content would have to be discarded in light of the forthcoming pandemic.  ADT's social team sprung to action immediately to redefine their strategy and create an agile stream of content, “Safe at Home”, that was relevant to current events - whi…
Simmi Singh Toxic Speed Dating | Truth + AwesomenessTV
Truth wanted to disrupt the social acceptability of vaping and JUULing by showcasing to Gen-Z how offensive and silly vaping culture is. In order to do so, truth’s goal was to develop custom branded programming partnerships with ViacomCBS to tackle the problem head on through the lens of four key issues: social-acceptability, appeal, anti-industry and negat…
Sneakin’ Into Sephora: The Fenty Skin Retail Launch
As we began to move towards our highly anticipated retail launch, making a splash with the announcement was top of mind for the team–we wanted to celebrate this launch in a way that only Fenty Skin could! And what better way to celebrate than to show Rihanna herself setting up the Fenty Skin gondolas at a Sephora location near you!
Staycation Social Campaign
To virtually bring Norwegian’s on board and onshore experience into consumers’ homes through meaningful social content that kept inspiration alive on shore.
The Farm Must Go On
Farmers are the backbone of our nation. Even when faced with insurmountable challenges, one missed harvest can have a cascade of ripple effects across their livelihoods and the food supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all Americans, but particularly those who can never push pause – where taking time off due to illness could affect their means a…
The Walking Dead Universe Twitch Channel Partnership
In Fall 2020, AMC Networks became Twitch’s first premium content partner with the launch of The Walking Dead Universe (TWDU) Twitch channel. We knew that Twitch is the world’s leading multiplatform destination for live, interactive content and we wanted to give our fans a new home base to get even more of the TWDU content they love.    In November, Mc…
Together No Matter What
Throughout 2020, Adorama encouraged its community to Create No Matter What—be it photography, design, filmmaking, or podcasting—as part of its holistic year-long campaign. But as holiday season 2020 approached, Adorama knew it could do more for its community.  You see, while the brand is known for its cameras and gear, Adorama is much more than a photogr…
Toyota and MTV Celebrate the Universal Language of Music
Coming off the heels of a highly successful and splashy 2019 partnership, Velocity and Toyota were eager to make even bigger waves in 2020. But as the Coronavirus and national outcry over racial inequality swept the country, it became evident that a new strategic approach would be needed to break through to Toyota’s Millennial and Gen-Z target. How does an …
Unlimited Eye Browsing
Visible stepped on the scene as a wireless service ready to change wireless service—for the better. But to do that, we had to first build awareness about who we are and how we’re different. Enter: a series of straight-up, self-aware commercials featuring Dan Levy promoting our $40/month offering, including unlimited data for unlimited Internet browsing. In …
Zendesk 'Stories about helpful people'
As a customer support company, everything Zendesk does — from how they build their customer experience software to the way they work with each other — is all about being helpful. It’s the spirit they believe in. ‘Stories about helpful people’ is a series of mini-documentaries and photo stories. It’s a series intended to inspire the Zendesk community to rall…