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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Harman Kardon x Volkswagen AG - Owning My Moment

Entered in Branded Content


In the Summer of 2020, Volkswagen launched three new car models: Tiguan, Arteon and Golf. When configuring cars, users can choose to upgrade with premium in-built Harman Kardon sound systems. Harman Kardon wanted to initiate a campaign that highlighted the Harman Kardon product USP’s in these vehicles and drive people to the configuration pages across 5 main markets: Germany, France, Netherlands, UK and the USA.

The objectives of this campaign were to achieve two main goals:

  1. Create awareness of this upgrade in the three cars

  2. Send people to the VW configuration landing pages for each car

To do so, we not only needed to produce a creative content series that was engaging and relevant to the target audiences, but we needed to create and execute a master paid media plan to support the creative and drive the right target audiences to site. 

To measure the above objectives, we set benchmarks for the following metrics by setting up tests in Facebook Ads Manager that determined the minimum benchmarks for our allocated media spend. 

All these KPIs were set to try to achieve the main goal - which was clicks to the website. The main KPI for this metric was to achieve at least 4,122 landing page clicks to the configuration pages on the VW site. 

Strategy and Execution

We had one key message to depict for all cars  - Enhance your driving experience with the Harman Kardon sound system. We had three cars that had three editorial angles to them, but needed to find the red creative thread that bound them together. 

From our research we found that: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. Our fondest memories involve travelling. When we travel, we experience new things that trigger our emotions. Overnight, these moments become memories.  Music intensifies these unique moments of your journey. When you later listen to the same song, it will take you back to that exact moment.  Your imagination makes you feel like you are in that moment again. It shows how deeply connected our imagination is with sound and music. The Harman Kardon premium sound system enables you to be deeply immersed, taking you back to these old memories. 

That’s how Harman Kardon enables you to Own Your Moment. 

We wanted to tell three unique stories from three influencers under each communication pillar: Family, Adventure and Design that showcased how they are ‘Owning My Moment’ as soon as they step into the car. 

Each car had a seperate editorial angle, and USP for people that buy them - so we chose talent/influencers that matched those verticals perfeclty:


Golf - Family Adventure - Noor de Groot

The most important job in the world is being a parent. To be a mentor, to guide their children through life. And that starts with passing on the knowledge that was passed on to them by their parents. The foundation of a child’s music taste is learned from their parents. So, our influencer had a responsibility to teach their child about music while showing them the world.

Noor Le Groot is a mother who wants to pass on her knowledge of music to her kid – enforcing the importance of music in a child’s upbringing.


Tiguan - Music and Adventure - Simon Lorinser

Life in the big city comes with its highs and lows. But, sometimes it’s good to escape the hustle and bustle. Swapping the noise of the city with the sounds of the open road. Music is such an influencing force on discovery. It has the ability to add emotion to the sights of new places, and gives us the ability to form everlasting memories. Our influencer, Simon, took us on an adventure where he escaped the big city for the open road listening to music.

Simon Lorinser is a content creator / adventurer who escapes the city to seek inspiration from the great outdoors, hitting the open road with a playlist of new music to get him to the next adventure.


Arteon - Design - Michaela Wissen

To create is to open up the world. To look at life from a different perspective. But to create one needs to take inspiration from their surroundings. Absorbing the sights and sounds of their environment and turning them into new ideas. Our content creator took us through their creative process, explaining how sound and travel inspire them to create.

Michaela Wissen is a creative / photographer, Michaela seeks to look at the world from a different perspective – to take inspiration from her surroundings. Absorbing the sights and sounds of their environment and turning them into new ideas. 


We created a long form video in 9x16 for IGTV and 16x9 for YouTube along with 15 secnd cut downs to use for story ads, and a selection of still images. This would provide us with the content we needed to execute a rigid paid advertising campaign across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to drive people to the configuration sites of the VW x HK Golf, Tiguan and Arteon with a high funnel (awareness) and low funnel (traffic) objectives that came in short term boosts to generate a higher engagement rate and video view rate. 


We massively overperformed on all paid KPIs for this campaign:

Due to this, we massively over exceeded the main KPI and goal which was to drive people to the configuration pages for VW. The goal was to drive at least 4,122 people to the site. We’re happy to say that we drove a total of 23,813 people to site. 

The overperformance of the paid advertisements are a testament to the creativity of the campaign and it’s hyper-relevance to the carefully chosen target audiences. The use of influencers, who were carefully paired with the stories we wanted to tell about each car, also will have had a very positive effect on the results, again proving the content’s hyper-relevance and creativity.


Video for Harman Kardon x Volkswagen AG - Owning My Moment

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Hey Honey, Harman Kardon x Volkswagen AG