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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

As Seen On CC: Horror Helmet™ (Geico)

Entered in Branded Content


Our goal for the video Horror Helmet™ was to make integrated, sponsored content that would leverage the successful As Seen on CC franchise. As Seen on CC is comprised of social video commercials for products that are so ridiculous, you can’t believe they didn’t already exist. The intent was to make a Halloween-related video that would function as standalone holiday-related content to drive views, build brand affinity, and engage new audiences, while also incorporating a known brand, in this case, GEICO, into the video.

Strategy and Execution

The video had to have a minimum amount of talent and crew, in order to create a pandemic-safe production, and filming needed to be done during the day and night (for spooky Halloween scenes!). The Comedy Central social creative team found a scary Halloween concept, the Horror Helmet™. The Horror Helmet shields you from scary Halloween things – and also helps you munch on Halloween snacks. Thanks to GEICO’s tendency to push the boundaries in their own commercials, the social creative team was given a lot of creative freedom to make a video that was topical and funny, and could easily connect with Geico’s tagline about smarter ways to save more with Geico insurance.


GEICO’s adventurous brand voice (“here’s something strange and confusing, in opposition to the clarity and simplicity of our insurance plans”) meshed perfectly with the ASOCC style. Viewers seemed to agree: Horror Helmet™ received nearly 600k views on YouTube and 100k views on Facebook.


Video for As Seen On CC: Horror Helmet™ (Geico)

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Comedy Central Digital