Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Branded Content

This award honors those most effective and creative incorporation of branded content by a brand, agency or organization.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Big in Japan
The music scene in Japan is known for a unique phenomenon: Rock bands from North America and Europe become big in Asia before they’re popular in their own countries. That phenomenon came to be known as ‘Big in Japan’ and the actual hit music – originally recorded by Queen, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple and The Runaways – would become our campaign sound…
#Romanovs100 AR Photo Album
The Romanovs can arguably be called the world's first photo-bloggers. In the early 20th century they documented every meaningful event in their lives. #Romanovs100 is an image-first digital storytelling project built on the analysis of thousands of photos shot by Russia’s last Royal family, executed by the Bolsheviks 100 years ago. To make history…
It Chapter Two - "The Challenge Joins The Loser's Club"
With the release of It Chapter 2, Warner Bros sought a promotional partner to eventize the film and reinvigorate interest in a property that strongly resonates with the cultural zeitgeist.  While our campaign aimed to enforce key messaging points from the film, increase brand affinity through engagement, and impact first choice among theater goers…
MENstruation: Imagining a World Where All People Have Periods
Thinx has a history of stigma-smashing ad campaigns—from our first campaign in the New York City subway to our ads featuring trans folks—and we’re proud to say we’re never going to back down from bringing awareness to the real lives of people with periods. We wanted our first national television ad campaign to challenge new audiences to get comfor…
Waiting with Huell
Following a five-year hiatus from AMC's popular Breaking Bad series and in an effort to excite fans for the premiere of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix, Chemistry created “Waiting with Huell.”


"A Chance To Dance" - The Scott Clark Auto Group
We all have passions. And collectively, those passions can help shape and drive a community. The Scott Clark Auto Group is honoring those people with the DRIVEN campaign, which is about sharing inspiring stories of passino, determination, grit and achievement  that may not otherwise be told. The campaign features authentic stories about artists, athletes, v…
We wanted to show that faith of the young people, who want to be successful, tread in Ataturk’s footsteps.
A Very Special Friendsgiving with John Paul Jones and the HoneyBaked Jam Band
For many, Honey Baked Ham is a must-have for Christmas and Easter. In recent years, though, the new trendy holiday of Friendsgiving has become a favorite among millennials. Across the country, Friendsgiving celebrations happen in apartments, dorms and on mismatched furniture nationwide. The Honey Baked Ham Company, an iconic holiday brand, sought to reach a…
Big O Tires: Magnet Dragnet
As the “Team You Trust”, Big O Tires is obsessed with turning your car’s Big Oh No into an even bigger Oh Yes. But, our obsession doesn’t stop when you leave the bay with new tires. In fact, we’re so obsessed with solving your car’s problems, we want to prevent them from even happening in the first place. To prove our devotion to solving even the biggest Oh…
Black Ink Crew Pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle
In the days following the death of hip hop star Nipsey Hussle on March 31, 2019, Black Ink Crew owner Ceaser Emanuel offered free tattoos at his New York shop to anyone wishing to honor the musician with a tattoo inspired by Nipsey’s life, music and legacy. Because the Black Ink Crew franchise airs on VH1, we knew we needed a way to connect and engage fans …
Bübl Fashion
There are two million Canadians who suffer from osteoporosis, but most people have no idea that they're at risk of having bones that are thin and porous. Those who suffer from osteoporosis are at increased risk of bone fracture, including hip fracture, which can lead to death. Our main objectives were to make Canadians more knowledgeable about osteoporosis …
Degree – Comedy Central Roast
Returning to partner with Comedy Central’s annual tentpole night of insult-hurling, Unilever tasked Velocity with creating a 360° program integrating Degree’s ‘Made to Move’ messaging—a platform encouraging consumers to be more active and in turn, put the Degree suite of products to the test.  With this in mind we set out to show fans that while it might lo…
Duluth Trading Co. And Yellowstone
Create native-based custom content that aligned, and elevated, Duluth Trading Co’s theme of tradesmen and allowed for endemic integration of Duluth’s brand messaging and products.  
Engaging Hispanic Audiences Around Women’s Health Topics
In partnership, Univision and NewYork-Presbyterian joined forces to create a branded content campaign to reach Hispanic consumers with information about women’s health topics. The goal was to engage with consumers, build trust for the NewYork-Presbyterian brand, and help women in the New York area find resources and doctors near them.
Five Decades, One Voice
To celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store sought to drive and sustain awareness by paying homage to its long history in music while setting the tone and paving the way for the next five decades. With the launch of a high-profile new product, the brand needed to remain top-of-mind and sustain relevancy over an extended per…
HGTV x The Home Depot Program
In 2019, The Home Depot and HGTV partnered to help their audience achieve a personalized design look in every room of their home with the HGTV x The Home Depot Program for HGTV’s social platforms. The overall goal was to increase awareness of the home décor product offerings at The Home Depot and drive sales in the key growth categories (Interior Furniture,…
JBL X Sounds Of The City
JBL is an innovative technology brand dedicated to enriching experiences with epic sound.  JBL has been synonymous with award winning sound for more than 70 years as the preferred choice for audio professionals, as well as millions of consumers who seek superior sound in homes, cars, and on-the-go.  As a premium brand, JBL competes in a crowded sector to wi…
John Hancock Face the Future x theSkimm
Our partnership with theSkimm aimed to increase awareness and consideration of John Hancock to theSkimm’s active and loyal readers. When millennial women hear “John Hancock,” the first thing they think of is likely the Declaration of Independence, not a 150+ year old financial services company that is their consideration set. The audience does not associate…
Jordan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
To provide informative and inspiring travel videos of vacation destinations all over the world. Expedia’s reputation as leaders in online travel booking is firmly established; these videos are designed to expand that reputation, establishing Expedia as genuine authorities in the travel experience.
Kings of Beer
Budweiser remains the King of Beers globally, but in the US it’s a different story. Sales are in decline as consumers drink less beer and switch to craft brews that they associate more closely with ‘quality.’ The beer has been dehumanized; a common opinion voiced in research was “Budweiser is made in a factory with the push of a button.” Anyone who actua…
MILKPEP & Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Music Video 2019
The objective of the campaign was to increase product consideration and purchase intent by creating engaging content that aligned with Kids’ Choice Sports messaging, reflected youth culture and positioned milk at the center of the narrative in an authentic way. Nickelodeon and MILKPEP wanted to re-strengthen the connection between milk and its role in a hea…
McDonald's Breakfast
McDonald’s came to Viacom to help drive in-store McDonald’s breakfast purchases during key breakfast windows and wake up breakfast.
My Life as an NPC
When you have to communicate on an adventure game like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you often emphasize on the hero, the villain or the amazing landscape you will explore. But when you have done that for more than 15 years on your most important licenses, how do you keep gamers excited? Ubisoft asked us to rejuvenate their target for the launch of Odyssey, the…
Netflix 'ships YouTube
Netflix ‘Ships YouTube YouTube is a vital social network for Netflix, because it fosters engagement between fans and the shows they love and facilitates discovery of new Netflix content. Because what is trending on YouTube is dominated by what Gen-Z (ages 13–24) watches, it is important for Netflix to build loyalty with this audience. ​We were tasked …
OMKalen: Kalen Allen’s New Song Will 'Take You There' presented by Qantas
Building off the success of Kalen Allen’s adventure to Melbourne last year, ELLEN partnered with Qantas and Visit Victoria for the second-year-in-a-row to further drive awareness for the Qantas experience and tourism for Melbourne. Leveraging Kalen’s talent and signature personality, together we created an original music video highlighting the Dreamliner…
Pringles Not, Not Worth Getting Upset Over
Coming off the heels of Clusterfest 2019 and Pringles’ partnership with Comedy Central’s Up Next showcase of fresh faces and rising stars, we took our relationship with the brand even further and had four of the featured talents duke it out on a brand-new debate show “Not, Not Worth Getting Upset Over,” a format inspired by the Pringles Wavy conundrum: Are …
Share the Road - Continental
As Ironman's main sponsor it was important for Continental to focus on the goal towards zero traffic accidents. We wanted to create a movement through SoMe that would urge road users etc. to include empathy and humanity in their clubs or as individuals. So to shine light on the message, our primary KPI's were optimised towards: 1. VTR 2. Engagement …
Shine in your own way
Bradesco has always had inclusion and diversity in its DNA. Since its foundation, the bank has accepted all people, regardless of origin, social class, religion or skin color. The decision to be an open door bank was one of the main drivers of business growth and made people recognize the inclusion in Bradesco. From the beginning, we bet on the power of sto…
SpongeBob x Nickelodeon Matrix
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? EVERYONE from Nickelodeon! Using the ultimate mashup of SpongeBob characters and the classic Nickelodeon library, this piece combines everyone’s favorite childhood pals in an image that’s bursting with imagination.
Spotify How It's Made: Anchor
You can't revolutionize the way humanity listens to music without a little help from the world's most talented tech professionals. So when Spotify wanted to attract highly-qualified candidates to join their team and celebrate the internal culture of working at one of the hottest companies in tech, they needed a content series that showed off their vast arra…
Stay In Your Element
Element Hotels, a Marriott International brand, set out to raise awareness of the fully equipped in-room kitchens offered in its hotels globally and reinforce the brand's positioning as a longer stay hospitality brand that encourages you to maintain your health and wellness routine while traveling. The Stay in Your Element video series launched as a cont…
TD Thanks You - Small Business, BIG Hearts
The primary objective for this campaign was to drive brand affinity for TD across N. America (US & Canada). This was done using online / social channels to drive video views as well as our retail network and employees to drive engagement. 2019 J.D. Power data indicates that since the financial crisis, bank reputations have declined – with customer percep…
The Bitter Bond
Born Free are a charity dedicated to ensuring animals are born free and stay wild. They came to us with a problem: it’s not widely known that most lions in South Africa aren’t born free, they’re raised in captivity and exploited for profit at every stage of their lives. The harsh reality is that keepers charge tourists to hug and take photos with them. Then…
The Caring Tree
Dole Packaged Foods, Spark Foundry and Upworthy partnered with Glass Entertainment Group to tell the story of three families who are gearing up for the first day of school. With a new school year brings new teachers, new classrooms, new friends and new expectations. This can bring on some first day jitters to a student. In this mini documentary called The C…
The Chi + B/R Kicks Sneaker Shock Video
To build excitement around the return of The Chi for Season 2, SHOWTIME collaborated with popular sports and culture site, Bleacher Report on a Chi-themed takeover of their Sneaker Shock franchise. Though this was an existing franchise for Bleacher Report, it was their first branded execution and the first to integrate a cultural conversation around the exp…
The Taste Test Drive by Nicorette
In a world where vapes/ecigs have blurred the lines between quitting and switching, and essentially made smoking cool again, how does a brand with a 23-year heritage of helping smokers to quit ignite consideration and conversion to completely break-free from the habit?
Trademark Collection by Wyndham Embracing Character
About Trademark Collection by Wyndham Launched in 2017, Trademark Collection is a soft-branded network of upper midscale, independent hotels in urban and resort locations across the U.S., Canada, EMEA and LATAMC. Just as no two travelers are alike, Trademark Collection hotels are equally distinctive. Each property retains its own name, logo, brand ide…
United Stories
From New York City’s glamour to the awe-inspiring beauty of the National Parks, the USA should be an easy sell to tourists. But to millions of travelers planning their next getaway, America appeared closed for business, and international visitation was declining for the first time in a decade.  First, a strong dollar and weak global economy made a trip t…
Vida Loteria
In Season Two of the STARZ Original series “Vida” for those who grew up playing Lotería, the card game often described as Mexican bingo, episode 203 brought back memories of childhood and family as Lyn introduced Millennial Lotería to patrons with the bar’s first Lotería night. To bring the game to life for fans of the show STARZ created their own Vida insp…
WestJet Christmas Miracle: To give or receive
For the past eight years, WestJet has been surprising and delighting its guests throughout the holiday season and delivering a Christmas video that spreads the holiday spirit. This year we wanted to position WestJet as a brand that cares and showcase our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada all while sparking joy in our guests around …
Where Do You Keep Your GRAMMY?
Create a digital/social series that allowed for the GRAMMY.com team to promote the GRAMMYs telecast and brand in the midst of the Recording Academy’s internal “Black-out” period, which doesn’t allow for us to spotlight a singular artist/music creator who is under consideration during any of the membership voting periods. (Read: promote tune it, but avoid an…
Wingate by Wyndham #ByDayByNight
Situational Analysis: Moving fast for business or enjoying time away before their world ramps up again, Wingate by Wyndham hotels strive to support guests’ need for balancing work, life and everything in between so they can be ready for what’s next. With a footprint of ~164 hotels in North America, we were looking to raise Wingate's visibility and humani…