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Shine in your own way

Entered in Branded Content, Long Form Video


Bradesco has always had inclusion and diversity in its DNA. Since its foundation, the bank has accepted all people, regardless of origin, social class, religion or skin color. The decision to be an open door bank was one of the main drivers of business growth and made people recognize the inclusion in Bradesco. From the beginning, we bet on the power of storytelling. We understand that in order to build a strong and lasting emotional connection, it would be necessary to deliver a relevant story, in which people were able to identify and feel represented. The creative response came with an end-of-year campaign that told an exciting story of a firefly who did not stop believing in his own brilliance and power to accomplish. A campaign won across the country and shown as powerful brand content is capable of translating emotions into numbers, making it the most viewed commercial in YouTube history in Brazil so far. For 2019, the challenge of talking about inclusion and diversity at the end of the year was even greater. 

Strategy and Execution

The strategy was based on a massive performance, but that also generated an enchanting brand experience, that mobilized and built consideration. For the launch, we made a big blast “multimedia”, running our 3-minute hero movie simultaneously on 17 exclusive break channels (4 channels open and 13 closed), on Youtube, Twitter, digital OOH and main news portals, the goal was to generate mobilization associated with rapid reach. From the beginning, YouTube was thought of as one of the central channels in the campaign ecosystem, we understand it not only as a media but as a storytelling platform where people connect with what they like most. A place where they find connection through relevant stories and, after all the initial impact of the blast, we knew that YT was the channel that users would create this connection with our campaign. For this reason, YouTube was chosen as a perfect channel for delivering entertainment without time constraints and building a non-advertising conversation capable of provoking greater engagement from people.


In multimedia blast we had more than 125 million people reached in just 3 minutes and we entered organically in the Trend Topics of Twitter BR and Mundial. We tripled the volume of searches for the Bradesco brand on launch day, fulfilling the role of mobilizing the population with rapid reach. We achieved a reach in YT of 91 million users, equivalent to 44% of the Brazilian population, and a total of 191 million views, which means 74% more views and with a budget only 18% higher than the 2018 flight. Result efficient media optimization, which focused on the segments that best delivered, balancing profitability and retention. Bradesco created more than one advertisement. It created relevant, exciting and memorable entertainment to the point where people cosplay Vitinho, increase 4 million views of the 2018 film organically and the number of full views is about 50% greater than the Netflix subscriber base in Brazil. Learning is when a brand speaks to the truth, valuing differences and touching people's hearts, not only stimulates a social debate in the country but generates a connection to the point that people become spokespeople for the brand in a natural way.


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Zombie Studio

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