Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best Branded Series

This award honors the most creative and effective use of a branded content series, such as a digital web series or docu-series, by a brand, agency, or organization.


DRONEWEEK is a franchise event we created for GE to showcase the massive infrastructure that builds, powers, and cures the world. Through 1 week of content, shot from the sky, we bring these stories to fans through a platform that's as innovative as the companies' technology.This year, DRONEWEEK's goal was to spread awareness about how GE is leadi…
DBS Sparks Mini-Series
"Seizing the opportunity to humanise banking." Banks have been under immense pressure, contributed largely by a smattering of financial crises, sluggish economic growth and the emergence of new competitors from "the rapidly-developing fintech sector, offering new banking, payment and financing options"1. Also, consumers are expecting more v…
Club Mickey Mouse
Leverage Disney's vast social media presence on Facebook and Instagram to launch a reboot of Mickey Mouse Club that reaches an entirely new and devoted fan base of Gen-Z and Millennials that aligns with HP's key demographic focus. Generate awareness for Sprocket the amongst HP's Gen-Z and Millennial target audiences to induce positive audience sen…
The Upstanders Campaign
Upworthy believes in the power of a well-told story to change minds and change the world. Not only have we pioneered social-purpose media, but we've been able to use our ability to tell powerful, empathetic stories, combined with a data-driven approach, to build the largest concentrated audience of educated, affluent millennials who give a damn. W…
Science and Star Wars
Objectives:Showcase IBM technology and demonstrate they're making cutting edge and transformational contributions across the industry.Leverage Star Wars social presence and fandom on Facebook to reach IBM's key demographics of developers, IT decision makers, and technology professionals.Generate awareness amongst those target audiences, measured t…


#LifeAt: Discover small and midsize enterprises innovating and growing with SAP solutions
The "S" in "SAP" doesn't stand for sexy. We're an 88,000 employee, multinational enterprise software corporation that helps the world run better and improve people's lives. But our brand doesn't exactly scream "exciting" or "cool." So we on the SAP Small Midsize Enterprise (SME) marketing teams were faced with a question: How do we market our solutions to s…
#LiveMore #ShareMore
The overall objective of the #LiveMore #ShareMore campaign was to make Western Union more appealing to a millennial target audience, by driving brand reappraisal through celebrating shared values such as diversity, empowerment, self-fulfilment and a borderless world while at the same time establishing Western Union as the go-to brand for modern money mov…
Our mission at XPRIZE is to solve humanity's grandest challenges through technological innovation. To do this, we set audacious goals that, in order to accomplish, will require unprecedented technological advancement. But how do we set these goals? We conceptualize humanity's ideal future state.Seat 14C is, at its core, an earnest exploration of our possib…
6 Days, 7 Nights
Marriott Rewards is one of the most well-known loyalty programs in the world; but when it came to younger travel-loving audiences (adults aged 21+), it sought a stronger connection. This branded series' objectives were two-fold among this audience:— Increase awareness of Marriott Rewards and its portfolio of brands— Shift perception of Marriott Rewards, inc…
Best Cover Ever
Our goal was to connect some of the biggest musical superstars of today with potential stars of tomorrow by exploring the 'cover band' culture.Discovering new artists within the cover band culture is something that only YouTube can do.
Dove and Shonda Rhimes Launch Real Beauty Productions
For 60 years Dove has been a leader in championing real women who embrace their beauty on their own terms. Although culturally, there has been an elevated awareness of the lack of female voice in defining beauty and the representation of all women in the media, we find that beauty is still a source of anxiety, and women don't feel represented - in fact, 7 o…
Finding Home in America
Each year, Zillow engages a team of government relations specialists and economists to put together their extensive Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report. To amplify Zillow's findings about the majority of the population's struggles with housing and homeownership, ATTN: and Zillow created a social media campaign that highlighted the many ways we defin…
Frestea X LINE: A Ramadan Chat Story
Ramadan season is very crowded with all kinds of brand trying to get precious attention, especially food and beverage brands. There is a special occasion in Ramadan that food/beverage brands usually targeting: iftar, when Moslem break their fast and finally eat/drink, right when the sun sets. Frestea aims to own the iftar moment, where people want to drink …
HKIA Unseen
We all know how travelling through an airport works. But do we know what's going on behind the scenes? What kind of journey our luggage goes through after being dropped at the check-in counter? What kind of preparation work was done before an aircraft takes off? How does a tractor "pushes back" an aircraft that is a hundred times heavier than its own weight…
Hyundai’s Young Entrepreneurs Series with BuzzFeed
At Hyundai, making things better is at the heart of everything they do. It's why they question the impossible. It's why they wake up every morning and ask themselves: How can we make things better? Our objective with this video content was to reach new audiences and tell stories that would echo Hyundai's "Better Drives Us" mantra. To help craft t…
Independent Moments
Stage 13 is Warner Bros.’ fearless, original digital content brand showcasing a new generation of inspired talent and voices in scripted and unscripted storytelling. It’s premium, episodic TV… flipped upside down, delivering our legacy of quality entertainment across YouTube & Facebook and on Stage13.com. Stage 13 partnered with MetroPCS as a sponsor to …
JCPenney Back to School Scripted Shorts
Back to school shopping is the second biggest shopping season of the year. From 2016 to 2017, back to school shopping was projected to increase by 10%, but shopping at traditional retailers dropped by 26pp year over year. In order for JCPenney to break through the clutter and reclaim their position as a top contender for back to school shoppers they had to …
Man Crafted - Food Network
"Man Crafted" is a series that explores how creative people who live interesting and unique lifestyles handle cooking and learning to create new recipes. Chef and Scripps Lifestyle Expert, James Briscione, is a charismatic family man who is traveling around and meeting with different groups of interesting men to share new recipes inspired by their lifestyl…
Michael Kors: Glamour Games
Fashion gets a game-ified twist in the "Glamour Games" series. Created by the brand in 2015, the series features Michael Kors and a variety of fashion muses engaging in some friendly competition. With the goal of re-introducing Michael to a millennial audience after his years on "Project Runway" and welcoming fans into Michael's celebrity-filled world, the …
Nutella® Originals Presents: Spread the Happy Series, Season 1
In partnership with Ferrero's Nutella, BP Studios created an episodic, multi-season digital series to influence the act of sharing joy and love. Nutella® Originals presents: "Spread the Happy Series, Season 1" is a collection of short films that celebrate people who make the world a happier place through remarkable talents, can-do spirits and selfless acts…
Party Fowl Horror Stories
Four Loko is a low-cost, high alcohol content drink targeted to a 21–25 year old niche. The brand lives and dies by what's authentic and RIGHT now. This skeptical target can smell a fraud from a mile away. The client sought to double engagement by creating social brand campaigns that was current and relatively consistent without feeling forced.
PwC Purpose + Profit Video Series
The business world is changing...for good. PwC's Purpose + Profit Huffington Post video series highlights cutting edge organizations and inspiring leaders who are finding sustainable solutions to many of the world's toughest issues. Our goal is to raise awareness and inspire dialogue around the important role of purpose in business by generating views, awar…
Real People Make a Real Difference
In the 1990s, eBay was a pioneer of ecommerce that empowered anyone with an internet connection to buy and sell goods online. By 2017, ecommerce has become a fact of life, and the new generation of "GenZennials"—a diverse group of Millennials and Gen Z young adults—needed to be reminded of the good that comes from buying and selling on eBay. Given its massi…
Reframe This Space
A space is what you make it and The Frame TV was designed with style and creativity in mind. Our objective was to amplify the features of The Frame by using design-centric influencers to showcase a new approach to TVs. So, we found old and unused spaces and asked design influencers to create something completely new with them. All while using The Frame an i…
Sonos 'Groove Is In The Home'
Our objective was to create an impactful and unexpected conversation around the launch of the first ever Sonos smart speaker by educating consumers about its unique ability to fill every room of your home with music and leverage creators with a unique foothold in the music space.
Southpaw Regional Wrestling
Sports-entertainment wasn't always a billion-dollar global industry. Back in the 1980s, ragtag bands of wrestlers ran their own local promotions with low budget television shows that only aired in small markets. WWE paid tribute to our industry's forgotten past with the original web comedy series Southpaw Regional Wrestling.Starring John Cena as beleaguered…
The Checkdown Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Drawings
The Checkdown is a social-driven football-focused digital and social media property focused exclusively on "social news," with a steady stream of stories that fans are, or will be, talking about right now.In collaboration with Samsung, the S Pen series integrates product into creative activations with The Checkdown. In line with The Checkdown's player drive…
Think Faster - The World's Fastest AMA
In 2017 Audi launched Audi Sport, its ultra high-performance division, in the U.S. With competitors already so established in the market, Audi knew it had to do something different to standout from the competition.Audi couldn't just talk about horsepower and torque like its competitors have done for 25 years. Instead, Audi Sport had to create a way for its …
Through the Lens: Cuba
The goal of Through the Lens: Cuba was to reveal Cuba as no one has before. Through photo, video and intimate conversations with the people of Cuba AdoramaTV sought to capture the culture, traditions and untouched beauty of Cuba.
Uncharted Discoveries - Travel Channel
Some of the best adventures are the ones you don't plan on taking. Travel Channel partnered with Land Rover on an unforgettable journey featuring Josh Gates and a few of his newest friends as they experienced firsthand what happens when you leave the itinerary behind, go off the map into the unknown, and leave room for the unexpected.The goals of the campai…
Under Armour Basketball: Shoot Your Shot Season 1
As the most widely used and trusted platform within our target demographic, YouTube provides us with an opportunity to connect on a deeper level around long form content. For us, the objective is about connecting with our kid around our shared love of the game of basketball and authenticating our voice through influential creators and entertainers in the sp…
What's Cooking With Julie Chrisley
What's Cooking With Julie Chrisley is a 10-part video series hosted by Julie Chrisley, star of the hit USA Network show, Chrisley Knows Best and passionate chef who has been cooking three meals a day for her family for the past twenty years. In this video series, America's favorite matriarch invites fans into her kitchen as she whips up some of her favorite…
“Hola Papi!” The First Ever LGBTQ Advice Column from a Latinx Perspective
There is a huge gap in the LGBTQ world when it comes to content that relates to queer millennial audiences. Established traditional gay publications tend to focus on topics that are less in tune with where LGBTQ youth culture is headed. INTO bucks the trend. 'Hola Papi!' is a refreshing take on the traditional advice column. It's the first weekly LGBTQ advi…
“Introducing” the Mrs. Maisels of Today
Amazon partnered with Elizabeth Banks' comedy-based digital, WhoHaha, to generate excitement and drive tune in for the series premiere of the Prime Original series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." The comprehensive campaign featured a robust collection of thematically related content, including a branded series called, "Introducing." The series profiled four st…