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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Frestea X LINE: A Ramadan Chat Story

Entered in Branded Series, Storytelling


Ramadan season is very crowded with all kinds of brand trying to get precious attention, especially food and beverage brands. There is a special occasion in Ramadan that food/beverage brands usually targeting: iftar, when Moslem break their fast and finally eat/drink, right when the sun sets. Frestea aims to own the iftar moment, where people want to drink a cold and sweet beverage to quench their thirst and refresh themselves. To increase effectivity, part of the brief is utilize social media, to reach into youth, its target audience, wider and deeper. Frestea need to steal attention not just for one day, but throughout the whole month.

Strategy and Execution

Creating Melati Untuk Adan, a continuous daily content series during the season that enables Frestea to get attention not only once, but consistently throughout the month.

Melati Untuk Adan adapted the traditional web series into a more innovative, native to the mobile context, and immersive format of chat stories.

The chat stories between the cast, "Chill Gang" put viewers right inside the main characters' head. The usage of memes, stickers, audio recordings, and even videos make the experience richer and relate-able by the youth.

Through the value-to-value barter with LINE as media partner, the chat stories are pushed right into people's chat app, with notification, everyday just before the iftar time. This timing enables Frestea to be present with its proposition right when people are planning what to consume during iftar. With this opportunity, Frestea expand the partnerships with well-known food and retail brands such as Burger King, Carl's Jr, XXI, and Alfamart. The proposition is added, viewers can get special iftar food coupons through the chat stories as well with the Frestea proposition, making the series more actionable.


The Melati Untuk Adan collaboration was a great success. Within 30 days, the series gained followers and become the talk both inside LINE and in other social media. Mass media praised the concept, and viewers is moved by the story. More than 1 Million followers gained, and they watch the series archive on Youtube for more than 800.000 views. The buzz creates more than 15.000 comments and mentions on social media.

The enthusiastic followers also appreciates the 7 brands collaboration and claimed the food coupons, resulting in more than 185.000 claimed coupons.


Video for Frestea X LINE: A Ramadan Chat Story

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Berakar Komunikasi, The Coca-Cola Company Indonesia


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