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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

#LiveMore #ShareMore

Finalist in Financial Services

Entered in Branded Series, Multi-Platform Partnership, Facebook Video, Short Form Video


The overall objective of the #LiveMore #ShareMore campaign was to make Western Union more appealing to a millennial target audience, by driving brand reappraisal through celebrating shared values such as diversity, empowerment, self-fulfilment and a borderless world while at the same time establishing Western Union as the go-to brand for modern money movers, given the ubiquity and ease of use of its digital services.

We developed an episode based storytelling approach using influencers as Western Union brand ambassadors that allowed us to:

- Engage with users in new and creative ways

- Create conversation around our Influencers and their communities

- Create inspiring content and storytelling

- Motivate User Generated Content

- Celebrate a world of opportunities and diversity

- Drive Brand reappraisal, digital adoption and app awareness

This is a collection of the 8 portrait videos created to introduce our main cast of influencers giving background to their stories which played out over a total of 40 subsequent episodes which formed the heart of the #LiveMore #ShareMore campaign, along with content created by the influencers themselves on both Western Union's and the influencer's social media channels.

Strategy and Execution

With the knowledge that some social media posts were getting as little as 1.5 seconds view time, it was crucial to establish continuous formats that kept the audience engaged and excited throughout the entirety of the campaign.

We produced a total of 40 episodic short form video content pieces of up to 90 seconds each, that enabled us to draw our target audience into Western Union's values, products and services without coming across too commercially focused. The influencers we drafted came from a wide range of backgrounds that covered key topic areas such as, music, food, arts, female empowerment and travel to name a few.

In order to align our campaign objectives with the stories we told, we aimed to convey a message that resonated with the goal of positioning Western Union as a brand "For People Like Me", to celebrate global citizenship and to showcase our influencers as new modern money movers, who are bold enough to create the world they want every day.

By splitting the content into short episodes on Western Union's social media channels, and cross referencing it to the #LiveMore #ShareMore Blog whilst additionally releasing an exclusive song with upcoming DJ duo MÖWE for the campaign, we ensured that we maintained high levels of user attention and engagement establishing an "Always On" content strategy.

To support the episodic content and to show that Western Union is speaking the same language as their new target millennial audience, we leveraged state of the art creatives like 6 second video loops, slideshows and Instagram location based content that invited users to explore the stories of the influencers in real life. Thus resulting in Western Union's largest ever social campaign.


The #LiveMore #ShareMore campaign resulted in a reach of 132 million with over 45 million video views in its first 3 months. In total, the campaign assets generated over 3 million unique engagements (likes, shares, comments), which led to a 65% increase in Western Union's engagement rate compared to the previous year.

In addition to the amazing results the Western Union's #LiveMore #ShareMore campaign achieved, it has also helped to establish a platform for people around the world to get inspired and to communicate global topics such as, equality, female empowerment, education, and diversity to help people take advantage of living in an ever-growing interconnected world.


Video for #LiveMore #ShareMore

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Robin des Bois, Western Union


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