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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Real Time Response

This category honors a brand, agency, news outlet or personality that orchestrated a relevant and impressive response to an event, cultural phenomenon, or other brand in real-time.

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Jordan Brand, Emoji Battle
To be the most culturally relevant brand on social, including knowing when to enter conversations.
The World Through Mr. Robot
In Spring 2015, USA Network partnered with VaynerMedia to tell the story of Golden Globe-winner Mr. Robot. To do this, we adopted an immersive and unapologetic voice hinged around real-time commentary, hyper-targeted content, and responsive messaging. With a refined and grounded approach to engagement, we launched a season-long campaign that drove…
Wingstop #SquashTheBeef
Leverage current pop-culture events & trends, and Wingstop's brand authority to make a big splash out of a social observation.
Summary:#HaveUFoundtruTV was a real-time brand awareness effort that anticipated, then capitalized on a specific cultural moment. It was built upon a single Promoted Trend, Promoted Tweets, custom content, and an in-house creative team staffing a social media war room for 48 hours.The opportunity:Every March, sports fans searched for the schedule …
American Family Insurance: Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly
The insurance category spends roughly $6 billion on advertising annually, competing for the same 10% of potential new customers. This has led to a flood of messages that rely on characters, cartoons, and critters to grab consumers' attention – and to sell them on fast, cheap insurance. American Family Insurance believes in the integrity and nobili…
Burglar on Demand
Arlo's brand mission is Engineering A Worry-Free World—an ideal based on the fact that people work hard to pull together the resources to buy a home. They grow their families and, when they reach their mid-30s to early-40s, worry begins to creep into the back of their minds. Our goal in launching this brand has been to demonstrate how Arlo can pro…
High-Five. Give $5. Save Big Cats.
For World Lion Day, National Geographic asked the public to "High Five. Give $5. Save Big Cats" - to create a worldwide virtual high-five chain using social media and the hashtag #5forBigCats to raise awareness across social media about the plight of big cats in the wild and funds for big cat conservation. Our hope was to raise $20,000.
Love is On
With a deep heritage based on romance and glamour, Revlon decided to start a revolution in the crowded cosmetics category: one that would celebrate the connection between beauty and love.From the moment she puts on her makeup, Revlon would inspire women with the idea that LOVE IS ON.It wasn't just about looking beautiful, but FEELING beautiful, to…
Lovin' The Super Bowl
McDonald's believes a little lovin' can change a lot. Our goal for Lovin' the Super Bowl was simple: we wanted to prove the lovin' that comes from the brand through mass awareness, changing the sentiment around McDonald's, and making Twitter a more positive place for the day. This idea was based off of the simple insight from McDonald's founder Ra…
MasterCard Gwen Stefani #PricelessSurprises - Pride Week
The MasterCard brand is built around the central belief that everyone, everywhere, deserves to live a richer life, and to be accepted for who they are. For the past 25 years, MasterCard has been a brand that has been accepted in more places than any other card. The idea of Acceptance has a double meaning, and as a brand, we were uniquely positione…
Play-Doh: Explore What’s Possible
The Play-Doh brand has brought creativity and fun to fans for 60 years, inspiring both kids and adults to use their imaginations for limitless, hands-on creative play. On social media, the objective was to encourage fans to Explore What's Possible through inspiration and real-time, pop culture topics that resonate with our social-media savvy targ…
The French Piste Project
Atout France wanted to make sure that when people were thinking about skiing and snowboarding they thought FRANCE. Way To Blue was tasked with conceiving an idea that engaged skiers and snowboarders that would create both word of mouth AND press coverage.
HISTORY's hit show 'Vikings' had built a strong following over its two previous seasons, resonating among male Millennials for its epic depictions of historic battle scenes. HISTORY needed to find a way to reach a broader, more mainstream audience to increase viewership of its Season 3 premiere. The show specifically needed to find a foothold amon…


Snickers aims to consistently foster consumer involvement and maximize share of voice. Our strategic approach allows us to pinpoint when and where we should be involved and insert ourselves organically into the conversation. We research industry trends and innovations, layer on consumer insights, and find moments for brand relevance, ultimately leading to s…
AJ+ LIVE Coverage Of The Refugee Crisis
In the fall of 2015, the refugee crisis in Europe came to a peak when the body of a drowned 3-year-old Syrian-Kurdish boy washed ashore in Turkey. In the wake of this tragedy, AJ+ went to Europe to meet refugees fleeing the war-torn Middle East, learn about the conditions they were escaping, and see how these refugees were being treated by European populati…
Audi Be my ValenTTine
The new Audi TT launched to the public late 2014. The TT is aimed at young audience, with a high disposable income. We wanted to find a way to really connect with this audience who spends less time paying attention to conventional advertising channels and more time using social platforms.
Back to the Future with Sherwin-Williams
Drive organic impressions and engagement with the brand by leveraging trending, real-time content.
Beko FCB Kitchen
Before every important football match, it's always dinner time that gathers all the friends and family. In order to celebrate the biggest rivarly between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, we made a real-time communication by doing a culinary commentary of El Clásico.Before El Clásico had started, we got into the kitchen and made ready all the ingredients we wer…
Buffalo Wild Wings Posts Post Game Report
Stand out from other brands during the most socially active time of year — the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Create content relevant to sports fans but different from what other sports authorities are already providing.
Buffalo Wild Wings Subliminal Overtime Tweet
Even though the notion is preposterous, Buffalo Wild Wings is known for extending games. So when select games during March Madness went into overtime, we wanted to fuel the mystique to generate some great real-time buzz.
In order to make both the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie and 5th Annual Television Awards (both broadcast live on A&E) truly engaging across social media, the network sought to unite TV fans, talent and critics alike as they collectively celebrated and honored the very best in movies and television.
It was announced that boyband One Direction would be taking a break. KITKAT recognises the importance of 'the break' which is often enjoyed for a finite amount of time. KITKAT's long standing message of 'Have a break, have a KITKAT' creates the potential for an association between the brand and this break for the boyband. We wanted to reinforce the idea for…
Loctite Superbowl Tweet
After years (and millions of dollars) of marketing investment had failed to unseat dominant category players, Loctite, a pioneer of super glue, finally flipped the script. Closing a 50% awareness gap meant shooting for fame, breaking conventions and shifting the category emotion from failure to winning. And instead of smearing a budget over the course of…
We wanted share the love with our Target guests in a big way, so we created a Valentine's Day campaign that was highly shareable, inherently social, and celebrated the spirit of the season in a way that was unique to Target and effortlessly built brand affinity.
Make Your Mark
Throughout the history of Maker's Mark, we've changed almost nothing about the brand. The iconic red wax, the font on the bottle, the die cut labels, and our signature wink-and-nod sense of humor are cornerstones of Maker's Mark's personality. For a brand that does everything the old fashioned way, our objectives on social media aren't surprising-we just wa…
NBC's The Voice Interacts with Fans on Snapchat for Valentines Day
NBC's hit singing competition The Voice wanted to give their fans something special for Valentine's Day, and PopShorts delivered with a custom, 24-hour Snapchat campaign that won over their audience with a unique, interactive experience.
Netflix - Narcos Real Time Response
Netflix's Narcos social campaign, the objective of real time responses was to keep fans of the show talking about it even after they'd finished binge watching it. In our overall campaign, we selected thematics from the show that were most relevant to our audiences: moral ambiguity, excessive wealth, and cocaine culture. With our star, Pablo Escobar, having …
POTUS' Ice Cream Run
White House Press Photographer Pete Souza shared an image of President Obama with his daughters supporting a local ice cream store on Small Business Saturday. The shop, Pleasant Pops in Washington D.C., is a Square merchant, and the picture features a Square Stand front and center.We transformed a small moment in time into something bigger by showcasing Squ…
Star Wars Facebook Response
To challenge the idea of traditional gender roles, as well as the idea that armor of any sort should fall in line with antiquated and unrealistic gender stereotypes.
What would happen if fast-food workers like us took over the internet for a day?We wanted to find out.On November 10, 2015, the fast-food workers of the Fight for $15 went on strike across the country for $15 an hour and union rights. We took the protest to the next level online, providing rapid response coverage on a laser-focused website: StrikeFastFood.o…
The Burger King Tweet Heard Round The Universe
On Twitter, Burger King makes clear that it has its finger on the pulse of pop culture. Whenever there is a noteworthy moment that resonates with the brand's Twitter audience, we must quickly decide whether Burger King can seamlessly and authentically enter the fray. The 2015 Miss Universe gaffe was one of those moments.
The MasterCard Digital & eCommerce Engine: A Revolutionary Convergence
Up until very recently, MasterCard, like its core competitors VISA and American Express, relied on an archaic advertising model to reach its end-consumers. In a B2B category with no access to data on the very consumers using their cards, credit card brands are forced into a traditional media solution borne of generic consumer truths in an effort to create a…
White Castle’s Drake/Meek Mill Beef on Twitter
We take a real-time approach to White Castle's Twitter strategy. If there's a relevant conversation trending on Twitter that we can apply to the brand, we develop concepts related to that topic. In addition to the real-time approach on Twitter, one of White Castle's key brand pillars is real fun. That pillar extends to the brand's voice and tone on Twitter.…