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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

White Castle’s Drake/Meek Mill Beef on Twitter

Entered in Real Time Response

About this entry

We take a real-time approach to White Castle's Twitter strategy. If there's a relevant conversation trending on Twitter that we can apply to the brand, we develop concepts related to that topic.

In addition to the real-time approach on Twitter, one of White Castle's key brand pillars is real fun. That pillar extends to the brand's voice and tone on Twitter. Overall, we always strive to keep things authentic, clever and fun. The voice of the brand is casual, informal and cool to be around, while the brand's tone is witty, likeable and upbeat.

Trending conversations on Twitter are opportune occasions to show White Castle's personality in a pop culture, social media environment. We've established White Castle's fun attitude on the platform, so many of our fans enjoy and come to expect our take on trending items.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our White Castle tweet started with our daily trending opportunities meeting. Our content writers, designers and a strategist met to talk about what was trending in pop culture and on social media. As a group, we evaluated the opportunities and discussed which ones we could relate back to White Castle.

One of the hottest trends of the morning was the Drake/Meek Mill Twitter beef. Meek Mill had released his diss track in response to Drake's song targeting Meek. The people had spoken, and the verdict was almost unanimous that Meek Mill had lost this modern-day rap battle.

While White Castle doesn't typically take sides in Twitter beefs between celebrities, it was clear who was winning Twitter in this instance, providing us with an opportunity to playfully apply the situation to White Castle and one of our products. We decided that this was the trend to target on that day.

We brainstormed as a team, first on copy ideas, then images that could work well with the copy.

Once we all agreed on the words and the image, we took it live. Our relationship with White Castle allows us to act on trending opportunities quickly. Our community reacted quickly as well.


The tweet went live at 11:30 AM EST on July 31, 2015. At the time of entry, it has received 41,357 retweets and 30,989 likes. It has 5,135,100 organic impressions and 40,975 promoted impressions. We started the tweet organically, and added $650 of paid support, once we saw its success.

Other numbers:

607,196 total engagements

875 replies

614 follows

We achieved three of our overall Twitter goals: engagements per tweet, retweets, retweet impressions.


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Resource/Ammirati, White Castle


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