Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best Real Time Response

This category honors a brand, agency, news outlet or personality that orchestrated a relevant and impressive response to an event, cultural phenomenon, or other brand in real-time.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Pokémaster | "Catch Em All"
When Pokémon Go hit the grid, its effect rippled across the globe creating a challenge for hopeful Pokémasters and brands alike. Gamers around the world set out to 'catch 'em all.' Meanwhile, brands strategized not just to capitalize on the craze, but also to truly stand out in the cluttered global conversation. Enter M Live, Marriott's 24-hour, r…
In 2016, brands paid a record breaking $2M for a 30 second spot. But with a major hotel chain as the official sponsor, Airbnb couldn't buy airtime, we couldn't even reference the Oscars, or mention any of the films in it. We were officially locked out. We had to find another way in, so we turned to the second screen: Twitter. We started with a sim…
Capital One's March Madness #RoadToOne Campaign
As a Corporate Champion Partner of NCAA's March Madness tournament, we set out to be the most famous, talked-about brand across the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament. Our goal was to create an engaging experience that broke through the March Madness media frenzy. Our #RoadToOne social media campaign focused on creating a seamless experience for col…
Our content strategy for IKEA Germany takes the brand value "building a better everyday for the many people" to Facebook. We aim at bringing happiness to our fans by providing an entertaining mix of IKEA product inspiration and typical shopping experiences full of Swedish humour.But to stay relevant and on top of users minds, it takes more than pr…
The Future of Hate - Stop HB757
In February 2016, Georgia legislators passed HB 757, a bill that legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and would forever damage the reputation and welcoming and tolerant environment the state of Georgia had established over the past four decades. Our objective was to encourage voters to speak up against this legislation, and tell…


When Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was announced via a trailer on its owned social media channels, the reaction from the Call of Duty fan base wasn't very inspiring. Fans were outraged when they learned that the game would take place in outer space, feeling the franchise had strayed too far from its Earthly warfare roots. Fueled by a user-generated online …
#NoDAPL Coverage
In 2016, the movement to oppose the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline in the Dakotas became an international story. Led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the #NoDAPL protesters were concerned that the pipeline would destroy sacred burial sites and put the tribes at risk of contaminated drinking water. As construction of the pipeline continued through 2016…
As the official sponsor of the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, Pepsi was set to pull out all the stops for an epic performance. Our immediate goal was to drive mass social engagement during Halftime - and ultimately, we wanted consumers to associate the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Pepsi. Breaking through the social chatter during the Super Bowl has become in…
#truTVisAThing Brand Awareness campaign
Every March, sports fans search for one of 4 networks carrying NCAA Men's Basketball first round tournament games (including truTV), then take to Twitter complaining about truTV's perceived obscurity and irrelevance. Not willing to be a Twitter target, truTV jumped into these live threads with humor and a self-aware campaign, seeking to co-opt these convers…
Budweiser: Harry Caray's Last Call
Today more than ever, brands need to move at the speed of culture to stay relevant. But not every brand should insert itself into every trending topic. The challenge is finding one that is authentic to that brand, that audience, and that moment. It's not easy to find the perfect moment. But in October 2016, Budweiser did. Cubs fans had been waiting over a c…
CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI)
The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decisionmakers chart a course toward a better world. The Andreas C. Dracopoulos iDeas Lab enhances CSIS's research with the latest in cutting-edge web technologies, design, a…
Creating Cupfusion
Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups were scheduled for a new product launch in Summer 2016. The mashup of two popular candies—Reese's Pieces candy stuffed inside a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup—could be counted on to generate interest from devoted brand fans and trade press, but no advanced drumbeats activated, no PR activities were planned.Then confusion hit. A …
Denny’s Real Time Tweets
The goal for the Denny's brand Twitter account has always been simple: don't sound like a brand Twitter account. By straightforwardly using the platform as a user would (i.e., with natural language, awareness of current and relevant events and pop culture, a brisk and off-the-cuff style and response time, not pandering with outdated advertisements or promo…
Donald Eres Un Pendejo
Ilegal Mezcal is from Oaxaca, Mexico which is very political and has a long tradition of protest street art. Our Donald Eres Un Pendejo campaign is very much in with that tradition.Our goal throughout the Donald Eres Un Pendejo campaign, which launched in July of 2015 and continues now, has been to give voice to and unify the community that is in opposition…
Free to Fly: Pennsylvania Drone Campaign
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™is the technology trade association representing more than 2,200 U.S. consumer technology companies, 80 percent of which are small businesses and startups. Our unofficial motto is "innovate or die." What that means in practice is technology companies and startups need public policies conducive to innovation to devel…
GoPro Real-Time Response
GoPro looks at community engagement as a crucial part of, in GoPro terminology - "delivering stokes to our fans." Our objective is to feel authentic, relatable and helpful and in the process, we have developed a real-time engagement tone of voice that allows us to not only deliver stoke but also create brand loyalty among consumers. We take pride in our hu…
Murray/Vedder 2016
By late 2016, we'd had enough. The presidential campaign had divided America more than ever and put us at each other's throats. That was a problem. But in Chicago, we noticed the Cubs' first World Series Championship in over one hundred years had brought the city together. As election day approached, the negativity of the 2016 presidential campaign was reac…
Royal Jordanian's US Elections Tweet
Like any other airline brand, Royal Jordanian has been facing some negative attitudes in regards to its prices, punctuality, services, etc. Moreover, due to instability in the region, tourism in the country had decreased, affecting sales.Our aim was to enhance affinity, and increase consideration to purchase by presenting Royal Jordanian as a responsive and…
Sense8: Nomi’s Gift
In the summer of 2015, Netflix premiered Sense8, a character-driven sci-fi series from the Wachowskis, of Matrix fame. The show was a hit, thanks to its tremendous production value, complex relationships and progressive LGBT storylines. During the 2016 holidays, Netflix wanted to bring Sense8 back with a special episode—a holiday treat to keep fans satiated…
Staples Canada Shades Kris Jenner
Finding a conversation to insert yourself in isn't always easy, especially when your brand specializes in office supplies. In the past, Staples hasn't been known for taking risks and engaging in edgy behaviour on Social, typically staying away from conversations surrounding pop-culture and top-trending tops. The Kris Jenner tweet offered the perfect opport…
Vancouver Whitecaps FC capture David Edgar and Marcel de Jong
Taking advantage of our club's unique situation of having just announced two new players, our club's ultimate objective was to inject ourselves into the conversation of the PokemonGo phenomenon in a timely and relevant manner.
Winning the Big Game
Each year since 2014, Pabst Blue Ribbon has participated in the online conversation surrounding Super Bowl. Unlike our competitors, who pay millions of dollars to advertise during the biggest sporting day of the year, Pabst Blue Ribbon challenges traditional advertising efforts with offbeat humor and smart social media. Our goal for 2016 during SB50 was to …
In May 2016, trade unions went on strike in France to protest against a new regulatory system, ending up in an almost paralyzed economy during a few days. As a result, most of the gas stations ran out of petrol and people had to queue for hours to get their tank filled.Worldwide leader of the electric category, Nissan is very active on social networks to le…