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Winner in Meme

Finalist in Real Time Response

Entered in Humor


Our content strategy for IKEA Germany takes the brand value "building a better everyday for the many people" to Facebook. We aim at bringing happiness to our fans by providing an entertaining mix of IKEA product inspiration and typical shopping experiences full of Swedish humour.

But to stay relevant and on top of users minds, it takes more than product communication: we want to be a part of users everyday conversations. And therein lies the challenge: how do we create a credible connection between the IKEA brand and everyday trending topics? How do we provide pragmatic, IKEA style contributions to up to date themes that are not related to their interior expertise?

Strategy and Execution


Enter IKEA Assembly Manuals. One of the brands icons and the perfect metaphor for IKEAs pragmatic approach to complex subjects.

Exactly the kind of tool we need to close the gap between the IKEA brand and whatever trending subject we choose. And when it comes to subjects, nothing is sacred: From IKEA partner Unicef´s 70th anniversary to internet trends and popular culture.

To join the discussion IKEA style, we develop creative Manual Memes. Using the same reduced graphics and key elements, they look like the real thing but take a humorous stand on a matter or offer a solution to it. Bold, straight-forward and always on the spot. Easy to decipher and 100% on brand.


To fulfill IKEAs brand value a "better everyday" our content needs to provide more than just product and brand communication. It needs to prove to our fans that IKEA is part of their everyday routines and real-life experiences.

Our target audience consists of both, existing fans of the IKEA Germany Facebook page and potential new users – to whose interests IKEA needs to prove its relevance.


IKEA Manual Memes is now an on-going Facebook communication for the IKEA brand. Even though they form a series through their specific content format, each posting stands on its own.

The performance (engagement rate) of all posts was so well within the 1st hour after publishing, that we decided to push their organic reach also via paid media.


It works! Our fans love the manual postings:

And with fan growth outperforming other days by +38%, Meme Manuals prove to be a successful attractor for new fans of the IKEA Germany Facebook Page.

Plus: Nearly all posts reach the overall KPI for IKEA Facebook posts: An engagement rate higher than 1,0 (likes + comments + shares + video clicks / reach).


Entrant Company / Organization Name

SapientRazorfish, IKEA


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