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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Humor

This category honors a brand, organization, agency, news outlet or personality that used humor to effectively enhance its social media presence. Submissions may include intentionally comic social media campaigns as well as humorous responses to real-time news, competitors and customers on social media platforms.

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Tillamook “Goodbye Big Food, Hello Real Food” Social Launch
Tillamook is an Oregon-based dairy cooperative of farmer-owners, who prioritize quality over profit to make the best cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and butter. In 2016, they set out to become champions for Real Food. To claim leadership, we needed to position Tillamook as a challenger and antidote to flawed, profit-driven, Big Food corporat…
Deadpool: Way, Way, WAY Funnier Than Wolverine
Like our super tight spandex-wearing hero, the Home Entertainment team is used to handling hard things. But to drum up excitement for the DVD release of Deadpool, we needed something better than ever before: a throbbing, rock-solid example of Deadpool's outrageous and dirty humor. Something to convince audiences to reach out and grab our offering …
Stop Living the Dull Life
Conditioned by expensive razor brands to nurse blades for as long as possible, Dollar Shave Club has to remind its members that they can, and should, change their blades weekly for a better shave.The success metric was video view-time, with a challenge to see if we could get people to watch beyond :15, the optimal length for online video ads accor…
Veep Season 5: In-Story Digital Extensions - GLOW, HBO
No matter if you lean red or blue, this election season was exhausting at best. Cue the Meyer Administration to provide the cutting satire, biting comedy and all-too-real political gaffes the nation needed. Season 5 of HBO's Veep chronicled the ups and hilarious downs of President Selina Meyer's reelection campaign, Jonah Ryan's campaign for Congr…
“How to Protect White People's Feelings in the Workplace”
To finally have an open conversation about racism by dealing with a bigger issue at stake: white sensitivity.


Acres and Avenues Produces Laughs from Farm to City (Season 2)
While urban millennials are increasingly aware of the food they eat, most are far removed from the farm and don't have a sense of where their food comes from, especially when it comes to dairy. They might picture a big red barn and lots of cows, but that's far from the full story.As a result of this distance, consumers are more easily swayed by sensationali…
Buckle Up for Life
Most people are unaware that 3 out of 4 car seats are installed incorrectly. Our objective is to raise awareness and provide lifesaving tips around this issue. Through a multi-year relationship we built a solid community of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and in the summer of 2016, the Buckle Up for Life team sought to expand their reach beyond the core …
Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare - Snapchat Zombies Karaoke
Normally, Call of Duty Zombies is marketed by one gameplay trailer that shows the best moments of the game. However, those trailers only appeal to a hardcore audience, most of whom are already fans. Our objective was to break the traditional format and introduce it to mainstream culture and ultimately build a brand new fan base.
Colorado State Football Players Try BeanBoozled
Behind the facemasks, Colorado State University football players are more than muscle and grit. They're people, and they hate disgusting jelly beans (especially the dog food flavor).CSU wanted to showcase Rams football players' personalities and help our fans feel more connected to the team by establishing an emotional connection to the players and encourag…
Craft Services: Old Spice Sweat-Blastin' Robot Tank
Old Spice came to Comedy Central looking to align with a multiplatform opportunity that would engage our active fan base to promote Old Spice Sweat Defense deodorant. With an inherently quirky and off center-sensibility, Old Spice was a dream partner to align with Comedy Central's new short form series, Craft Services.
Greggs Coffee
Drive awareness and engagement around Greggs coffee range and boost sales by showcasing the quality and breadth of choice.
Honest Trailers
No one loves movies or television more than ScreenJunkies, but no movie or TV show is safe when it comes to SJ's Honest Trailers. With industry voice-over artist Jon Bailey, and the ScreenJunkies brand's biting wit, Honest Trailers srtives to entertain fans by poking fun of everyone's favorite movies and TV shows.
Our content strategy for IKEA Germany takes the brand value "building a better everyday for the many people" to Facebook. We aim at bringing happiness to our fans by providing an entertaining mix of IKEA product inspiration and typical shopping experiences full of Swedish humour.But to stay relevant and on top of users minds, it takes more than product comm…
Nick Offerman's 'New Year's Eve'
• Drive consumer awareness and consideration of Lagavulin throughout the holiday season• Spark social conversation and engagement by leveraging talent and culturally relevant content• Support sales during a key selling window
Royal Jordanian's US Elections Tweet
Like any other airline brand, Royal Jordanian has been facing some negative attitudes in regards to its prices, punctuality, services, etc. Moreover, due to instability in the region, tourism in the country had decreased, affecting sales.Our aim was to enhance affinity, and increase consideration to purchase by presenting Royal Jordanian as a responsive and…
Son of Zorn’s Almighty Social Media Campaign
The Son of Zorn is Fox's animated comedy about a warrior from Zephyria who attempts to reconnect with his Orange County family and adjust to life on a strange new world known as Earth.To promote the show, the team of comic geniuses at Fox Marketing had Zorn pop up across social media channels, where he sarcastically commented on real-world events, cultural …
Staples Canada Shades Kris Jenner
Finding a conversation to insert yourself in isn't always easy, especially when your brand specializes in office supplies. In the past, Staples hasn't been known for taking risks and engaging in edgy behaviour on Social, typically staying away from conversations surrounding pop-culture and top-trending tops. The Kris Jenner tweet offered the perfect opport…
The Daily Show: Third Month Mania
Every March, millions of Americans participate in March Madness. In one of the most polarizing election seasons ever, 2016 was the perfect time to capitalize on America's anger issues and create a tournament of issues to decide once and for all what Americans are maddest about.
The Fabulous Life of Cigarettes
Today's teens are aware that smoking cigarettes is bad for their health, yet it still remains the leading cause of preventable death in America. truth faces the ongoing challenge of making smoking a relevant issue to teens in order to keep driving down the smoking rate. Our objective was to give teens a reason to care about our issue by calling attention to…
Toasting the Competition with Project Breadwinner
When you are at the forefront of gaming hardware, your fans demand the best out of everything you do. Our fans expect us to push the envelope - expecially when it comes to April Fools' Day.With a dedicated community team, we started and continue to deliver the tradition of inventive and engaging April Fools marketing campaigns. We predicted the future of dr…
You're The Worst Romance Novels
Everyone loves a classic love story. You're the Worst isn't one of them. By the end of season 2, it was clear that the show's irreverent and anti-romantic sentiments were resonating and hitting a sweet spot for fans. To keep this core audience excited and engaged, FXX looked to create content that reinforced the show's unique spin on modern romance, while …
Zulu Alpha Kilo Website
Zulu Alpha Kilo opened its doors eight years ago when founder Zak Mroueh decided to leave the agency world he knew. After twenty years in the business, he'd seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and he was tired of it.As he took the leap and started his own shop, he made sure it wouldn't be your typical agency. He wanted Zulu to run counter to all the things…
“Dear Maiah” | An Interactive Advice Instagram Show
In an era of increased ever more pervasive media fragmentation and ad blocking, it's increasingly hard for brands to connect with young people through traditional advertising outlet. As such, brands are increasingly finding that the best way to market their products is to create entertainment that consumers actively seek out. This is particularly true when …
“Schooled” | An AT&T Hello Lab Collaboration
In an era of ever more pervasive media fragmentation and ad blocking, it's increasingly hard for brands to connect with young people through traditional advertising outlets. As such, brands are increasingly finding that the best way to market their products is to create entertainment that consumers actively seek out. This is particularly true when marketing…