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Buckle Up for Life

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Most people are unaware that 3 out of 4 car seats are installed incorrectly. Our objective is to raise awareness and provide lifesaving tips around this issue. Through a multi-year relationship we built a solid community of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and in the summer of 2016, the Buckle Up for Life team sought to expand their reach beyond the core "activist" audience to reach parents and caregivers who are less aware of this issue.

Strategy and Execution

Starting with an analysis of Buckle Up for Life's social content performance, we determined the new campaign needed to be something users would engage with and ultimately share with their personal social networks. Car seat safety, especially when delivered in an instructional format, is not very interesting or attention grabbing compared to most entertaining content in the social space. In that observation, we found our solution.

This campaign still focuses on delivering car seat safety tips and facts, but does it in a way that integrates into daily lives and trending topics. We took a humorous approach to the creative to provide that spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

To create a nimble production model, we staffed the campaign with in-house art directors, writers and animators who could quickly respond to any given moment or trending event (e.g. "snowpacalypse" or the Olympics).

With a small ad budget each month, the videos are promoted and/or boosted to lookalike audiences and the graphics are boosted and/or promoted when conversations (engagement) on each social channel has organically increased. If the graphic or video content connects with a trending topic, then the post or tweet is promoted/boosted with keyword and demographic targeting.

We also engaged with Hispanic communities by creating a separate Facebook feed specifically designed for this critical audience, and the beauty of the campaign is that it can easily translate in-culture without the need to create all new content.

With this unconventional approach to delivering information about car seat safety, we've elevated an organization's life saving tips and mission, and provoked valuable conversations with at-risk communities throughout the nation.


Since the campaign launch in August 2016, Buckle Up for Life's average post reach on Facebook has doubled (20,000 to 40,000), while engagement has increased by an average of 33%. Additionally, Twitter impressions have increased 20%. On Buckle Up For Life's Hispanic Facebook page, "Abrochate a la Vida" we have seen the content generate productive dialogue where community members are receiving valuable information and resources. The graphics and videos have received an average of 120% more reactions and shares when compared to posts that are not part of the campaign.


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