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Son of Zorn’s Almighty Social Media Campaign

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The Son of Zorn is Fox's animated comedy about a warrior from Zephyria who attempts to reconnect with his Orange County family and adjust to life on a strange new world known as Earth.

To promote the show, the team of comic geniuses at Fox Marketing had Zorn pop up across social media channels, where he sarcastically commented on real-world events, cultural trends, and highly topical moments.

Strategy and Execution

Across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Zorn just had to comment on trending moments, like the Olympics, Thanksgiving, Burning Man, and the Election. We illustrated and animated custom content for each major event, delivering exclusives on top of exclusives across all our social pages.

Next, we made sure Zorn stopped by Comic Con. We created a Facebook Messenger Bot that let animation fans talk 1-on-1 with Zorn about everything related to SDCC, from horrific San Diego traffic to bathroom etiquette to gross convention food to hot booth babes.

Then, Zorn hit up Snapchat during National Redhead day. Talking to all his fellow redheads, Zorn hilariously interrupted a Live story, where he finally discovered what "Ginger" meant.

Zorn even ended up on Twitch, where he played one of the biggest games of the year, Deus Ex. His play proves to be shortlived though, as he drops his controller and curses loudly when he gets killed.

Our cross-platform, highly-contextual content left users laughing hysterically at Zorn's take on things they really cared about.


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Fox Broadcasting Company

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