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GoPro Real-Time Response

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GoPro looks at community engagement as a crucial part of, in GoPro terminology - "delivering stokes to our fans." Our objective is to feel authentic, relatable and helpful and in the process, we have developed a real-time engagement tone of voice that allows us to not only deliver stoke but also create brand loyalty among consumers.

We take pride in our humanistic approach to community engagement and remove the robotic element of copy writing, treating each interaction as a personal 1:1 conversation that resonates with our community. Our sassy, personable and on-brand tone of voice delivers stokes to our community and has shown to drive purchase intent into a purchase.

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The underlying tone that differentiates GoPro from other brands is the "real-talk" that comes through in each engagement. GoPro has a distinct personality allowing for fun, funny, engaging moments that surprise and delight. Whether you're located in the U.S. and getting a response from @GoPro or located in the U.K. and getting a response from @GoProUK, your real-time engagement will have the same wit and authenticity, with its own local flair.


HUMANISTIC APPROACH: Even in the face of hardships like a product recall, our voice answers questions and chats with our community authentically and in a GoPro tone of voice. We look to proactively address consumer feedback to shift the conversation into a more positive message.

To align with this strategy, we launched a social listening series, "You Asked, We Answered", allowing our community to ask questions of product experts, athletes and advocates in real-time via FB Live. We launched heading into key holiday season shortly after the largest launch of GoPro history to drive product education.

LOCALIZED TONE OF VOICE: GoPro has a dedicated team of community managers around the world who make sure the "GoPro Tone of Voice" is localized for each country. Local agencies take the authentic GoPro vibe and add their own localized spin. To achieve this, we created a tone of voice filter that was easily understandable in native language, but captured the free-spirited stoke of the west-coast US.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: The nature of producing a product that is rugged and durable is well, people put these little machines to the test. From time to time, people lose their cameras cliff jumping or snap their 3-Way mount while out at the beach. When @GoPro hears of these instances, we swoop in with a Random Act of Kindness, hooking our unhappy fans up with fresh gear. No harm, no foul, and no time wasted - just keep on doing what you love!

UTILIZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Members of GoPro's customer support team work within our social listening tool to respond to product and support questions in real-time. We can also convert potential buyers into GoPro owners by working with them 1:1 to help choose a product for purchase. While our community managers engage with athletes, advocates, partners and other brands to spread the love and join timely conversations. For example, on #WheelieWednesday, we played "tag a friend" with our two wheel athletes to spread the stoke and join the broader conversation.


With 17.7M #GoPro social mentions in 2016, these real-time engagement strategies were key to help the team prioritize and focus on initiatives that would lead to the following results.


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