Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of an Emerging Platform

This award honors the most effective and creative campaigns optimized for an emerging platform. Describe why your team chose the platform, how it enhanced your campaign and how it met or exceeded your goals and objectives.


Ex Machina is a film that explores the relationships between humans and artificial beings, raising questions about whether or not an AI can be capable of having a relationship that is genuinely human.The film's SXSW premiere was as a key opportunity to generate audience awareness and garner momentum leading up to the theatrical debut. Watson DG wa…
Selfie Induced Horror
For the release of the film THE GALLOWS, Warner Bros wanted to gain attention and engagement from teens and young adults. The film is a found-footage, supernatural horror story that covers the lives, and unfortunate deaths, of a group of high school students spanning 20 years. With limited pre-existing brand awareness, the challenge was creating …
Fred Water: “Our Flask Runneth Over”
There has always been, and will always be, more pockets than cup holders. Fred Water is designed to fit the former, so you can have water with you wherever you go. Inspired by the frontier flask, Fred's bottle is comfortable to hold and easy to slip into back pockets, jackets, handbags, backpacks and pretty much anything else that carries stuff. A…
LinkedIn Proves Importance of Destination Marketing for Philadelphia
Some people don't think of a destination marketing organization (DMO) as a significant contributor to a city's economy and its image. But that's exactly what VISIT PHILADELPHIA does.VISIT PHILADELPHIA—it's our name and our mission. We make Greater Philadelphia a premier destination through marketing and image building that increases the number of …
Slot Car Holiday Heats
Acura asked us to activate their "Oh What Fun It Is To Drive" Winter Sales Event by reinventing a holiday tradition.
Sour Patch Kids’ Singles Awareness Day
Sour Patch Kids had one goal in 2015 - to increase awareness via reach, measured by impressions, amongst its core demographic (teens) during key candy purchasing moments throughout the year, in a way that is relevant and authentic to their behavior. To do that, we tapped into a strong key insight - teens were talking non-stop on social media about…
The Gallows Scare Test
Our goal was to create an influencer program to generate interest and excitement around the release of the film The Gallows on July 10th. We wanted to have influential teens drive awareness and in theater views for The Gallows, with a view goal of 1.4MM video views. In order to do this, we worked to create a digital and social experience that brok…


Nestle Drumstick #FirstDayofSummer Livestream
Drumstick's mission is to spread the carefree spirit of summer. On the brand's most ownable day of the year, the first day of summer, Drumstick utilized the new live-streaming technology from Periscope to showcase iconic summer moments.Periscope was a perfect platform for Drumstick's "Happy Treater" target audience - pragmatic people who use snacking and tr…
#NonStopLondon Periscope
In the air travel world of growing competition and increasingly discerning consumers, a key objective for Air Canada in 2015 was to increase awareness and interest for its route to London Heathrow in a fun, engaging format that could easily be spread via online sharing and word of mouth.
Another Period: Native Advertisements
Comedy Central wanted a strong television premiere for a new series, Another Period, and wasn't afraid to experiment with an emerging platform to generate unconventional awareness.The goal was to expand the reach of the new series by telling a story with creative content that reflected the scandalous nature of the show. To do this, Comedy Central aimed to i…
Anthropologie’s Real-time Presence on Periscope
At the very heart of our social media strategy is the desire to develop relationships with our customers, and to provide value that goes beyond our core product offering. On Periscope, this means visual storytelling that is intended to engage and entice.In mid-October, we went live for the first time, and have produced near-weekly broadcasts ever since. Our…
Applebee's Taste The Change
Applebee's has been around the social block a time or two. They have the trophies—and a few sexy scars—to prove it. It's that kind of experience and dedication that has enabled them to build one of the most devoted online communities in the business.That kind of success also makes it tempting to rest of one's laurels, but not for Applebee's. They wanted to …
Audi Be my ValenTTine
The new Audi TT launched to the public late 2014. The TT is aimed at young audience, with a high disposable income. We wanted to find a way to really connect with this audience who spends less time paying attention to conventional advertising channels and more time using social platforms.
BMW Periscope Sales Floor
The BMW i3 was experiencing fewer new leads in Q3/Q4 of 2015 due to a lack of a media buy and fewer driving activations for BMW i. As such, BMW was looking for ways to drive excitement, and ultimately sales, of the BMW i3 before year-end. As a part of this effort, BMW created an exciting limited edition black BMW i3 ("Shadow Sport") that was offered in ve…
Bravo and Oxygen's First-To-Market Partnership Activation with Dubsmash
The objective of partnering with the emerging, buzzy new app, Dubsmash was to create an immersive activation and storytelling experience for Bravo and Oxygen's core fan base that could involve our fans in a participatory and fresh way. As the app was gaining immense popularity and downloads in the Summer of 2015, we saw that there was something really fu…
Come Seek Live
There are long-standing negative perceptions of cruising among a new generation who hasn't cruised before. To them, cruising is void of authentic discovery, the Caribbean is one homogenous tourist trap and the overall experience is the least adventurous vacation you could take. We needed to change those perceptions and appeal to this New-to-Cruise audience,…
Coors Light Sacks
Coors Light has always been known as humorous and a bit cheeky. April Fools day was an opportunity they didn't want to miss out on this year. Our goals we three-fold. 1) Experiment with Periscope, which had just been launched a few days prior. 2) Generate some buzz and engagement on our social properties.3) Get on some best-of list of pranks, that tend to f…
MYER Spring '15 Runway to Live-Way
To launch the new Spring-Summer fashion season for MYER, Australia's largest retailer. With MYER's well established runway show featuring a variety of designers and labels, we needed to build awareness and consideration for the new season trends through a sound digital strategy. In a heavily cluttered environment, innovation and fresh thinking were imperati…
Old Spice & Imgur, Make a Smellmitment
Old Spice wanted a way to engage with millennial males with the Smellmitmentcampaign through their love for memes and GIFs. Imgur's male-skewing, GIF-loving, meme-creating audience, a natural platform for a native advertising campaign.
The BMW M2 Live Launch
The M2 is the most anticipated "driver's car" of the year for BMW's greatest fans. Interested drivers will look to this latest entry as an indication of future BMW M vehicles. Our objective was to use social channels to position the first-ever BMW M2 as proof that BMW still builds the Ultimate Driving Machine—cars that live up to the lofty expectations of d…
The Finals Guinea Pig
Netflix noticed a recurring social conversation that happened during every finals week: students couldn't decide if they should study, or watch Netflix. To help them make a decision about how to spend their time we created The Finals Guinea Pig.
The Spotify Portfolio
How do you make something original out of your portfolio of creative advertising work?
The Wall Street Journal on LINE app
The WSJ's goal in building a presence on the LINE app was to reach the platform's 212 million-plus MAUs, and to leverage our first-mover advantage as an inaugural news publisher on the app. LINE continues to be the fastest-growing global social media app -- growing by 59 percent to Snapchat's 45 percent last year, according to the Global Web Index. The app …
Undateable: Live via Periscope
For this season of Undateable, NBC chose to do something that had not been done in decades: air every episode of a scripted series LIVE on television. This presented an incredible opportunity for digital promotion, allowing us to use Periscope to rewrite the rules of television with live streaming video. We gave fans unprecedented access behind-the-scenes, …
Virtually Porsche
Porsche Cars North America built a Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Atlanta to provide an immersive brand experience for prospective buyers. The PEC gives consumers an easy way to become fully immersed in the Porsche brand, from exploring the elaborate space itself to test driving the newest sports cars. However, the PEC remains limited to those in the At…
WWE Tough Enough
The return of WWE's reality show WWE Tough Enough to USA Network introduced viewers to one of our most ambitious and interactive digital campaigns yet.WWE's digital offerings for "Tough Enough" included a brand-new, multimedia-rich website, a fresh second-screen app for smartphones and tablets, and a first-time partnership with the award-winning Telescope t…
eBay + Imgur = <3
eBay came to us with a very specific, yet complex and exciting challenge. They wanted us to lead their emerging channels rapid innovation process, which included the launch of 8 new social channels in 2015. We were tasked with taking a hands-on approach to learning the long term viability of these channels against three core KPI's: Traffic, Engagement an…
iHeartRadio + Smule Sing! Duet with LeAnn Rimes
iHeartRadio is a service for music lovers run by music lovers. We connect fans with their favorite artists like no other music platform or company. To celebrate the holiday season, iHeartRadio wanted to create a unique contesting experience for fans using up-and-coming mobile company Smule's new Sing! app – which allows fans to "duet" with an artist – for a…