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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Comedy

This award honors the most creative use of a comedy video in a social media marketing campaign.

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NFL Rookies Draw Team Logos
A main objective for the NFL is making sure that people get excited about the game of football. Inherent in that objective is creating excitement and interest in NFL players themselves. While everyone knows of the biggest stars, like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, we place a high value on growing the popularity of our new players, particularly the rook…
What Could Go Wrong
Solace creates category-leading products that simplify the complexities of data transfer. Nerd stuff. For years Solace successfully marketed to the C-suite but, as the competitive set grew, it became apparent that the real decision-makers were the nerds (developers). With a new product launch, Pub Sub+, on the horizon, we had to shift their entire…
New York Holiday Gift Guide with Fenty Beauty
For the holiday season, we wanted to film a gift guide that would showcase Fenty Beauty products, highlighting our newest "CHILL OWT" holiday collection launch products as well as our core products such as our PRO FILT'R Foundation and STUNNA Lip Paint. Our goal was to bring awareness to our products and highlight them in a way that would really c…
Bretman Rock Shrinks Pores and Takes The Plunge with OleHenriksen
When we found out we were launching a bright blue mask that left an exhilarating chill on your face when applied, we had to find a way to show our audience exactly what wearing the mask feels like. With our hashtag for the launch of our Cold Plunge Pore Mask being #TakeThePlunge, we wanted to work with someone who was extra enough to show our foll…
Chloe Morello Wakes Up with No Regrets & Glowing Skin with OleHenriksen
When we started testing our Goodnight Glow Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème, we saw a skin transformation overnight. Finding a way to portray these amazing results became our objective for this video. We wanted to show our audience that if you are looking for one product that will make your skin flawless overnight, Goodnight Glow will get you there!


Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts aims to entertain and captivate the audience on Snapchat Originals with our fourth hit show on the platform since the launch in October 2018. #VanLife is the hilarious tale of a young couple who gets "fed up with the rat race" and decides to quit their boring office jobs for a chance at the influencer life. Made in…
12 Days of Kris-Mas
Fullscreen's Network Strategy team works with NBCUniversal brands to create content that drives views, watch time, engagement, and revenue at a network-wide level. A core feature of our partnership is tentpole cross-promotion: a social video strategy in which we create cross-promotional playlists and use overlapping metadata to group together content from a…
Banarnar: Star of the Show
Looking to capitalize on its film partnership with The LEGO Movie 2, Chiquita Banana wanted a global creative campaign that encapsulated the humor of the film and tied it in with their own irreverent brand voice using limited assets and information.
Burritos, Please!
Turo partnered with comedian and actor, Hannibal Buress, to create a one-of-a-kind music video, in addition to a commercial, featuring the celebrity's love for cool whips, burritos, and beats. In the music video, Buress sings next to a DeLorean he booked on Turo with Handsome Rambler podcast co-host Tony Trimm and comedian Byron Bowers as a burrito drive-th…
Deadpool 2: Euro Sing Song Competition
The 'Merc with the Mouth' was back for his second film outing of Deadpool, the oh so cleverly named Deadpool 2. The first Deadpool became the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time and Feref was challenged to make Deadpool 2 even bigger.The marketing campaign for the first Deadpool movie was big, brash and in your face, making it the most talked about c…
Duke Athletics: Football In Paradise
Our objective was to highlight members of our football team in a way that was relatable to fans while staying current with pop culture. We wanted to connect with other audiences outside of our normal fan base and Bachelor Nation is a huge demographic that would have otherwise never had interacted with our accounts. We wanted to show our players in a way tha…
FREEFORM 25 Days of Christmas - Frossy Paints a Snowy Scene
Retaining viewers during a commercial break is no easy task. BLKBX worked with FREEFORM to create a series of holiday-themed interstitial videos that would play during their scheduled advertising.
Handy: Two Hands from Stardom
With the goal of integrating a brand's product and messaging into custom content in a way that is both innate and entertaining, Comedy Central created Handy, a mockumentary-style comedic look at the life and times of a self-important hand model, Erik Thomas Layne. In a given episode, as exemplified by our installment for this summer's release of Paramount's…
Happytime Murders: P True Hollywood Story
For the P True Hollywood Story, our objective was to bring audiences into the darkly comic world of the The Happytime Murders. The film was an R-rated hard-boiled murder mystery set in a world much like our own, but inhabited by down on their luck people AND equally desperate puppets. By using familiar tropes such as the tabloid TV expose, our goal was to b…
Impractical Jokers: "The Island Between Us" / Fix the Open
The Impractical Jokers are the kings of the truTV castle, stars of our longest running series, a monster hit throughout its run, #1 on our network and the #1 cable series in its timeslot for 18-34 and 18-49 demographics. They've amassed a loyal and passionate following online, with more than 4.4 million fans across social platforms and more than 6 million o…
Jim Gaffigan Rewatches and Reacts to His Comedy Central Presents from 2000
Comedy Central has one of the largest library of stand-up in the world. The network has a decades old history of releasing hour specials, half hour specials, and stand-up series. Dozens of these comedians have gone on to world-wide fame and movie careers, with Jim Gaffigan being one of the biggest names. We wanted to leverage Jim's history with Comedy Centr…
Kappa Crypto
Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts aims to entertain and excite the audience on Snapchat Originals with our third hit show on the platform since the launch in October 2018. Kappa Crypto is the unique story of a young sorority girl who uses her badass hacking skills to help the FBI. From writer Katherine Craft, Kappa Crypto keeps audiences laughing a…
MOIST MOIST MOIST MOIST - OleHenriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème
The key benefit of C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème is the 24-hour hydration. When our team tried it for the first time, the only way we could describe our skin was moist. Yes, we know the word is cringey, but we also knew we had to act on this concept! Our objective was to depict C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème's 24-hour hydration claim in a fun and relatable way.
Museum of Voting
Remind millennials to vote in the 2018 midterms—in a whole new way.
Now That's A Cardiac
In the fall of 2018, Cadillac was looking for a big idea that would generate buzz and coverage around the XT4, an all-new crossover launched in October. The goal was to capture attention and enthusiasm from mass audiences, as the new vehicle is situated at the entrance of the luxury market, representing a new space and customer target for the brand.Though C…
Savane Pantsitis
We looked at the men's pant category and saw a lot of 'khaki-blindness'. Our insight was that advertising for men's pants tended to look the same. That's why we chose to go with a differentiated approach. We agreed that a tongue-in-cheek campaign built around the specific benefits of Savane® pants would make male customers laugh but also make them aware of …
Snitch Cop (Roy Wood Jr.)
The objective of this piece of content was to expand upon the world of No One Loves You and promote a stand-up special in a non-tradional way. While traditional preview clips can be successful ways of promotion and drive engagement across social, it was important for us to utalize Roy Wood Jr.'s amazing ability to craft stories to create a piece that could …
The Cat Rap
Contrary to popular belief, cats don't have nine lives. In fact, for abandoned felines, defending their one life is a daily struggle—fighting off contagious diseases, parasite infestations, exposure, poisoning and attacks by predators.Of those lucky enough to end up in adoption shelters, nearly 1 million cats and kittens are euthanized each year in the Unit…
The Daily Bite
What if Shark Week, could become Shark Month?As a celebration of Shark Week's 30th anniversary, The Daily Bite, served as a month-long daily countdown leading up to Discovery's 2018 Shark Week. Daily Bite consisted of 30 mid-form episodes hosted by comedian Jordan Carlos. The series' aim was to provide a creative digital/social environment to engage a wide…