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Bretman Rock Shrinks Pores and Takes The Plunge with OleHenriksen

Audience Honor in Comedy Video


When we found out we were launching a bright blue mask that left an exhilarating chill on your face when applied, we had to find a way to show our audience exactly what wearing the mask feels like. With our hashtag for the launch of our Cold Plunge Pore Mask being #TakeThePlunge, we wanted to work with someone who was extra enough to show our followers that they can either cold plunge int0 a freezing cold lake to shrink their pores OR they could just use OleHenriksen's bright blue Cold Plunge Pore Mask (which is obviously the more fun, Instagrammable option).

Strategy and Execution

What sets OleHenriksen's strategy apart from other brands is that we focus on educating on skincare in a way that is fun, enjoyable and relatable. Our objective for this video was to educate on our new Cold Plunge Pore Mask without taking ourselves too seriously.

In order to show our followers exactly what it's like to #TakeThePlunge, we teamed up with Bretman Rock, one of the most iconic influencers in the beauty space. Who else would be willing to jump in a freezing cold lake to show our followers that they could just use our Cold Plunge Pore Mask instead? We can't think of anyone!

When conceptualizing this video, we made sure that the promise of what the mask delivers was clear and allowed Bretman Rock to do it in his own authentic way. In this video, Bretman Rock takes the term #TakeThePlunge quite literally and jumps into a freezing cold lake in Montana (being as extra as ever). He comes out dripping wet and freezing cold, and in the next frame, he's relaxing by a warm fireplace in our bright blue mask. He goes on to tell viewers that you don't need to jump in a freezing lake to shrink your pores. Instead, just run to your nearest Sephora and try OleHenriksen's Cold Plunge Pore Mask.


This video went viral! Across all channels (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), we garnered 3.2 million views. This video has become the brand's top post of all-time on both Instagram and Twitter. Not only did our followers enjoy this video, but Bretman Rock's followers loved it and wanted to try this mask for themselves.

Here are some examples of the sentiment that viewers had about this video:

Scout The City on YouTube wrote, "I am so impressed that you allowed him to stay authentic. This ad is hysterical and I want the mask! "

Artofdylan commented, "i just willingly watched a product commercial cause this is how you do it! "

Ctatis0917 wrote, "I'm literally buying this right now! 😂😂😂 ."

This video was a huge success for us because we were able to get everyone on the #TakeThePlunge train while also staying authentic to our brand and Bretman Rock's voice. This video even got the brand to the number 1 spot for masks at Sephora.


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