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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Savane Pantsitis

Entered in Comedy Video


We looked at the men's pant category and saw a lot of 'khaki-blindness'. Our insight was that advertising for men's pants tended to look the same. That's why we chose to go with a differentiated approach. We agreed that a tongue-in-cheek campaign built around the specific benefits of Savane® pants would make male customers laugh but also make them aware of the fact that there is a better, smarter pair of pants out there.

Strategy and Execution

The Pantsitis campaign for Savane® men's pants, positions the brand as a "cure-all" for men's pants problems with its breakthrough technology offering comfort, functionality and effortless style.

In a gentle parody of pharmaceutical advertising, the Savane® campaign depicts ill-fitting pants as a common ailment called "Pants-itis" that afflicts most men and to which Savane® holds the cure: Savane's® breakthrough technology which provides all that extra comfort and confidence.

The campaign includes one 1:20 online video spot and three :30 online video spots, each highlighting problems of "Pants-itis" and how wrinkle-free technology, four-way stretch fabric, an expandable waistband, and spill and stain resistant material help make men everywhere more confident and comfortable. Like any good pharmaceutical ad, each video ends with the friendly reminder to 'Ask your bottom half if Savane is right for you.'

Introducing more consumers to the Savane® brand through the humorous lens of a pharmaceutical message grabs their attention in an entertaining way while speaking to the unique benefits of our men's pants


The goal was to drive overall brand awareness for Savane, stand out in a category of sameness, and utilize a fun and light approach to communicate with the target audience.

The campaign has generated 5.9 million video views and 17.4 million impressions. Savane saw substantial lifts in brand metrics – including awareness, brand favorability, ad recall, and purchase intent.


Video for Savane Pantsitis

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Savane (Perry Ellis International), Baldwin&Agency


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