Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best Social Movement Campaign

This award honors the best campaigns supporting social activism movements and cultural moments. Campaigns run by brands and organizations to bring about social change for various political, social, and environmental issues are eligible.


MTV's 'Enough' Anti Gun-Violence Campaign
Following the tragic shooting in Parkland, students from across the country rose up to demand change. MTV leveraged its various platforms to lift up and amplify the voices of those young people activating, in turn inspiring countless others to engage in the fight to end gun violence.The campaign kicked off during the National School Walkout on Mar…
#BeMyNeighbor Campaign - Because a little kindness makes a world of difference.
The "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" #BeMyNeighbor digital campaign sought out to honor Mister Rogers' legacy by encouraging everyone to spread kindness to every corner of the world. To offset the negativity on the internet, the campaign leveraged multi-platform and real-world activations.Our goal was to bring back the nostalgia of Mister Rogers' Neigh…
#GetOnTop: A Campaign to Promote Women’s Sexual Health
#GetOnTop is a multi-faceted campaign, created by sexual wellness brand Sustain Natural, aimed at getting women to take control of their sexual and reproductive health. The on-going campaign first launched in March 2016 during National Women's Health Week and has since expanded into a social movement: a call-to-action for women to prioritize their…
#GivingTuesday: One Day to Make a World of Difference
We are building the biggest philanthropic movement in history. We are a team of millions, representing all faiths and political views, working in dozens of countries.#GivingTuesday was born on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two days dedicated to shopping and getting the best deals. We saw an opportunity for a day focused on giving. Pe…
Since 1959, Barbie has inspired girls to be anything. From princess to president, astronaut to zoologist, there isn't a plastic ceiling Barbie hasn't broken. In 2015, Barbie initiated the Sheroes program, the brand's highest honor, to recognize women who have broken boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls. Previously honored women, incl…


The theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 ‘Take a minute, save a life’ The solution: A 1 minute long digital film on the importance of listening to the signs, and being there for someone who is suicidal.
#PublicInterestTech: Technology at work for the public!
Technology is transforming every area of our lives: It's changing how we connect and engage with the world around us; the way we live, learn and work.We believe it's our responsibility to make sure technology is being developed to meet the needs of the public. Not just what's latest, and fastest and cool, but what is serving the greater welfare of society. …
#TimesUp For Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap
Earlier this year, Suzanne Mackie, a producer on the Netflix' hit series "The Crown," publicly let it slip that the show's leading actress was paid less than her male counterpart.Following Mackie's comment, an online petition promptly went public on the Care2 platform, asking Netflix and Smith to donate the difference in their paychecks to the TIME'S UP Leg…
#WeDoGood: Building a movement for social good
As a social enterprise, B Corp, and benefit corporation, we aim to create a positive impact on society, environment and are required to annually report our overall social impact. As such, we have created a "We Do Good" campaign utilizing the following channels to promote our social impact to our employees, customers and communities.The campaign is meant to …
There is no doubt that we Indians are by nature philanthropic but when it comes to Blood Donation, we somewhere refrain ourselves thus India being a 1.3 Billion strong country falls short of 3 million units of blood every year. While most of the country doesn't donate but there is this one community out there, The Transgenders/LGBT Community, who desire and…
Bridging the Data Gap: Engaging New Audiences in Environmental Justice
The Sierra Club is an incredibly unique organization in the environmental conservation space, in that they view environmental and social justice as intimately intertwined. While they placed tremendous dedication in realigning their equity, inclusion and justice values, and repositioning their voice and efforts to reflect that message, the work became even m…
Change Starts Here Ohio
The Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board, a 12-person panel of law enforcement experts and community leaders from throughout the state, established state standards – for the first time in Ohio's history, for use of force including use of deadly force and agency employee recruitment and hiring that can help guide law enforcement agencies in …
Fighting for Menstrual Equity on International Women’s Day, and Every Day
"Period poverty" is when menstruating women are unable to afford basic sanitary products that help mitigate period symptoms and manage bleeding.According to experts, period poverty impacts millions of people in the US and around the world, especially poor women and women who are homeless or incarcerated. Throughout the United States, marginalized people wit…
How Brilliant Earth Is Redefining the Diamond Industry
In 2005, when Beth Gerstein was about to be engaged, she and her fiancé experienced firsthand the challenge of finding a diamond engagement ring that represented her values. Most jewelers didn't know where their diamonds came from, nor could they demonstrate that the diamond was untainted by issues including violence, child labor, and environmental degradat…
Due to the development of the mobile Internet youngsters tend to communicate less with their elderly relatives, sharing news in social networks primarily. We have decided to remind them how important it is to keep in touch with their grandparents.
Make Some Room - Unconscious Bias Workshop
More diverse teams outperform and out-innovate less diverse teams. Specifically, unconscious bias within the workplace is robbing our industry of talent and energy. Companies are investing heavily in trainings due to this massive unchecked cost. However, growing evidence shows that traditional trainings are often ineffective and can even be counter-producti…
My LA2050 Activation Challenge
From economic inequality to environmental degradation, every global civic challenge exists in Los Angeles. Fortunately, Los Angeles hosts a vibrant community of innovators crafting solutions to tackle these issues. At the Goldhirsh Foundation, we believe that these and all Angelenos should be stewards of LA's future.An initiative of the Goldhirsh Foundation…
Women represent only 19% of chefs, and 7% of head chefs, across the culinary world. Beyond that, women chefs earn 28% less in base pay than their male counterparts.Grubhub recognized these issues and saw the need for serious change. So we started RestaurantHER to champion and support restaurants, and raise awareness about inequality in the restaurant indust…
Objective can be found in our video case study:
SheIS x USTA Embrace All
In 1973, the US Open became the first of the Grand Slams to offer women equal prize money with their male counterparts, the only one of the four majors to do so in the 20th century.Continuing its commitment to gender equality, the US Open has now asked some of the biggest names in women's tennis to come together in support of "SheIS," a new initiative which…
Spotlight on Hunger
MGM Resorts is dedicated to increasing its profile and reputation as a global leader in corporate social responsibility and even more specifically, around the issue of food insecurity. The primary goal of the campaign was to educate and inspire consumers by exposing them to the work MGM Resorts does in its communities as well as by articulating the brand's …
Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run
The Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (VFTCB) started the Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run at Valley Forge National Park 13 years ago to help raise money to support the park and its programming. The park is known nationally and internationally, so the VFTCB feels it's important to promote this gem of a destination.
You Click, We Give—How the Pursuit of Profit Can Advance the Good of Society
At Givewith, we believe the pursuit of profit can (and should) simultaneously improve the world around us. That notion inspired the basic tenets of our mission, which is to harnesses the power of commerce—through media, advertising and business transactions—in order to benefit the world's most trusted nonprofits. Together, we are transforming the nexus of b…
“Tell The Full History” Campaign (African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund)
Over the last year our nation has been engaged in a necessary and long overdue conversation about the way our history is represented in public spaces and culture. We see this in the movement to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day, and in movies like Hidden Figures, which brings the brilliant black NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson into the spo…