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#PublicInterestTech: Technology at work for the public!

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Technology is transforming every area of our lives: It's changing how we connect and engage with the world around us; the way we live, learn and work.

We believe it's our responsibility to make sure technology is being developed to meet the needs of the public. Not just what's latest, and fastest and cool, but what is serving the greater welfare of society. Too many people – particularly those historically excluded or marginalized– aren't able to access, benefit from or influence the technology that is present in our lives. That's why the Ford Foundation is working with a community of partners to develop the professional field of public interest technology.

Public interest technology is just what it sounds like – technology used to serve the public good. But few people have heard the name or know there is an entire network of people using, creating, thinking about technology as a force for good.

We mean to change that, through powerful storytelling, inspiring partnerships and events that show the world what it means to proudly rep #PublicInterestTech!

Strategy and Execution

Our approach was simple: Build awareness about the growing field of Public Interest Tech through powerful storytelling & partnerships.

Stories like MIT Researcher, Joy Buolamwini, who is telling truth to power as she explores bias in artificial intelligence; And The Mozilla Foundation who is working to keep the internet a global public resource that is open and accessible to all.

These stories are told weekly, across different platforms & networks, with the aim of building a groundswell of energy & buzz:

And they're told in all different forms:

And all with an aim of building awareness, building community, and increasing understanding about an important growing field.

This cannot, of course, be done alone. The Public Interest Tech Campaign is a collaboration with over 2 dozen partners (and growing), including The Mozilla Foundation, Code for America, TAG and the Algorithmic Justice League, just to name a few; All united in our efforts to build a stronger digital society that is prioritizing public welfare.

This is what technology at work for the public looks like!


Building Awareness:

And we're just getting started! The #PublicInterestTech Campaign will continue through 2019. And Ford Foundation's commitment to the field will continue long after.


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