Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Snapchat

This award honors the best use of Snapchat for a campaign, snap or project. Describe how Snapchat's capabilities were best utilized to enhance your message and how the work met or exceeded your goals and objectives. Objectives may include offering disappearing discount codes, inviting consumers to screenshot their favorite part of a story, sharing brand identity, and more.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Archer - A Day at Floyd County
FX launched their network Snapchat account in 2017 as a way to bring fans closer to their favourite shows. In addition to covering live events and driving tune-in, the network wanted to create unique Snapchat content that gave its audience direct access to talent. Fans came to the FX Networks Snapchat account for in-the-ment authentic video…that s…
Best Fiends Explodes On Snapchat
Seriously Digital Entertainment's mobile game Best Fiends had a huge pre-established fan base across all social media channels except for Snapchat. BLKBX was tasked with creating a unique Snapchat experience to engage with fans in a fresh way.
Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare - Snapchat Zombies Karaoke
Normally, Call of Duty Zombies is marketed by one gameplay trailer that shows the best moments of the game. However, those trailers only appeal to a hardcore audience, most of whom are already fans. Our objective was to break the traditional format and introduce it to mainstream culture and ultimately build a brand new fan base.
Late Night Snap Hacks
Casper's goal was to eliminate the pressure of going out on the weekend — when we know all you really want to do is sleep.Ordering pizza, watching a movie, and going to bed early on a Friday night is ridiculed, and even more importantly, isn't suited for a social media post. Every weekend, newsfeeds flood with pictures of parties, clubs, dinners, …
"Sickhouse" is the first ever scripted Snapchat film. The film follows a group of real life digital stars who take a trip into the woods to explore a mysterious cabin with a dark past. Over five days, live 10-second Snaps shot in real-time appeared on digital influencer Andrea Russett's account, questioning if this was just scripted entertainment …


America’s Next Top Model (Season 23) - GLOW, VH1
America's Next Top Model is a pop culture juggernaut with a passionate fan base and established social presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Given that the show had previously been cancelled, aired on a different network, and that the former cast had a deep legacy with the audience, our challenge for its comeback was to launch a Snapchat presence th…
Bravo’s “United States of Jersey” Snapchat Geofilters
Without flipping tables, the objective was to raise awareness for the Season 7 July 10th, 2016 premiere of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare “Zombies in Spaceland” – Unleashing a Global Zombie Outbreak through
Activision sought to engage fans and create a cultural conversation around Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to drive game pre-orders and awareness among new audiences by leveraging the broad pop culture appeal of their newly revealed "Zombies in Spaceland" trailer. Showcasing new gameplay footage featuring the game's multi-player Zombie mode in fun and innova…
Tired of the stigmata that doctors need to wear a white coat and professionalism can only be demonstrated with a cold, uptight personality? Dr. Scott Blyer aka DrBfixin blows this perception out the window. After following for years what his mentors advised him, he felt stifled, and believed he was trapped wearing someone else's shoes. Through his witty and…
Goldman Sachs Sponsorship of The Economist’s Discover Launch
The primary objective of the partnership was to drive engagement with Goldman Sachs' content by leveraging Snapchat's web view attachment feature, while aligning with contextually relevant content from The Economist. We wanted to engage Snapchat users in a way they might not expect from Goldman Sachs by running 100% SOV takeovers in select stories. Knowing …
Nutella Brings Zigi Back Together
Millennials love Nutella and they love talking about our brand on social. Millennials also have an obsession with international supermodel Gigi Hadid. So, when we noticed that she posted a picture of her favorite Nutella crepe on her Snapchat, decided to send her some Nutella. The intersection of the millennial focused conversation within our target audienc…
PEOPLE and Snapchat Discover Channel
PEOPLE's channel plays a key role in expanding the brand's reach and influence among a younger, millennial audience, with its own unique voice and lens for celebrity news and pop culture. Long-running franchises and tentpoles have been reimagined and reinvented for this evolving, mobile platform, changing the way we engage and connect with our audience.
Qantas x Gaynetto Snapchat Activation
The moment an Aussie, Adam, who lives in New York, tweeted that he was missing out on a beloved Australian ice cream treat, we knew it was our duty as the national airline of Australia to bring him a little piece of home. Our objective was to share the story of Qantas flying ice cream bars all the way from Sydney, Australia to New York City, just to make on…
Quickie with Nikki (Starring Nikki Glaser)
Our goal was to launch the linear series, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, on digital first -- through a series of Snapchat Discover original shorts as a way to build a fan base months before its Comedy Central premiere.
School of Guac
Chipotle is a brand known for their ambition to constantly be the best in class. Creative and marketing standards across the board are set to push innovation, risk and industry recognized work.Our objective was to drive affinity with the next generation of Chipotle customers and to do so in a way that met the standards of quality and finesse.The restaurant'…
The Rundown
In order to continue to deliver on the brand's promise to super serve their millennial audience with premium content, whenever and wherever they are, E! News launched the original Snapchat series, "The Rundown," on Thursday, September 8, 2016. The show gives a unique and humorous take on all things pop culture.
Use of Snapchat
In spring 2016, IBM launched its official corporate Snapchat account. What makes this project special is the approach we took, which is a first-of-its-kind for IBM and potentially for any other B2B brand: we chose to make the account available to any employee or team upon request. Our main objectives were to increase brand awareness, engage employees, and g…
Victory Ballad
EA approached us to create Snapchat ads that prove there's "no win like a Madden win" and to utilize their new tagline "Take Your Team All The Way." In addition to creating content to captivate the Comedy Central Discover audience and Madden fans, we also had to adhere to Snapchat's policies and get their blessing of our concept and execution, since they ar…
WOW SnapTravelers
Increase worldwide brand awareness for WOW air and keep a steady supply of fun and relevant content on the WOW air Snapchat account throughout the summer
WeAreCisco Snapchat for Employer Branding
The WeAreCisco mission is the same, no matter where we are in social media: To tell stories to the world about current employees (using a co-worker voice, or the employee voice) to make a connection to our people and technology and entice future Cisconians to work at Cisco! The challenge for Cisco's Talent Brand team was to find a way to better communicate …
Xbox Snapchat E3 Launch
2016 was the year of Snapchat. The filter-loving chat app had captured the attention of the 13 to 34 set, giving Xbox a prime opportunity to connect with this growing audience in real-time. We set our sights on E3, the industry event of the year, to premiere Xbox on Snapchat with a lineup of highly-anticipated hardware announcements and exclusive first-part…
“Make My Monday” | An Interactive Show Built For Snapchat
In 2016, multiple studies showed that young consumers were seeking out brands that they saw as "new," "trendsetting," and "innovative." Unfortunately for wireless carriers like AT&T, these young consumers tend to give most of the "innovation" credit to the companies that make the devices, not the networks that run them. Overwhelmed by a lack of differentiat…