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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Humor

This category honors a brand, organization, agency, news outlet or personality that used Humor to effectively enhance its social media presence. Submissions may include intentionally comic social media campaigns as well as humorous responses to real-time news, competitors and customers on social media platforms.

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Hefty is the only trash bag that supports Box Tops For Education, one of America's largest school earning loyalty programs. By simply clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products, families can earn cash for their school to purchase books, field trips, playground equipment, etc. So far, America's schools have earned over $600 m…
Best Use of Humor – Archer: Pam’s Hacked Photos
No one will ever forget the day Pam Poovey's NSFW photos were leaked on the internet. Not that Pam minds.To promote the highly anticipated return of Archer, FX and Floyd County capitalized on the mass celebrity photo hack (otherwise known as "The Fappening") and proudly released racy photos of Archer's buxom beauty much to the delight of Archer fa…
Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup
With the birth of the second Royal Baby in April 2015 worth £100 million to the betting industry and providing an opportunity to engage with a younger, female demographic, Ladbrokes challenged Kaper to create a fun story with strong social currency that would capture imaginations and attention.We needed to generate cut through in digital and tradi…
Last Week Tonight
Two years ago, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, premiered amidst a television landscape dense with top-notch topical comedy and quickly found a niche for itself. Hosted by former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, Last Week Tonight found its voice by touching briefly on the week's news before diving into a longer comedic exploration of a jus…
My Tales of Whisky Yule Log
1. Drive cultural relevance to emphasize that single malt whisky is an approachable category for the younger consumer2. Recruit new, younger single malt whisky consumers by inserting the brand into social conversation 3. Drive content views and increase YouTube channel subscribers
Party Hard Moms
Hefty was launching a new crack resistant party cup and wanted to target moms, giving them permission to unleash their inner party animal. So we talked to them in a way they had NEVER been talked to before: with popular millennial slang that was totes #cray and literally on fleek.
Say No To Spec
Five years ago, our agency made an unconventional decision to say no to speculative work in pitches. Despite being a startup with only a few clients at the time, we started saying no to free spec creative work in pitches. It was a risky move for an agency in its infancy. It meant that we would end up walking away from nearly eighty percent of the…
The Daily Show - Debate Live Twitter Coverage
To unleash the smart, satirical news voice of The Daily Show onto the screens of millions during the primary debates of 2015. To go above and beyond the expectations of one-liner-slinging, whiskey-powered, live-tweeting, delivering more analysis, more insight, and more GIFs than ever before.


"It's Sunday Night"
The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for America's favorite sport. It's also the most expensive day of the year for advertisers. According to data from ad-tracking research firm Kantar Media, the Super Bowl generated $2.19 billion in networking advertising sales from 2005 to 2014, reflecting a 75% increase in cost over the past decade.The exorbitan…
#12DaysofLUV Social Contest Campaign
Increase Fan Participation & Raise Awareness of the Southwest Gift CardThe main objectives of the #12DaysofLUV social campaign and contest were to tap into the love of Southwest fans to increase UGC submissions and create positive conversation in the social space. Secondarily, we were also asked to raise awareness of the Southwest gift card to ultimately in…
Android Pay Case
Millennials have almost no involvement when it comes to their payment card. It's something they do not care about, as long as it works.So when Google launched Android Pay, a technology that allows Android users to make contactless payments using their NFC-enabled smartphone at over a million retailers nationally, it was clear from the outset that we'd need …
Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim
Stuffing is delicious. That's why people love it. But for some reason, people only eat it one day a year: Thanksgiving. And when you're a company who makes and sells a product that people enjoy only one day a year, that's kind of a problem. The guys over at Stove Top wanted stuffing to be enjoyed far past the one day a year when Mom stuffs it inside a baste…
Casper: The Bed That Wants to Go Back to Bed
If you were channeling your inner mattress, what would you say? We assume you wouldn't want to talk about flash sales and counting sheep — so why would we tweet about it?Our goal was to keep it real. We wanted to be a self-aware mattress that acknowledges both the longing to be in bed all day and absurdity in a bed wanting to go back to bed.We didn't want t…
El Streaker
In order to present DishLATINO as the ultimate provider of the world's best soccer matches, and to increase subscriptions, drive brand engagement, and achieve earned media coverage, we had to position DishLATINO as the place for those who cannot live without soccer. The major challenges associated with the campaign were all the noise in the Hispanic soccer …
The goals for Target's first-ever April Fools campaign: create content that stands out, drives brand love and tells Target's story of innovation in a fun way.
Flama - Joanna Rants Series
Flama is a digital video network created for, by and with Hispanic millennials. As part of the efforts to connect and interact with audiences across any platform and with content that resonantes and that is culturally relevant in this digital age, Flama launched Joanna Rants. Joanna goes where many don't. As a Venezuelan-American comedian, Joanna brings yo…
Funny Or Die
To bring our distinct comedic voice to where our audience lives.
Kate McKinnon - The MORE Experiments
The Ford Focus is a car that offers a lot of choices to consumers. This campaign features the vehicle in various trim levels, pivoting on a theme borrowed from the :30 Focus broadcast spot, i.e. the Ford Focus is a car that believes in "more". But more what? The campaign seeks to answer that question by exploring the versatility of the Ford Focus in an ente…
Kim at the Museum
We had some spare time on a Friday. We had a half-empty metro card, a copy of Kim Kardashian's "Selfish", and an intern named Rob.
Monster Super Bowl 2015 Twitter Campaign
Monster's deep understanding of Twitter lead us to a novel thought: What if we purposefully made a mistake – awakening the Twitter trolls – on the biggest marketing night of the year? Hence the Super Bowl mistake tweet was born.
Terminix is the world's largest pest-control company, but like many category leaders with broad footprints, it sometimes struggles to stand out due to rivals who've aggressively staked themselves to narrower slices of pest control, like "science" or "death." To counter that, the brand wanted to raise its profile by engaging consumers nationwide in a compell…
Motorola: #MotoSelfieStick
The second generation Moto X was introduced in the Fall of 2014, and received great reviews from tech influencers. But in the face of intense competition in the mobile category with constant device launches from a host of competitors, it was hard to get consumers in social talking about Moto X and its key features that made it standout from the rest of the …
The purpose of this campaign is to show viewers exactly why they should be interested in the new Ford Focus and Fusion.
Rally the World - Do it for the Drive
Volkswagen is the leading rally motorsport team, winning all major titles in recent years. However, rally has been the underdog of motorsport –yes, it has its die-hard fans, but it has lacked wider appeal. We set ourselves the task to change public perception and raise awareness of rally. We set our sights on a wider target audience of young, enthusiastic, …
The goal was to create shareable content to generate awareness and encouraged pet owners to spay and neuter their pets while also educating them about their individual roles in the vicious cycle of pet overpopulation.
SoCo Takes Flight with First Drone Delivery
What do Southern Comfort and April Fools' Day have in common? Funny, cheeky and filled with Caramel Comfort, Southern Comfort's newest expression. With less than 30 days to develop and execute a real-time campaign to launch Caramel Comfort, MWWPR set out to help Southern Comfort ideate a humorous, engaging communications strategy to generate consumer…
Sunoco Burnt Rubbér
Auto racing is a uniquely visceral experience. There is nothing like the sights, sounds and smells of race day. So to activate its motorsports sponsorships and drive brand engagement and preference among race fans, Sunoco captured the essence of racing and bottled it. Sunoco's 2015 Burnt Rubbér cologne campaign broke conventions for automotive fuel, auto r…
Take My Money, HBO
The launch of HBO NOW was a disruptive change to the traditional pay TV landscape and meant that HBO can now reach younger, internet-only audience ala the cord-cutters. To many people, a standalone way to watch Game of Thrones was the answer to their Internet prayers. To create awareness and a positive consumer and press halo around the long-awaited, muc…
The Advertising Prophet
The Digital Content NewFronts are a two week showcase for brands to hear from top content creators and distributors. But this fractured and ever changing landscape leads to a lot of anxiety- which platforms to pursue, how to get the right content for your audience, how to avoid being left behind. For a lot of them, it'd be nice to have someone to guide them…
The Burger King Tweet Heard Round The Universe
On Twitter, Burger King makes clear that it has its finger on the pulse of pop culture. Whenever there is a noteworthy moment that resonates with the brand's Twitter audience, we must quickly decide whether Burger King can seamlessly and authentically enter the fray. The 2015 Miss Universe gaffe was one of those moments.
The Ford Flux Capacitor (Happy Back to the Future Day)
Thirty years ago, movie lovers travelled into the future to visit a time that seemed almost unimaginable: October 21, 2015. The impact of this film on pop culture is undeniable and as the magic date approached, anticipation was high. Ford saw a way to join in the fun of Back To The Future Day by using one of the most beloved icons from the film—The Flux Ca…
Translating Tech with Avaya
The communications technology industry becomes more complicated, more cluttered and more complex every day. Increased telecommuting, heightened security demands, competitive innovation and the consumerization of IT are forcing constant evolution and keeping even category leaders on their toes.In 2015 Avaya, a telecommunications company still carrying a stig…
Turkey Run
AutoZone wanted to remind DIY car owners of the importance of car care during the Thanksgiving season. So we told the story of a Turkey who's been on the run for the last thirty years. Believe us, nobody depends on their vehicle more than a bird with a target on his back.Thanksgiving is not known as a competitive time amongst the aftermarket automotive cate…
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - Wet Hot Twitter
Picture yourself back in the 80's. Your mom is out. You're home alone. And the only thing you can think about is, where can I see some boobs and ass? So you pop Wet Hot American Summer into your Betamax and go through the whole — damn — video.The movie is full of sex crazed counselors, but there is no damn nudity. Only a gay sex scene between Bradley Cooper…
Why Slim Jim Bacon Jerky Is Better Than A Relationship
With Slim Jim Bacon Jerky hitting the marketplace, the product needed a socially driven marketing campaign that highlighted how different the bagged product was from its flagship meat stick. The objective was to drive awareness, build equity and drive purchases for the unique product, which was seeing expanded distribution due to America's unrelenting love …
Xbox One Innovation Guy
To drive awareness for Xbox One's newest features and most recent innovations- including backward compatibility, game streaming to Windows 10 PC and the new Xbox One Experience – Xbox released an integrated campaign with a unique brand of dry humor starring actor Martin Starr from the show Silicon Valley, as Innovation Guy.