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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Physical and Digital Convergence

This category honors marketing campaigns that successfully and cleverly integrate social media platforms with physical technologies.

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Uber Safe
Drunk driving continues to be a major issue across the world. This is especially true at night, when alcohol-related accidents increase by 350%. But what if we could find a simple way to stop drunk drivers in their tracks by giving people a convenient and safer alternative? Uber provides a safe, reliable option to get home after a night of drinkin…
The Breast Cancer Awareness installation inside advertising agency Havas Chicago's lobby was designed to do more than drive awareness—it was designed to get a reaction. The goal was to start a conversation and, more importantly, inspire action.
Come Seek Live
There are long-standing negative perceptions of cruising among a new generation who hasn't cruised before. To them, cruising is void of authentic discovery, the Caribbean is one homogenous tourist trap and the overall experience is the least adventurous vacation you could take. We needed to change those perceptions and appeal to this New-to-Cruise…
Priceless Elevator Pitch
The small business industry has been growing, but MasterCard was offering no reason for small businesses to prefer its services. Perception of the brand as one that "truly understands the needs of small business owners" dropped to 7% from 7.9% YOY in early 2015.We had an opportunity to create a platform that would increase brand affinity and usage…
Nissan set out to create a splash at the Dubai International Motor Show, and break away from the Automotive industry convention of prioritizing rational, product benefits over emotional connections. Geared towards buyers and intenders, the #IAmagent23 concept engaged consumers at the show with a once-in-a-lifetime, immersive experience. Merging a …
#Narcos bills
To introduce and build awareness and anticipation for Narcos, a Netflix original series telling the true story of DEA agents fighting against Medellin drug cartels, the entertainment agency Darewin decided to immerse viewers in the universe of the show. How is it possible to immerse French people in the universe of narcos-traffickers, a world that…
B-Dubs Alive Events
Establish a global entertainment platform that delivers an experience Buffalo Wild Wings' fans will never forget. Using that platform, make meaningful connections with sports fans by creating moments that are relevant to their lives.
Coca-Cola "What's in a name?" Times Square
Coca Cola's communications objective was to engage with a new generation of tech savvy and Twitter-addicted consumers. It needed a socially-driven campaign with the power to cut through the crowd of competitors and encourage participation, particularly among Gen Z's (11-19).
Is Space Beast?
The brand's audience, teen boys age 13-18, are still discovering who they are and on the hunt for new experiences. They are active on social media and looking for content that enables their curiosity. With this in mind, SQUATCH™, Jack Link's® edgy meat stick line, built an exploratory digital campaign to feed their curiosity and reach them on the …
MYER Spring '15 Runway to Live-Way
To launch the new Spring-Summer fashion season for MYER, Australia's largest retailer. With MYER's well established runway show featuring a variety of designers and labels, we needed to build awareness and consideration for the new season trends through a sound digital strategy. In a heavily cluttered environment, innovation and fresh thinking wer…
Based on guest insights, people value experiences over things. Our task was to define Target's point of view and develop a series of unique experiences, each made up of a collection of products.


Airbnb Apple Watch
This was not just a traditional product update, but a way for Airbnb to improve our community's ability to communicate. We wanted to bring our hosts and guests closer together and break down communication barriers. As always, we also wanted our brand to be at the cutting edge of innovative technology with the release of the Apple Watch in 2015. Airbnb's new…
Connect The Rainbow
Over time people had forgotten that Skittles is a mix of five different fruity flavors (strawberry, lemon, grape, orange and green apple). We need to put the 'taste' back into the "Taste the Rainbow" brand, so to speak. Ultimately, the objective was to strengthen the association between Skittles and fruity flavors in the minds of consumers.
HBO NOW Welcomes You to Adulthood #StartingNOW
For millennials that are entering adulthood, there are many rites of passage that are marked by certain key events – such as graduating college and the day you stop relying on your parents for HBO. Some of these rites of passage are also difficult, and getting your own HBO NOW subscription isn't one of those.Knowing that millennials are still finding the…
Hulu: Seinfeld Apartment
When all episodes of one of the biggest comedy series are finally available to stream online, it's something to get excited about it.To celebrate their acquisition of of all 180 episodes of Seinfeld, Hulu built the ultimate Seinfeld fan experience, including a replica of Jerry's iconic apartment for their fans to tour in New York City. The first installatio…
Slot Car Holiday Heats
Acura asked us to activate their "Oh What Fun It Is To Drive" Winter Sales Event by reinventing a holiday tradition.
The Awesome Job You Can’t Apply For
Newly Grown Ups (NGUs) in India are high earning 25-30 year olds are fueling the rapid growth in the premium whisky market. Strict advertising regulations do little to prevent big brands from spending millions on surrogate properties like music festivals etc. and wooing them. Out-muscled, Grant's Scotch whisky had a measly awareness of < 2%, market share of…
The Chobani Table
The Chobani Table is a physical and digital cookbook experience intended to cut through the clutter of a crowded culinary conversation and inspire creativity in the kitchen. The goal is to highlight our Chobani 4% Plain Greek Yogurt as a versatile ingredient in all manner of dishes and drive sales of Chobani 4% Plain Multi-serve. Living both online, as wel…
Transformers Fan-Voted Combiner
Transformers is one of Hasbro's most beloved brands, and its core fans have connected deeply to its characters, lore and the toys themselves over the last 30+ years.In 2015, Transformers re-introduced its Combiner bots from the 1980's– giant Transformers whose limbs, torso and head are formed by six robots that combine together – as part of the Combiner War…
TripTank Hotline
TripTank, Comedy Central's weekly showcase of out-there animated shorts, is a place where anything can happen at any time. Sex dolls can become possessed by evil spirits; old-fashioned photographs can spring to life and begin teaching aerobics. No part of the show embodies this spirit more than the interstitial call-in segments, in which some of the strange…