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Finalist in Physical & Digital

Bronze Distinction in Live Events

Entered in Auto, Virtual Reality

About this entry

Nissan set out to create a splash at the Dubai International Motor Show, and break away from the Automotive industry convention of prioritizing rational, product benefits over emotional connections. Geared towards buyers and intenders, the #IAmagent23 concept engaged consumers at the show with a once-in-a-lifetime, immersive experience.

Merging a physical activation with beautifully produced digital content, we built a scalable film and production studio, complete with Hollywood director, editing crew and a motion capture, robotic camera. We invited people to star in their own Dubai spy thriller, Agent23, and filmed each participant in a fully automated, green screen set, prominently featuring the Nissan Patrol.

Upon filming completion, people were given an exciting, individual experience that was shareable with friends and fans in real-time via personalized movie trailer and digital movie poster. The effects were immediate, with #IAmAgent23 winning #1 Share of Voice and dominating social conversation at the show.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Consumers getting a firsthand experience with new technology such as Virtual/Augmented Reality are momentarily impressed, but the effect diminishes over time. If you aren't continuously experiencing it or able to share, there's no reason for the event to stay top of mind. Innovation "features" typically resign scalability to an afterthought.

The challenge of presenting the Patrol at Dubai Motor Show was to present brand innovation that was emotionally charged and able to leave a lasting impression. Our strategy remains: Buying car shouldn't be a purely rational experience. It's meant to be an exciting one worth sharing with others.

If a customer wants to buy a car, touching the metal is the most important part. Tangible discovery, creative technology and custom content had to work hand-in-hand to deliver this experience successfully.

While the content team filmed in the Dubai desert, the tech team was building prototypes, iterating towards our vision to create the most immersive story-driven, motor show experience ever seen. The teams delivered a replicable, real-time tech solution capable of integrating user-generated content with Hollywood-styled action movie footage. The entire film studio was built in 24 hours.

Given the theatrical release of other spy movies in the region, we promoted the activation in cinemas as a rally cry to participate. Coordinating with a promoted wall of sight and sound across regional social platforms, and an unavoidable digital and static OOH presence at the Motor Show, we made sure everyone knew they were an integral part of the action.


We didn't want to go with the strategy of "VR for PR," pushing tech without context. Instead, we wanted to bring visitors along a unique journey which took advantage of the possibilities within physical, digital, and virtual realities, and blended them.

We successfully delivered on all accounts, giving customers an emotive experience in the physical realm, as well as a digitally immortalized memory that customers could take with them.

Enthusiasts, newcomers, and rivals alike queued for hours to participate and they weren't disappointed. The entire activation was borne out of a dream to engage individuals in a multi-sensory experience, with the opportunity to share it with as many fans as they wished.

The hard results illustrate just how effective the activation was:












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TBWA - Nissan United, Nissan Motor Co.

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