Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Auto

Best use of social media by an auto brand or auto dealer. Objectives may include crowd-sourced concept and design, customer engagement via custom apps, buzzworthy events and promotions (online & offline), and building a loyal community, among others.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Beyond Utility: 1000 to 1
The Lexus NX is a new kind of SUV–one that doesn't sacrifice style for utility. But people have long been conditioned to look for utility above all else. We had to prove to one-of-a-kind, style-driven affluents at a transformative point in their lives that utility is simply not enough. Sure, an SUV can be used for practical means, but who cares wh…
Mustang Speed Dating
Female drivers are outnumbering male drivers for the first time ever—and Millennial-generation female buyers are outpacing Millennial male buyers by 53 percent. The demographics of the automotive market are shifting faster than traditional marketing can keep pace.Gender representation in American advertising still tends to be flat and relies heavi…
Chevrolet #BestDayEver
In the first quarter of 2015, Chevrolet was suffering from declining brand health measures, lagging behind the three main competitors in opinion, consideration, and in opinion-driving imagery such as "Excellent Quality" and "Dependable." In some cases, these were double-digit deficits resulting in poor "Net Momentum" scores, as reported by Millwar…
HR-V "Selfie"
In 2015, Honda was presented with a unique opportunity to introduce the HR-V Crossover, a brand-new model, to the American automobile market. We wanted to debut the HR-V in a way that would break traditional auto advertising norms while still teaching people about the car and its unique selling points. With April Fools' Day coming up, we saw the …
The Lexus December to Remember holiday campaign has existed almost as long as the brand itself. Its unforgettable jingle and bow make it a holiday classic. A very successful holiday classic—the Sales Event continues to make December the top sales month for Lexus each year. In recent years, however, the campaign has fallen victim to Internet trolls…
smart a journey fortwo
The all-new 2016 smart fortwo represented a chance to re-introduce the smart brand to a new audience. With a new model we had loads of new information to tell our target audience. Those who know smart see the brand as democratizing, innovative, and challenging the status quo. These are amazing strengths for a car that has been on the market for ei…


Nissan set out to create a splash at the Dubai International Motor Show, and break away from the Automotive industry convention of prioritizing rational, product benefits over emotional connections. Geared towards buyers and intenders, the #IAmagent23 concept engaged consumers at the show with a once-in-a-lifetime, immersive experience. Merging a physical a…
Alto ICC World Cup Campaign
Alto is the top selling car in India since 15 years. Maruti Suzuki felt that Cricket World Cup was the perfect opportunity to interact with the young audience and indulge into a conversation with them around the World Cup. The challenge was to leverage the increasing buzz on social media for Alto and use that to strengthen the brand messaging in a natural w…
BMW Periscope Sales Floor
The BMW i3 was experiencing fewer new leads in Q3/Q4 of 2015 due to a lack of a media buy and fewer driving activations for BMW i. As such, BMW was looking for ways to drive excitement, and ultimately sales, of the BMW i3 before year-end. As a part of this effort, BMW created an exciting limited edition black BMW i3 ("Shadow Sport") that was offered in ve…
BMW X1 What's Next
We were challenged to create a social conquest program for the BMW X1, the best vehicle in its class, with a wider digital audience beyond BMW USA fans.
CarMax Caring Tree
Objective: Drive awareness and consideration for CarMax in a brand new marketIn December 2015, CarMax was looking for help launching two new stores in the Boston, Massachusetts area – a brand new market for the company.We knew we needed to find a compelling and authentic way to raise awareness of the store openings and introduce the CarMax brand to consumer…
Don't Like & Drive
The most important side of everything Ford does is People. Without them, there wouldn't be technology, nor the need for it. That's why the brand is always trying to create solutions in favor of the human being.One of today's problems is the use of social media while driving. 4 out of 10 drivers admit to having done it before. It's becomes twice as dangerous…
Ford Go Further Stories
"We go further so you can."That's the Ford brand promise. To express this, we created an online video series that brings to life how Ford owners, dealers, and employees do indeed go further every day to make the world a better place. The series is called "Ford Everyday Heroes."The stories told include a Ford truck owner in Camden, New Jersey who started a d…
Ford of Canada – Big Business Social Media 2015
In 2015, Ford of Canada's social media vision was all about the experience. Our goals shifted away from simply strategizing about fan acquisition, and moved towards producing true lifestyle content. We wanted to connect with Ford followers in a meaningful way, and to push the brand far beyond the simple definition of a car manufacturer.To do so, we coined #…
Nissan & Hoonigan's Black Friday
Goal:Bring two exciting brands together to create a badass video experience leveraging Nissan's legendary performance vehicles.Objectives:Get people excited by Nissan's performance vehicles.
Pirelli #chasingthecal
Before its worldwide launch on November 30th in London, the Pirelli Calendar 2016 edition was accompanied by the official world opening of a social media contest called "#ChasingTheCal". The objective of this social media initiative was to give the opportunity to participate at the exclusive Pirelli Calendar Gala dinner in London, one of the most exclusive …
The Altima Chase: Nissan Takes Social Fans on the Ride of Their Life
Following a successful first run in 2014, Nissan brought back their popular "Ride of Your Life" TV campaign for a second year, showcasing the Altima's performance and fun-to-drive features that make it "the most exciting sedan on the road." In this spot, Nissan gives unsuspecting mall goers a chance to "unlock" the Altima from a glass vault. Those lucky eno…
Turkey Run
AutoZone wanted to remind DIY car owners of the importance of car care during the Thanksgiving season. So we told the story of a Turkey who's been on the run for the last thirty years. Believe us, nobody depends on their vehicle more than a bird with a target on his back.Thanksgiving is not known as a competitive time amongst the aftermarket automotive cate…
Virtually Porsche
Porsche Cars North America built a Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Atlanta to provide an immersive brand experience for prospective buyers. The PEC gives consumers an easy way to become fully immersed in the Porsche brand, from exploring the elaborate space itself to test driving the newest sports cars. However, the PEC remains limited to those in the At…
What Will Happen on Your Next Road Trip?
Honda partnered with BuzzFeed to generate awareness and promote the new HR-V model to millennials.Honda also aimed to connect with younger audiences on a human level through relatable, engaging content that highlights HR-V messaging.Key performance indicators were brand awareness, reach and engagement.