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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

The Chobani Table

Entered in Physical & Digital


The Chobani Table is a physical and digital cookbook experience intended to cut through the clutter of a crowded culinary conversation and inspire creativity in the kitchen. The goal is to highlight our Chobani 4% Plain Greek Yogurt as a versatile ingredient in all manner of dishes and drive sales of Chobani 4% Plain Multi-serve. Living both online, as well as in print, we had a dual purpose in mind: we wanted to re-envision the cookbook as something relevant to today's digital mediums, while still staying true to the more familiar concept of the cookbook as a physical work of art that can be held in the hands, combining beautiful food photography with practical and easy-to-follow recipes promoting culinary creativity.

Strategy and Execution

What was most unique about our implementation of The Chobani Table was our approach to digitization. We wanted to keep the user in the platform throughout the entire eprocess, so we created a multi-dimensional experience that would take users deeper into the recipes. To achieve this, we enlisted the help of Instagram food influencers to help us publish step by step images of each recipe, with each step leading users to the next influencer's Instagram, and ultimately driving to the full recipe on Once there, users could also view the rest of the cookbook.

We leveraged promoted instagram posts, facebook posts, tweets, and pins all to drive awareness and engagement with The Chobani Table.

We also hosted a book release party at our Chobani Café with well-known digital publisher Food52, inviting key food influencers to come sample the recipes and share with their fans and followers.


We gave away hundreds of copies on social. We saw millions of impressions and thousands of engagements with all our online content. Our influencer component alone drove 1.2 million impressions, 22,000 engagements, and 33 pieces of sponsored content.


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