Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in LGBTQ+

This award honors a program, project, or initiative fighting discrimination of persons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity and advocating for equal rights and acceptance.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Global Pride Crossing
Global Pride is a powerful statement of equality, dignity and acceptance. It is a moment to shut out hate and celebrate identity safely, in the open, as a community. However, in 2020, COVID crashed the party: hundreds of Pride events were forced to cancel and millions of LGBTI+ people have lost their most cherished opportunity to come together and…
Google Pixel x Pride
Google Pixel is one of the best smartphones on the market, and over the years, has developed a loyal user base that truly values and evangelizes its helpful features.  We recognized that our Google Pixel owners would not be able to celebrate Pride in real life this year, so formulated a plan to surprise and delight our users with bespoke featur…
People Have Periods
 “L. for every V” is more than a tagline. It is a promise to be a brand that all people with periods— regardless of identity— feel welcomed, seen, heard, respected, and considered. L. believes access to quality period care is a fundamental right for "every body." But for too long, conversations about periods have not been inclusive. L.’s main o…
Trans Lifeline
To increase voter access for the LGBTQ community, MTV and Logo joined forces with Trans Lifeline to create a new youth microgrant program that helped 250 individuals change their legal name and update their government IDs. In many states, IDs are required to vote, disproportionately impacting trans and non-binary people who might not have access t…
What's Love?
The Los Angeles LGBT Center wanted to raise awareness of their services to support families of LGBTQ+ youth on National Coming Out Day (October 11). Parents who need to hear our message are those struggling to accept their teen’s coming out. By demonstrating the impact a parent’s rejection has on their teen’s well-being we proved that they have th…


Behind the Drag
For this series, we really wanted to create something that would highlight both big-name drag queens and up-and-comers from the scene across all of the country. While we see queens on TV and at shows, we rarely get to know them for who they are in their day-to-day life. This is what the series is all about - exploring what it means to be a drag queen of any…
Based around the founding principle that “drag is for everyone,” this series gives everyday people the opportunity to unleash their inner drag queens through a full-body makeover transformation. Dragged aims to empower people to access the inner fierceness, confidence and self love it takes to be a drag queen. By creating an inclusive space where contestant…
Forward for 50 - Posters
In 2019, the Los Angeles LGBT Center became the first LGBT organization in the world to celebrate its 50thanniversary. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we created a poster campaign featuring photography from the last half-century, along with typography and a special logo that celebrates the relentless efforts of the community in the fight for equalit…
GLAAD's "Together in Pride: You are Not Alone"
GLAAD, the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) media advocacy organization, operates to accelerate acceptance for the LGBTQ community through advocacy and activism. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, GLAAD recognized the unique and disproportionate challenges facing LGBTQ people during this unprecedented crisis. Fr…
Harry's Design with Pride
This year, mens care brand Harry’s debuted Design with Pride, a campaign to celebrate creative talents within the LGBTQ community. Highlighting key figures within the global LGBTQ creative community, the digital experience, designed in collaboration with Spanish illustrator José Roda, allows visitors to find inspiration in the stories of each creative’s jou…
I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang
Eugene Lee Yang is a producer, writer, director and one of today’s most recognizable Asian-American performers. He recently made his directorial debut with his visual coming-out piece titled, I’m Gay, which Yang not only directed, but also wrote, choreographed and starred in as the lead actor and dancer. This extremely personal, artistic, and beautifully ci…
In The Know Next Gen: CJ Duron
The objective of this series was to highlight Millennial and Gen Z changemakers who are making amazing strides in their chosen fields.
Legendary Ballroom Kits
We looked to drive awareness, buzz and tune-in across the LGBTQ+ and larger ball community to promote the premiere of HBO Max’s new original ballroom reality competition show, Legendary. Our goal was to drive this awareness and buzz via social media - collaborating with members of the ball community to generate earned social media value, organic social i…
Marvel’s first-ever Latina writer speaks on what she brought to the table for character America Chav
This entry is one in a series of In The Know videos featuring the MAKERS conference, a three-day summit geared toward advancing and inspiring women around the globe.   In this video, we spoke with comic writer Gabby Rivera who incorporates diverse characters into her stories — specifically, Latin-American LGBTQIA+ young women. Rivera also holds the title…
National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health
LGBTQ youth are often overlooked in research, and difficult to survey, so critical data on LGBTQ youth mental health and suicide are extremely limited. In July 2020, The Trevor Project launched its second annual National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, which represents the experiences of over 40,000 LGBTQ youth (13-24) across the U.S. The largest su…
OUTLOUD: Raising Voices
OUTLOUD: Raising Voices began as a live event concept to give a platform to up-and-coming LGBTQ+ musicians. It was set to launch at SXSW as a PRIDE artist showcase, but when the festival was cancelled, the producers at JJLA pivoted the already-scheduled show to launch as a PRIDE celebration web-series on Facebook, utilizing the existing show line-up as a tw…
Remember the Rainbow
Every child, regardless of their race, gender, wealth or birthplace, deserves to feel safe. Yet the reality is that for many LGBTI+ students, school is an isolating, unsafe place.  Issues related to homophobic bullying occur in every area of  life but they start in the classroom & in the playground.  Irish Charity, Belong To, which provides support to th…
The objective of the campaign is to recruit trans women of color (TWOC) in New York City to join the TURNNT study. In order to do that, we had to break down barriers of distrust between the medical community and the trans community. The choice to feature TWOC front and center in our campaign was intentional for that reason. This was not a campaign of an org…
Uncommon Ground: House of Xtravaganza
We wanted to shine a spotlight on underrepresented subcultures through the lens of community and what it means to find your 'people'. In this episode on the House of Xtravaganza, we explored what it meant to find a new family who accepts you, uplifts you, and pushes you to be better. While drag is picking up traction in the mainstream media, its roots and h…
VH1's RuPaul’s Drag Race Out of the Closet S3
With the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Out of the Closet, the objective was to build on the momentum of the Emmy-nominated second season, and continue to document the dynamic lives and fashion of the LGBTQ icons Drag Race audiences have come to know and love. With this season, a major goal was to dive deeper into the personal lives of the talent, and…
VH1's RuPaul’s Drag Race S12 RuVeal
The main objective was to harness the uniquely interactive power of Twitter to create a memorable experience for fans. Every season the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Queen RuVeal, or cast announcement, is an integral part of our pre-season content strategy and significant performance driver across social channels. For Season 12 we wanted to explore a new and…
We're Here WERQkits
We aimed to drive awareness and buzz among the LGBTQ+ community and allies to promote the premiere of HBO’s real life unscripted series, We’re Here, which follows small-town residents as they’re recruited and trained to participate in a one-night only drag performance - with the help of their Drag Mothers: Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela Laq…
Who We Are: FDA’s LGBT Public Health Campaign
The LGBT community faces many public health disparities, but one of the most pervasive issues doesn’t get many headlines: tobacco. About 2 million young adults in the U.S. identify as LGBT. This population is more than twice as likely to use tobacco as their non-LGBT counterparts, and tobacco claims tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year. To comba…