Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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Best Real Time Response

This category honors the use of social media or digital by a brand, agency, news outlet or personality that orchestrated a relevant and impressive response to an event, cultural phenomenon, or other brand in real-time.

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Tim Tam British Collection
In recent years, Tim Tam marketing focus has been on growth through innovation (e.g. new flavour ranges like Messina, Slams, Crafted Collection). These rotations have built fame and affinity for the brand beyond the “core” range.   Many organisations spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to create attention. But when a world leader su…
New Jingle for a New Era
The events of summer 2020 sparked a nationwide reckoning on racial injustice, exposing deep-seeded racism throughout American culture—even in the country’s most well-known ice cream truck jingle. When a viral video surfaced the racist origins of the song “Turkey in the Straw,” we knew that Good Humor had the responsibility to respond immediatel…
At the start of COVID19’s spread across the United States, ViacomCBS’ Entertainment & Youth brands (led by MTV) realized there was an urgent need to educate audiences on the importance of social distancing and staying home. Bars were packed, and students were heading off to spring break despite reports of the virus’ severity. To help flatten the c…
Agusha - #INTHEFORT - the title of which calls for staying at home as well as referencing children’s games (“I’m in the fort — I’m safe”). The baby food market is highly competitive and today it’s important for the brand to not only be always on air and provide quality products, but also to be in contact with consumers and promptly respond to t…
Babe x Bumble
BABE wanted to drive brand love with core consumers, and drive brand awareness with new audiences by tackling the trash fire of 2020.


Following the announcement of the Formula E races cancellations due to COVID-19, they adapted a digital, Battle Royale style ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge. The objective was to introduce it to gaming audiences, as well as motorsport fans, by positioning prominent gamers as official commentators on Twitch throughout the season. With the racing taking …
#StayingintheTARDIS – Doctor Who’s lockdown initiative and response to COVID-19
At the beginning of the 2020 lockdown in March, no one could have known what was going to happen. The world had gone into lockdown and people were encouraged to stay at home to protect themselves and their families. Doctor Who has often been a source of positivity, escapism and wonder for fans and younger viewers, so this provided an opportunity to launch S…
Aarya on Disney+ Hotstar: Shashi Tharoor’s Debut
  For the new original series on Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Aarya, we noticed a recurring comment on our trailer. One of the actors from the show, Chandrachur Singh, looked a lot like a popular Indian politician, Mr Shashi Tharoor. Tharoor is widely followed on social media for not just his work and political opinions, but for his eloquent and thesaurus-requir…
Abbott - Rising to the Test
Until last year, nothing that had gone viral had been about something literally viral. But when this global pandemic surfaced, the best thing we could do to help combat it was to first leverage our expertise to quickly develop quality COVID-19 tests, and then help reliable information about them go, well, exactly that…viral. Our objective was to raise aw…
Arby’s – National Hat Day
Arby's is constantly looking for opportunities to spark conversation and engagement across all of their social channels in relevant, impactful and, when possible, unexpected ways. A little-known but highly appropriate holiday, National Hat Day (January 15th), gave the brand the perfect opportunity to celebrate a well-known brand icon – the iconic Arby’s hat…
Associate Hero Campaign
Demonstrate gratitude for our associates who were working hard amidst challenging and uncertain circumstances.  At the start of the pandemic, our associates were working overtime to clean clubs, sanitize carts, and keep items in stock. As the rest of the advertising world was starting to recognize that things were "a little bit different" and "we're all …
Brew the Love Together
As COVID hit, people whittled down their visits to local cafés and started depending more and more on home brewers, like Keurig. Knowing our Keurig brewers were becoming a more consistent touch point in people’s lives, we had a unique opportunity to position Keurig as more than an appliance, but as a brand that can make a bigger impact during a time of stru…
Budweiser Messi 644
Own the conversation around Lionel Messi’s record-breaking 644 goals scored for a single club to strengthen the brand’s association within Global Football (soccer).
Chipotle Together
Before March 2020, approximately 20% of Chipotle’s sales were digital. But with a global pandemic shutting down in-restaurant dining rooms across the country, we knew that had to change, fast. So we took to social to get the word out about online ordering and delivery.
David's Bridal and January Digital's Agile CTV Strategy Wins Over Bridal Amidst the Pandemic
With 70 years of experience dressing customers for all of life's special occasions, David's Bridal (DBI) is built on the idea that everyone deserves to have the attire and experience of their dreams regardless of style preference, shape, size, or budget. DBI is dedicated to helping each customer through intuitive online planning tools, knowledgeable stylist…
Foster A Dog, Get Busch
Covid-19 caused sudden changes to daily life as we knew it, and during a time of uncertainty, Busch Beer knew they had the platform to reach their wide, loving fanbase. Busch has always supported those who value the great outdoors, spending time with family and working hard to provide for their loved ones. For many of its fans, a family is really never comp…
Gif a Little Love
Lily from Home
BABE wanted to drive brand love with core consumers, and drive brand awareness with new audiences by tackling the trash fire of 2020.   
Natural Light Dorm From Home
After sending students home due to the pandemic in the spring, colleges across the country were faced with the tough decision of whether or not to bring students back to campus in the fall. By July, with COVID-19 continuing to spread and concerns growing that campuses would become hubs for the virus, only 23.5% of universities were planning to fully reopen …
Natural Light Intern 2020
Natty Light is all about supporting its fans transition to adulthood by helping young LDA consumers solve the “adulting” issues keeping them up at night. Given the increasingly difficult job market and rising unemployment rate for recent college graduates, Natty wanted to give back to young LDAs with an incredible opportunity to build their resume and kicks…
Olmeca Day of the Dead Trends
Olmeca focuses on the young audience and occupies the territory of spontaneous parties. Every year there’s an important period for the brand — the time of parties connected to a Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead. But this year all the parties were canceled and our main task was to turn the concept of dead trends day into a more relevant format for the ta…
Olmeca Party Calls!
Because of the pandemic people had to live in lockdown. But they wanted to continue socializing and seeing their friends, at least via video link, despite the restrictions. Online meetings have become an integral part of the new reality and we decided to insert tequila into it. Our task was to develop and launch a real-time marketing project tailored to the…
Planet Fitness Home Work-Ins
In 2020, it was harder than ever to stay fit and active. As stay-at-home orders caused gyms to close, daily step counts decreased by 50%, and 66% of members decreased their physical activity.  But as the brand dedicated to bringing fitness to everyone, Planet Fitness wanted to ensure that staying at home didn't mean staying glued to the couch. Planet Fitnes…
Smaht Park Super Bowl Twitter Responses
We launched the all-new 2020 Sonata during Super Bowl with an eye to its advanced style and technology, particularly the new Remote Smart Parking Assist feature. That feature, when shortened to the colloquial  “Smart Park,” and delivered in the uniquely “R-challenged” local accent of Boston, Massachusetts, became the instantly memorable “Smaht Pahk.”
Superb Owl Spotlight – Powered by the Honda Pilot
Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest conversations in sports, especially on Twitter. But the NFL restricts brands from using the words “Super Bowl” in any messaging around the Big Game.    So, to promote the nature-loving Honda Pilot during the biggest advertising day of the year, we did NOT talk about the #SuperBowl….   We talked about #Supe…
Verizon Media Champions Mental Health During COVID-19
At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became immediately apparent that there was a new challenge for individuals looking to maintain their physical wellness. However, many overlooked the importance of also caring for their mental and emotional well-being. The abrupt shift in work-life balance and non-stop COVID-19 updates meant that much of society was …
West Elm Zoom Backgrounds
As the Covid-19 pandemic escalated in March 2020, millions of people found themselves turning to a new platform for the first time: Zoom. With that mass transition to work-from-home life, many people had to face the fact that their real-life meeting backgrounds were pretty lackluster. A dark bedroom, a half-decorated office, a messy kitchen or just a boring…