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Olmeca Day of the Dead Trends

Entered in Real Time Response


Olmeca focuses on the young audience and occupies the territory of spontaneous parties. Every year there’s an important period for the brand — the time of parties connected to a Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead. But this year all the parties were canceled and our main task was to turn the concept of dead trends day into a more relevant format for the target audience using their local insights. Also we have dark market conditions:restrictions in promotion and in the communication of the day of the dead: it is forbidden to resurrect and use words in their literal meaning, so another task was to play everything correctly without breaking the restrictions The main measured objectives were - growth of spontaneous awareness and Š°chieving high levels of social media engagement.

Strategy and Execution

The Day of the Dead party seemed impossible in the current state of affairs, so we decided to follow the new rules and let the audience have their own party with Olmeca. 

Looking at our target audience of party-goers aged 18-24, we singled out a tribe that we studied closely — the «flexers». They are true party animals who can throw a party at any moment if they have the right people, vibes and alcohol. We noticed that these people tended to wear thrift store clothing in the trends of the 1990s or 2000s. So they gravitated towards the themes of nostalgia and the reimaginaning of retro.


We came up with an idea: what if we combine this trend with the Day of the Dead and reinvent this holiday? How do we make it relevant to the TA and provide them with cool ideas for home celebration? We offered to bring to modern life some of the favorite trends that had passed away and to turn the traditional Day of the Dead altar into an Olmeca altar. This new Olmeca holiday was «The Day of the Dead Trends''.


We created vibrant and "flexible" visuals and meaningful holiday images which adorned the points of sale. Then we organized a giveaway of home-party sets (a piñata with branded shots, candles, sacred Mexican incense “palo santo” and, of course, a bottle of Olmeca) on our social media and CRM to resurrect the old traditions in full. We received feedback from Instagram users who were writing their ideas on the reimagined holiday in the comments. Special VK (#1 messenger in Russia) chat-bot invited users to participate in a survey, in which they had a selection of different holiday trends. Our project received great feedback in various communities in this social network.

Our campaign got many influencers interested and it raised awareness to a great level. Many bloggers posted their photos and videos associated with the Day of the Dead. 


As a result, this idea allowed us to have wide reach and also provide noticeability for the product in retail outlets. It made the brand catchy for the audience while actively engaging the target audience — the true "flexers". Olmeca was at the center of the trend of returning the style and symbols of bygone eras.


Given the impossibility of a real physical holiday, we were able to make a truly relevant campaign, which had a positive impact on the brand at all levels: exciting idea and stimulated sales at the points of sale, In addition, the growth many others rates:

*ERR - Engagement rate reach


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Affect, Pernod Ricard Rouss

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