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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Babe x Bumble

Audience Honor in Real Time Response

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BABE wanted to drive brand love with core consumers, and drive brand awareness with new audiences by tackling the trash fire of 2020.

Strategy and Execution


Breaking up is hard to do; breaking up when you’re stuck living with your partner due to a global pandemic is a nightmare. In May of 2020, 10% of 24-34-year-olds had ended a relationship during quarantine*, which means a whole lot of people were stuck sharing a bathroom with their ex. (*Source: Y-Pulse, “After Corona Trend Report” (May 2020)



BABE Wine and Bumble knew they had to help out. Because what do the newly single need? A whole lot of wine, and a fresh start.

A partnership between BABE & Bumble was a no-brainer. BABE is the wine dedicated to making people feel seen and Bumble takes dating just seriously enough. Together, we set out to alleviate the stress of pandemic breakups and help newly single people do the moving out ...AND the moving on.

Internet, meet “B&B Movers," a social moment brought to you by BABE and Bumble to help people stuck with an ex during quarantine. We covered the cost of moving out and hooked winners up with wine and a brand new Bumble profile to move on.


What started as a single social post and concise key visual turned into 16 million impressions and thousands of awkward quarantine breakup stories. People couldn’t stop talking about how this was the partnership quarantine needed. 

BABE also led the entire category SOV the month of the contest with over 80% share of voice in July and August (up 33% from June). 

It was the culmination of a strong consumer insight that played on a surprising cultural tension, followed by a partner with the right cultural cache that reached a new audience. That’s the opposite of a quarantine breakup story.


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draftLine, BABE Wine


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