Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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Best Influencer and Celebrity Multi-Platform Campaign

This award honors the best integration of an influencer, celebrity or ambassador as part of a social media or digital marketing campaign. Integrations may include takeovers, partnerships, or sponsorships, among others.

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Famous Orders
Our Marketing Objective was to drive penetration by bringing new, younger, customers to the brand. We also wanted to drive frequency. 86% of all adults visit McDonald’s once a year, so to drive real sales growth you need to get them to come more often too. To achieve this, our Communication Objective was to drive renewed relevance among this au…
Famous Orders - The Travis Scott Meal
For decades, McDonald’s has been at the forefront of culture. Yet in 2020, many young Americans had never tried a Quarter Pounder. McDonald’s wanted to reach youth and cultivate a new generation of brand fans by showing up for them in a way that was culturally relevant across channels.  The campaign started with a universal “fan truth” that ser…
Mat Kar Forward
  BACKGROUND   Digital footprints have real world consequences Communicating in the digital age is so constant, instant and effortless, that we forget that our messages can have real-life implications. The culture of forwarding unverified messages, hate speech and fake news has plagued India for a long time, and has led to communal ten…
Post Malone x Crocs
Enthusiastic and genuine fan engagement has been are central to Crocs’ DNA. From home-grown signature events like “Croctober” and #CrocDay to its notable splash on TikTok with the #ThousandDollarCrocs challenge, the company has gone all-in on social and earned media to keep #CrocNation talking. But of all of the brand’s antics, nothing keeps fans …
Unlimited Eye Browsing
Visible stepped on the scene as a wireless service ready to change wireless service—for the better. But to do that, we had to first build awareness about who we are and how we’re different. Enter: a series of straight-up, self-aware commercials featuring Dan Levy promoting our $40/month offering, including unlimited data for unlimited Internet bro…


"The Magic of Fire"
When it comes to warming up an outdoor gathering, it’s tough to beat a campfire. We gather in a circle around it while its light and warmth blankets us in comfort and security. Who hasn’t gotten lost staring into the dancing flicker of a wood fire’s flame? No stranger to lighting up backyards with torches, TIKI wanted to parlay their experience into a new a…
Build brand awareness and equity for Chinese brand Midea by turning the U.S. launch of their innovative new window air conditioner, Midea U, into a viral social moment. With a small budget and minimal existing social presence, help the brand stand out as much as its unique product. 
Ab Cricket Buzzega
The Indian Premier League (NFL Superbowl of India), the pinnacle of 20/20 short form cricket in India would be resuming after months of delays due to the Covid pandemic. Cricbuzz one of the leading cricket news and entertainment apps in India, had to kickstart the craze of Cricket for a country that went without Live televised sport for almost half a year. …
Cheetos® Feast
The pandemic negatively impacted the food and dining industries, along with society’s ability to enjoy these comforts. Leveraging the opportunity to reach audiences at home, First We Feast (Complex Networks’ dynamic food brand) and Cheetos sought to demonstrate how cooking with Cheetle (the famous dust from Cheetos products) can spark joy and safely bring f…
CooperVision x Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Brilliant Futures™ Myopia Management Program
Launching a revolutionary children's eye health product during a time of crisis is complex. With the world off its axis, breaking through with a compelling value proposition requires authenticity and clearly targeted messaging.  In August 2020, CooperVision launched its first ever direct to consumer campaign to promote the brand’s MiSight® 1 day contact len…
Fire Drill Fridays with Jane Fonda
Greenpeace and Jane Fonda want the same thing: a just transition to a green and peaceful future without fossil fuels. This future is very much possible, but it can only be achieved through an organized, multi-generational movement comprised of informed people who demand swift climate action from our political leaders. At Greenpeace we work toward this…
Holiday Even Brighter - H-E-B's Holiday Campaign
2020 was tough  - but the Texas spirit is tougher, and there's nothing more Texan than H-E-B, a much beloved grocery store and brand focused on making the lives of Texans better since 1905. As the holiday season of 2020 grew near, H-E-B was determined to be the light at the end of the tunnel - helping, inspiring and empowering Texans to "Holiday Even Bright…
Holidays, delivered with Snoop and Gab.
In a year when the world longed for social interaction, we wanted to inspire people to connect with friends and family. Our 2020 holiday influencer campaign was born of this idea. By showcasing our ability to bring people together in the age of social distancing, we believed the campaign could inject a little optimism into a difficult time. The result would…
Klarna is Swedish for Smooother Social
Buy now, pay later apps entered 2020 growing in popularity as the field becomes increasingly crowded. Klarna, one of Europe’s leaders, planned to jump into the US market with a major integrated launch campaign. Klarna’s European customers highly rank its superior bundle of features, but Klarna was starting in the US with zero brand recognition. And Klarna f…
Lenovo Yoga & Intel Evo Presents: Jonas Brothers For All Creators
Lenovo Yoga, Intel Evo Platform, and Universal Music Group set out to build a more meaningful connection with consumers. Utilizing the unifying and inspirational power of music and artists to continue to develop Lenovo Yoga as an aspirational lifestyle brand. Establishing top of mind awareness and building brand loyalty. To amplify Lenovo’s values and becom…
Motorola razr presents Joyride—a fashion film that flipped tech’s status quo
Less than a year after we broke the internet by bringing back the razr - a disruptive device that has long been connected to fashion and culture since its original debut in 2004 - we needed to win over the Status Shopper audience once again with our newest 5G device How? By inserting razr into the cultural zeitgeist and capturing the attention of fashion an…
Natural Light Worldwide Commencement
Given the state of the growing pandemic, universities had to cancel their on-campus graduation ceremonies, meaning graduating seniors wouldn’t get to celebrate their hard work during college. As a brand that strives to help its fans look back on college fondly, Natural Light’s first objective was to find a solution to this situation. The idea for fully virt…
OLLY Future Is Female #InTheGirlsRoom Campaign
With female-focused health concerns often overlooked within the vitamin and supplement market and considered taboo to openly discuss, OLLY’s #InTheGirlsRoom campaign aimed to introduce its innovative Future is Female product line, create positive social conversation, and empower a meaningful forum for talent and consumers alike to discuss such topics. By en…
The Mavix Mob
For the last several years, gamers have grown accustomed to bulky, rigid gaming chairs.  But, as time spent gaming and streaming has increased (especially amid the pandemic), so has the need for a functional alternative.  New brand Mavix Gaming meets this need, with a debut product line designed specifically with gamers’ ergonomics in mind. In effect,…
The New Office Training Manual
Your Worst Employee's Worst Nightmare Since we launched, it's been a company inside joke that the characters from The Office really needed Trainual. We often use scenarios from the show while talking through sales demos and outlining how to use the product. The scenarios totally resonate and keep the demos fun. So, we've always known there was a connecti…
The Ocean League
  The Ocean Agency (non-profit) teamed up with UN Environment Programme and Adobe to develop a campaign using creativity, technology, and powerful partnerships that could raise awareness about the crisis facing the ocean and inspire the support necessary to help fast-track ocean conservation and climate action. We launched The Ocean League campaign in…