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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

OLLY Future Is Female #InTheGirlsRoom Campaign

Entered in Fitness, Health, & Wellness, Multi-Platform Campaign


With female-focused health concerns often overlooked within the vitamin and supplement market and considered taboo to openly discuss, OLLY’s #InTheGirlsRoom campaign aimed to introduce its innovative Future is Female product line, create positive social conversation, and empower a meaningful forum for talent and consumers alike to discuss such topics. By encouraging public dialogue about female health topics and the new OLLY products that address them, the campaign objective was to establish OLLY as a leader in removing stigma around female-focused health.

Through partnering with a variety of talent from celebrities and influencers to a medical expert, the campaign leveraged their cumulative Instagram audience of 15.2M+ followers, with a primarily female demographic, and media appeal, to publicize the Future is Female launch and introduce it to audiences through social content and press coverage. The campaign successfully generated market buzz, social engagement, press placements, and launch awareness.

While activating during the pandemic was also a challenge, the lack of interpersonal relationships during this time and the desire to engage with others also contributed to an overall objective of the campaign. In the spirit of closing the vulnerability gap within female wellness, the #InTheGirlsRoom campaign also alluded to encouraging a sense of closeness when physical distance was required. The elements of the virtual program aimed to bring an emotive element to remind people of a time where being together and sharing secrets in a room was a meaningful experience.

Strategy and Execution

To support the launch of OLLY’s Future is Female line of supplements, OLLY collaborated with Blended Strategy Group to bring to life the #InTheGirlsRoom campaign. The campaign concept focused on “The Girls’ Room” where women feel the most comfortable and honest with themselves and each other to discuss anything – even topics that seem “TMI.”

OLLY hand selected talent partners for the campaign who were known to be “in real life” friends and connected in the real world, transforming the idea of the “Girls' Room” during a time in the pandemic when women could not come together with their close friends. Talent included Nicole Richie, Olivia Culpo, Jen Atkin, Justine Marjan, and Stephanie Shepherd who are outspoken, high-profile talent with genuine connections to each other. The IRL relationships provided authenticity behind the concept and allowed talent to promote the launch with open dialogue through branded content across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Multiple talent partners captured content together, sharing their love for the brand and bringing audiences into their candid conversations around female health and wellness. By partnering with talent that has an existing connection to each other, the truthful atmosphere of “the girls’ room” was brought to life and the campaign felt true to advocating for normalized discussion of female health.

In addition to social content promotion, talent participated in a virtual girls’ room with the brand and select media on a custom digital platform. Over the course of an hour, attendees and talent engaged in interactive games and discussions related to the new product line and discussing female health, with exclusive media interviews post-event.

One additional talent included in the campaign, outside of the friend group, was Dr. Kiarra King who is a practicing OBGYN. Dr. King brought expertise and credibility to the Future is Female products and created social content around the benefits of each supplement.

As a philanthropic extension aligning with Future is Female values, OLLY donated to I Support the Girls (ISTG) – a female-focused charity distributing essential female items to women experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, and distress. The donation enabled the charity to provide 50,000 women with products to support female health and maintaining dignity through hardship. ISTG supported the donation and overall campaign by also promoting the partnership on their social channels, with talent partners incorporating talking points around the partnership within their owned social posts.

While the campaign was driven by strategic talent efforts and PR, #InTheGirlsRoom was also flanked by supporting OLLY marketing elements including extensive Social Commerce, Search Marketing, Etailer media on, Ibotta promotions, and owned support throughout social and email with provocative and thumb-stopping imagery for a fully integrated approach.


As a result of our partnership with talent partners, social performance from unique social posts resulted in over 8.3MM+ social impressions, a reach of over 7.2MM+, and an Earned Media Value (EMV) of $337.7K+ across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. With each talent partners’ outspoken persona and approachable relationship with audiences, talent produced high-quality branded content for their own channels that was simultaneously leveraged for OLLY-owned social platforms, websites and microsites, e-newsletters, and third-party retailer support for strategic integrated support.

Press results included over 35MM+ media impressions and $233.2K in media Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). Top tier press placements, including talent exclusive interviews, included Byrdie, Glamour, SELF, The Zoe Report, and others. The press interviews with talent achieved the goals of opening up the conversation on female health topics to a wide audience and challenging standing stigmas related to the discussion of female-specific health concerns. Secondary goals of product feature were also achieved, with prominent product placement and campaign reference included in features.


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Blended Strategy Group, OLLY PBC

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