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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Fitness, Health & Wellness

This award honors the best use of social media and digital by companies specializing in fitness, personal wellness and healthy lifestyles. Objectives may include promoting fitness, health or wellness solutions, educating and engaging these communities or creating shareable content on various related topics.

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An Envious Digital Experience
With the launch of their “Keep Your Body Working” campaign, Massage Envy set out to change the way people think about massage, stretch, and skin care services by making these services part of a person’s everyday health and wellness routine, instead of a luxury. And so they needed an agency partner to change the way people find, schedule, and acces…
Planet Fitness Home Work-Ins
In 2020, it was harder than ever to stay fit and active. As stay-at-home orders caused gyms to close, daily step counts decreased by 50%, and 66% of members decreased their physical activity.  But as the brand dedicated to bringing fitness to everyone, Planet Fitness wanted to ensure that staying at home didn't mean staying glued to the couch. Pla…
Products with Purpose
DSM operates in the nutritional products space, an industry with dozens of competitors all selling identical products. Lost in a crowded marketplace that feels like a sea of sameness, they needed help differentiating themselves and their offerings from a host of global companies vying for business. The objective was simple: Drive brand awareness, …
RunJumpThrow @ Home
USA Track & Field, in partnership with The Hershey Company, established RunJumpThrow in 2015 to inspire a love for fitness in children by teaching them the fundamentals of track and field. We offer free curriculums to schools and local organizations, whether it be a field day event or six-week-long program.  When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic halt…
Sorry to Superimpose
Our campaign was designed to show teens and young adults that they don’t just have to live with their acne. We wanted to help them understand that clearer skin is possible if they find the right treatment. But first, we had to find—and reach—them in a new and compelling way. Our objective was to leverage data analytics to target the right pieces o…


Differin Clear90
The journey to clearing up acne doesn’t happen overnight (bummer, right?), but with Differin Gel it can take just 90 days. The secret? Consistency. Deutsch NY created Differin’s Clear90 app to get users into the daily routine of using Differin Gel by guiding every step of the way with helpful tips, daily reminders, and more. Users can snap a selfie every da…
Dr. David Perlmutter's Summer Fasting Challenge
Following up on Dr. Perlmutter’s Webby-honored 2019 #SummerBrainChallenge campaign, Dr. Perlmutter took to Instagram and email for the 2020 follow-up, the #SummerFastingChallenge, from July 4-12. The campaign was anchored with daily challenges/tips/reminders for followers, and encouraged them to share our content/create their own as examples of each day’s c…
Dr. Will Bulsiewicz Takes Off
In July of 2019, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz came to Digital Natives Group looking to accelerate his platform growth ahead of his April 2020 book launch. Beginning later that summer, Natives worked with Dr. Will to craft a new digital identity and platform strategy and began building the infrastructure that would lead to growth and a successful book launch. (For…
Light the Way
We wanted to enroll prospective patients into our CRM database, but for us, it wasn’t just about helping patients living with psoriasis find the medication that could help them. It was about really connecting with them and offering them suggestions on how to live more comfortably, even without the medication. It was to establish a relationship with our pros…
OLLY Future Is Female #InTheGirlsRoom Campaign
With female-focused health concerns often overlooked within the vitamin and supplement market and considered taboo to openly discuss, OLLY’s #InTheGirlsRoom campaign aimed to introduce its innovative Future is Female product line, create positive social conversation, and empower a meaningful forum for talent and consumers alike to discuss such topics. By en…
Take on Acne
Develop a video that would empower patients and caregivers to seek treatment for their SRNA sooner and create awareness about how isotretinoins like ABSORICA LD differ from other treatments.