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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Schick Shave the Day

Winner in Gamification, Beauty, Fitness, Health, & Wellness

Finalist in Games

Audience Honor in Fitness, Health, & Wellness


In a sea of men’s grooming sameness, Schick Xtreme needed to stand for more than just price and promotion. So we looked to lend our shaving expertise to a good cause. That’s when we discovered the St. Baldrick’s Foundation - an organization that hosts head shaving events to raise money for childhood cancer treatment and research.

But with COVID-19 cancelling all of St. Baldrick’s in-person events indefinitely, critical fundraising came to a halt. So Schick Xtreme, a brand known for its razor innovations, saw a unique opportunity to help St. Baldrick’s reimagine their head shaving events and keep the donations flowing.

Strategy and Execution

Since in-person events weren’t possible, we looked into ways our millennial target donates digitally. We found that over 60% of Americans 18-29 play video games often and on average donate $29 a month on Twitch to support the causes they care about. This made us wonder, how can we bring head-shaving to the Twitch community in an authentic and engaging way?

Our idea was simple: create a video game of our own. Introducing Shave The Day, a one-of-kind mobile game where Schick turns player’s points into real donations to St. Baldrick’s to help fight childhood cancer.

In the game, players race to shave the heads of oncoming St. Baldrick’s shavees using a razor hoverboard. The more heads players successfully shave, the more “bald bucks” (points) they accrue. At the end of the game, Schick turns their bald bucks into real donations to St. Baldrick’s.

To inspire the most donations possible, we designed Shave The Day with an “endless runner” style gaming mechanic (similar to Temple Run). This incited people to play over and over again to beat their own score, raising more money in the process.

Then, we harnessed the power of the Twitch community to launch Shave The Day. We teamed up with top streamers, inviting them to play our game live and collect donations from fans. Once they reached their fundraising goals, streamers shaved their own heads live using Xtreme razors, raising even more money and awareness for the cause.


In the end, Shave The Day was truly a game changer for St. Baldrick’s and their fight against childhood cancer. To top it all off, our game was the talk of Twitch and had everyone and their grandmother shaving the day for good.

Shave The Day was such a hit, we’re firing up the razor hoverboard again in 2021. Download our game now at and join the fight against childhood cancer!


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Edelman, Edgewell Personal Care Co.


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