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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Medium-Length Video

This award honors the most effective and creative use of medium-length video by a brand, agency or organization in a social media marketing campaign. Videos must be 1-2 minutes in length to qualify.

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60 Second Docs Present Time: The Kalief Browder Story
With "Time: The Kalief Browder Story" set to premiere on Spike, we knew we wanted the historic story to reach as many people as possible. Executive produced by iconic rapper Jay-Z, the six-part series detailed the accounts from a multitude of experts, witnesses, friends, and the community to tell the tragic story of sixteen year-old Kalief Browder…
Cats in the Cradle
While most financial service companies are all about tomorrow, TD Ameritrade believes in the importance of also living for today. So we wanted to create an online film that truly epitomizes and dramatizes this unique point of view.
This video was part of our campaign to raise awareness about refugee and migrant children and the dangers they face as they try to escape conflict and poverty. An alarming number of refugee and migrant children seeking a safe space are being exploited and trafficked into prostitution.
Taking Care of Your "Pussy" Videos
These three short videos, narrated by comedian Sasheer Zamata and featuring a cast of furry felines, answer some of the most common questions that Planned Parenthood receives online and in health centers about vaginas and vulvas.
The man who swims to work
To put it simply, commuting is a pain. Traffic, combined with the high costs associated with transportation, are enough to make anyone jump into a river – and that's exactly what one German man did. At BBC Capital, we showcase the surprising, smart ways people around the world balance work and life. For this video, we wanted to tell the story of o…


"Howler Soccer Ball Phone"
In June 2017, Kovert Creative announced an equity partnership with Howler Media, a multimedia platform known for its unique point of view and highly-visual, glossy print magazine that covers global soccer from an American perspective.Kovert Creative wanted to create a piece of sharable digital content that would not only generate views and press coverage fo…
#UA747Farewell was an initiative to honor United's 747 aircraft on its final flight from San Francisco to Honolulu. Known as the "Queen of the Skies," the Boeing 747 is a revolutionary aircraft that had built up a considerable fan base during its career and was loved by customers and crew alike. To commemorate the retirement of United's most memorable aircr…
Food Network on Facebook
Food is at the heart of our daily life, and who better to bring you your daily fix of food tips and new recipes than the most trusted brand in food media. Food Network's Facebook page strives to give its nearly 24 million followers everything they need on a consistent (and yummy) basis through engaging video via Facebook Live. With hundreds of Facebook Live…
For A World of Understanding
Overall, Hyatt was looking to create a stirring global brand campaign that spoke directly to their brand purpose. Listening, noticing others, extending a meaningful gesture can make all the difference in helping their guests be their best. Empathy is a long-held brand value that Hyatt has been practicing for 60 years. Diversity and cultural understanding ar…
Game Recognize Game
Our objective was simple: Leverage the presence of international soccer clubs playing in NFL stadiums as part of their International Champions Cup tour to create viral, cross-sport content that would engage a global audience of fans of both types of football.
Last Set
Red Bull set out to credibly establish themselves within the fitness space, authentically portraying the mission that Red Bull revitalizes both the body and mind. Seeking to reach a global audience through organic social efforts at minimal costs and turnaround time a solution was needed to create engaging, turnkey social content.
MTV EMA Speed Dating with Rita Ora
Over the years, music fans worldwide have grown more and more passionate about who hosts the MTV EMA and that makes the host reveal one of the most highly anticipated announcements of EMA season. We sought to leverage the attention that the 2017 host announcement would receive by making a highly shareable video, specifically tailored to social media platfor…
Plum Organics®: Do Your Partner
For the last several years, Plum Organics® has become known for catalyzing unfiltered conversations around the realities of parenting – from work-life balance to diaper blowouts to picky eating. This year, we tackled another "unfiltered" part of parenting: sex. Turns out 88% of parents think having a good sex life with their partner is essential to their fa…
The Good Place - Janet Tech Support
Amazon's "Alexa" and Apple's "Siri" get all the credit for their unlimited knowledge and helpful dispositions, but it's Janet, the omniscient personal assistant from The Good Place that deserves the fame. It was our mission to throw Janet's name in the ring for best personal assistant and familiarize fans with her multidimensional "personality".
The Minneapolis Miracle – Capturing Sports History from a Sideline Cam
Backstory and Objective: After a record-breaking regular season for the Minnesota Vikings, the team launched a new playoff campaign that would soon become the fan hallmark of the post-season. Aptly named 'Bring It Home', the team crafted messages that encouraged fans to say who or where they want to Bring It Home for during the playoffs. As many NFL fans kn…
The Power of Humanity: How Citi and Global Citizen Festival inspired action & personal empowerment
In its 7th year as sponsor of Global Citizen Festival (GCF), Citi set out to showcase what happens when 60,000 people committed to change come together for one day to celebrate the intersection of music and social good. As part of Citi's platform around spreading feelings of optimism and joy, GCF provided the ideal opportunity for Citi and their community t…
This Is Us - Milo Ventimiglia Surprise
What's better than watching your favorite TV show from your own couch? How about having one of the characters from your favorite show surprise you at your doorstep while you're watching? When "America's Dad" aka Milo Ventimiglia spotted a fan watching This Is Us while filming, there was no other choice but to seize the opportunity to make a fan's day. Becau…
This is Getting Old
Over 1/3 of Americans aren't currently saving for retirement. This alarming fact shocked our friends at E*TRADE. So to help empower people of all ages to take control of their financial destiny and plan for their golden years, E*TRADE brought a one-of-a-kind retirement message to the biggest stage in America: The Super Bowl.