Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards Best Use of Social Media for a Consumer Brand

This award honors marketing campaigns that have integrated social platforms in a creative and meaningful way to successfully launch or promote a consumer brand. Click here to see the previous winner and nominees.


Gatorade Heritage Bottle Campaign
Win From Within. Gatorade defines it as being driven from the inside, measured in sweat, reps and preparation. But for 13-18 year old athletes, their definition isn’t so clear. So we set out to increase consumer awareness and understanding of what athletes think it means to #WinFromWithin. Give athletes a privilege that’s normally reserved for …
Glad’s #SAVEITSUNDAY Movement
Glad Food Protection shifted its brand positioning to “love food more and waste it less," making it one of the first brands to take on the global issue of food waste with its #SAVEITSUNDAY campaign. This campaign was inspired by research from the Clorox Global Insights team that revealed Sunday is the day many Americans plan, shop and prep their m…
Lowe's Sims Social
The dog had caused a commotion in the kitchen this morning. Casualties? You’re favorite mug and a section of tiles on the countertop you bought more than a year ago. So now you find yourself at Lowe’s standing in front of dozens of colored rectangles, trying to remember if those handpicked tiles were Lancetti Beige or Mesa Beige. A few minu…
The Brief Connect Pantene with its consumers through its greater brand purpose of helping women shine. The Solution Research showed that there exists a prejudice against women who are "too assertive" or "strong-willed". These unfair perceptions gave rise to the Labels Against Women movement. The launch film illustrates how society sees gender b…
Project Drive-In
By the end of 2013, many of America’s remaining 400 drive-ins faced going dark forever with Hollywood's switch from film to digital projection; Studios will stop distributing movies in 35mm film. Drive-ins operate on very low profit margins, making an $80,000+ upgrade to digital projection unaffordable. So Honda led the charge to save them by dona…
The Most Retweeted Brand Tweet Ever
How we killed the giants and stole their thunder. Nokia phones have been in a range of vibrant colours for some time. So when Apple abandoned their well-known colourless product line and launched their iPhone 5C in a range of vibrant colours, we thanked them. Our simple tweet at the exact moment of their announcement, hijacked #Apple worldwide …
Virgin America Remixes the Safety Video
With its signature mood lighting, best-in-class in-flight entertainment, and its refreshing approach to the entire flying experience, Virgin America’s mission has always been to bring the fun back to flying. As the airline marked its sixth year of flying, Virgin America decided it was time to revisit its already irreverent and fan-favorite safety …


"The Power Inside"
"The Power Inside", presented by Intel + Toshiba, is a social film that tells the story of the invasion of an alien species called Uricks that are disguised as moustaches (or unibrows). They look like facial hair and attach to your upper lip or eyebrows to control your mind. The film's protagonist, Neil, must look inside himself to defeat the invaders and s…
Adobe "Make It With Creative Cloud"
Borrowed, paid for, or pirated, Adobe software is the tool of choice for creative students. But for students to buy into the new Adobe Creative Cloud subscription model they had to see value beyond the software.So we designed a platform that mirrored the ambition students had for themselves. Whether it was the next masterpiece or the next career path, Adobe…
Baby Lips Kiss Song
Staying true to the young, cosmopolitan and contemporary brand that Maybelline New York India is; it only seemed fitting to develop a catchy and innovative mode of engaging its fans across all digital platforms in India. Harnessing the potential of ‘crowd-sourcing’ in India millions of Maybelline New York India Facebook fans were invited to contribute to …
GoPro, maker of the world's most versatile camera and generator of some of today's most engaging content, had a brand marketing vision to empower a generation of consumers and professional producers alike to capture, create & share their unique GoPro perspectives with the world. In 2009, the company leveraged the introduction of its GoPro HD HERO cameras as…
HTC One Interactive DOOH Campaign
Aerva’s platform integrated social and user-generated content across HTC’s Paid, Owned and Earned media channels, providing a cohesive and engaging personal brand experience for consumers. In the US, UK, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, HTC invited consumers to submit "Beautiful" images via social media (Twitter, Weibo, Wiexin), Email and through HTC's website …
The Net-A-Porter Group Limited is the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer. Our award-winning website, presented in the style of a fashion magazine, offers the style-savvy customer exactly what she wants - unprecedented access to the hottest looks of the season from international cutting-edge labels via worldwide express delivery. Since laun…
Nissan - The Briefcase
In a crossover SUV segment that’s high on sameness and low on excitement, Nissan needed a way to get its all-new 2014 Rogue noticed. So we created a car chase scene fit for Hollywood. We called it The Briefcase (NissanBriefcase.com). The 3 minute action film takes a man on a seemingly ordinary drive and thrusts him into the middle of an elaborate chase - co…
Purina: Pets at Work
Our challenge was to gain exposure for Purina’s commitment to Pets at Work Day by generating a large volume of small, personal actions endorsing the idea, tying the overall Pets at Work (PAW) movement to Purina’s pet-friendly office policies. We needed to position Purina as small, human, personal and authentic, building trust in the brand and driving eng…
Scope Bacon
Our integrated team came up with Scope Bacon, a fake product that tastes like bacon while rinsing and leaves you with minty fresh breath. Given America’s current obsession with bacon related topics, we expected to gain earned impressions from consumers sharing our digital content and to see them engaging with a variety of responses: excitement, disgust, and…
Tidy Cats
How do you get consumers to want to talk about cat litter? Cut down on the couponing and give the brand a distinctive and memorable personality. Seizing the opportunity to bring some unexpected playfulness to the kitty litter category, we created the third-person "Tidy" voice to bring humor to the category. An Innovationist named Hans to build excitement ab…
Travel Nevada Across the Social Channels
The Nevada Commission on Tourism hired Proof Integrated Communications and its sister company, Burson-Marsteller, to help rebuild its social media presence, and to re-position its consumer-facing brand, Travel Nevada, to better highlight Nevada as a unique, thrilling and quirky travel destination. In creating the NCOT social media campaign for Travel Nevad…
Wax On, Shirt Off
During the spring of 2013, the country experienced an extended cold front with seemingly no end in sight. Recognizing the delay of car care season and the critical timing of spring as the main selling period for the car care industry, our challenge was to ensure Turtle Wax was top of mind for consumers when winter broke. Our plan was to place the brand into…